Quality Improvement in Employment and Other Human Services: Managing for Quality Through Change / Edition 1

Quality Improvement in Employment and Other Human Services: Managing for Quality Through Change / Edition 1

by Joyce M. Albin, Peter R. Scholtes, Thomas J. Mosgaller

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Brookes, Paul H. Publishing Company
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Table of Contents

Pt. ITheoretical and Historical Perspectives1
Ch. 1The Changing Face of Employment Services3
Ch. 2A New Way of Thinking About Quality in Services: The Philosophy of Continuous Quality Improvement11
Ch. 3Customers and Quality Improvement: Lessons for Rehabilitation and Supported Employment31
Pt. IIChangeover from Facility-Based to Community-Based Employment Services: Applications of Quality Improvement Strategies51
Ch. 4Changeover to Supported Employment: Challenges and Strategies53
Ch. 5Troubleshooting Performance Problems67
Ch. 6The Performance Engineering Matrix: Finding Solutions81
Ch. 7Self-Assessment Guide for Changeover to Supported Employment: Applying Troubleshooting and the Performance Engineering Matrix to the Process of Changeover97
Appendix: Self-Assessment Guide for Changeover to Supported Employment113
Pt. IIITools and Techniques: Building Blocks for Quality Improvement Efforts165
Ch. 8Performance Templates: Guides for Planning, Measuring, and Troubleshooting To Improve Performance167
Ch. 9Concepts and Processes To Support Quality Improvement191
Ch. 10Tools for Planning and Problem-Solving To Support Quality Improvement213
Pt. IVPutting It All Together: Processes To Support Continuous Improvement and Organizational Change249
Ch. 11Supporting Employees To Work To Achieve the Mission251
Ch. 12A Blueprint for Managing the Quality Transformation273
Ch. 13A Case Study in Quality Improvement and Organizational Change to Community-Based Employment291
Ch. 14Perspectives on Change: Parting Words on Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement in Human Services325

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