Quantitative Analysis / Edition 6

Quantitative Analysis / Edition 6

by R.A. Day, A.L. Underwood

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ISBN-10: 0137471556

ISBN-13: 9780137471553

Pub. Date: 01/04/1991

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
Publication date:
Edition description:
6th ed
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7.80(w) x 10.90(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

2. Errors and the Treatment of Analytical Data.

3. Titrimetric Methods of Analysis.

4. Gravimetric Methods of Analysis.

5. Review of Chemical Equilibrium.

6. Acid-Base Equilibria.

7. Acid-Base Equilibria in Complex Systems.

8. Complex Formation Titrations.

9. Solubility Equilibria and Precipitation Titrations.

10. Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria.

11. Applications of Oxidation-Reduction Titrations.

12. Potentiometric Methods of Analysis.

13. Other Electrical Methods of Analysis.

14. Spectrophotometry.

15. Emission Spectroscopy.

16. Solvent Extraction.

17. Gas-Liquid Chromatography.

18. Liquid Chromatography.

19. Perspectives.

20. General Laboratory Directions.

21. The Analytical Balance.

22. Laboratory Procedures.

Appendix I: Tables of Equilibrium Constants and Standard Potentials.

Appendix II: Balancing Oxidation-Reduction Equations.

Appendix III: Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.

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