Quantum Leadership: Advancing Innovation, Transforming Health Care / Edition 4

Quantum Leadership: Advancing Innovation, Transforming Health Care / Edition 4

by Tim Porter-O'Grady, Kathy Malloch

ISBN-10: 1284034283

ISBN-13: 9781284034288

Pub. Date: 11/28/2013

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Quantum Leadership: Transdisciplinary leadership in complex systems

Quantum Leadership: Building Better Partnerships for Sustainable Health, Fourth Edition skillfully prepares graduate students to thrive in a world of healthcare reform, complexity, and essential caring service. The Fourth Edition focuses on the current concepts of leadership, data, and

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Quantum Leadership: Transdisciplinary leadership in complex systems

Quantum Leadership: Building Better Partnerships for Sustainable Health, Fourth Edition skillfully prepares graduate students to thrive in a world of healthcare reform, complexity, and essential caring service. The Fourth Edition focuses on the current concepts of leadership, data, and research related to the complexities of leadership. The text also emphasizes the importance of principle-driven approaches and minimizes specific procedure-based solutions.

This text is a seminal work around the complexity leadership as it applies to healthcare. There are very few other references that have the clarity, depth, and detail essential to enumerate this topic in healthcare organizations. It is especially valuable for graduate programs and DNP programs as it provides a foundation for contemporary leadership and emphasizes the characteristics necessary to lead complex organizations.

The Fourth Edition features an additional chapter on the complexity of leadership in health care reform in an effort to incorporate the newest requirements of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act in a manner that is relevant to leadership development and capacity. Case studies found within each chapter help reinforce translational work while new application exercises found in the "The Quantum Workbook" are an excellent supplement for learning.

Additional updates to the text include: chapter podcasts, additional translational and learning material related to chapter case studies. Lastly, all references have been revised and updated to reflect the most current evidence around learning leadership.

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New Edition

Table of Contents

Preface x

Acknowledgments xiv

Case Study Instructions xv

Chapter 1 A New Vessel for Leadership: Changing the Health Landscape in an Age of Reform 1

Chapter Objectives 1

Leading in a fluid World 2

Newton and Organizational Design 4

Eclipsing the Industrial Age 5

Change Is 7

The Transition Between Ages 7

Leading Change 9

Quantum Age Requisites 13

All Change Ultimately Makes Good Sense 38

Conclusion 39

Chapter 2 Ten Complexity Principles for Leaders for Thriving in the Quantum Age 49

Chapter Objectives 49

Chaos and Complexity and the Dance of Change 52

Principle 1 Wholes Are Not Just the Sum of Their Parts 55

Principle 2 All Health Care Is Local 59

Principle 3 Value Is Now the Centerpiece of Service Delivery 62

Principle 4 Simple Systems Aggregate to Complex Systems 65

Principle 5 Diversity Is Essential to Life 67

Principle 6 Error Is Essential to Success 69

Principle 7 Systems Thrive When All of Their Functions Intersect and Interact 71

Principle 8 Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Are in Constant Tension 75

Principle 9 Change Is Generated from the Center Outward 79

Principle 10 Revolution Results from the Aggregation of Local Changes 82

Conclusion 87

Chapter 3 Evidentiary Leadership: An Expanded Lens to Determine Healthcare Value 99

Chapter Objectives 99

Key Drivers for Change 100

A Very Complex System 106

New Healthcare Valuation Model 108

Conclusion 122

Chapter 4 Innovation as a Way of Life: Leading Through the White Water of Change 127

Chapter Objectives 127

Driving the Culture of Innovation 128

Equity 129

Decisional Structures 131

Driving from the Point of Service 134

Alignment Not Motivation 137

Creating Stakeholder Value 142

The Contextual Role of the Board 143

The C-Suite and the Context for Innovation 146

First-Line Leaders: The Pivot Point of Innovation 147

Creating a Context that Supports the Innovator 150

Innovation and the Membership Community 152

Balancing innovation with Value 154

Differentiating Roles in Innovation 156

Leadership and the Will to innovate 158

Conclusion 160

Chapter 5 Innovation Leadership 173

Chapter Objectives 173

Rationale for Healthcare Innovation 175

Definitions and Concepts 177

Innovation and the Quantum Leader 178

Strategies to Integrate and Advance Innovation 180

Innovation Label Versus Innovation Role 183

Conclusion 192

Chapter 6 Leadership and Normative Conflict: Managing the Diversity of a Multifocal Workplace 203

Chapter Objectives 203

Growth and Transformation 206

Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict 208

Team Based Conflict Issues 213

Identity-Based Conflict 215

Interest-Based Conflict 233

People and Behavior 245

Conclusion 247

Chapter 7 Leading Constant Movement: Managing Crisis and Change 255

Chapter Objectives 255

Normative Crisis 256

Early Warning 256

Conflict in the Human Community 259

The Human Resources Focus 262

Chaos, Complexity, and Crisis 265

Dynamic Cybernetic Team Model (DCTM) 268

Cybernetic and Interacting Environmental Scanning Process 283

Crisis Preparedness 292

Conclusion 299

Chapter 8 Living Leadership: Vulnerability, Risk Taking, and Stretching 307

Chapter Objectives 307

Leadership Fitness in the Hew Millennium 308

Vulnerability 309

Power 310

The Cycle of Vulnerability 313

New Relationships 325

Complexity Communication 330

Collective Mindfulness 334

Strategies for Cultivating Leadership Vulnerability 335

Is There a Choice? 340

Conclusion 340

Chapter 9 Healing Brokenness: Error as Opportunity 351

Chapter Objectives 351

Error in General 352

Errors in Healthcare Service 355

Transforming a Punitive Culture 360

Healthcare Leadership: Errors and Opportunities 363

Conclusion 383

Chapter 10 The Fully Engaged Leader: Integrated Capacity for Success 391

Chapter Objectives 391

Underpinnings of Emotional Competence 392

Nature of Emotional Competence 396

Emotional Risks of Leadership 407

Benefits of Emotional Competence in Health Care 408

Developing Emotional Competence 414

Emotionally Incompetent Behaviors 416

Team Emotional Competence 417

Connecting with Generations of Workers 421

Measuring Emotional Competence 421

Conclusion 422

Chapter 11 Toxic Organizations and People: The Leader as Transformer 431

Chapter Objectives 431

Healing Is Our Business? 433

Toxic Behaviors 436

Ten Principles for Minimizing Toxic Behavior in Organizations 451

Conclusion 461

Chapter 12 Coaching for Unending Change: Transforming the Membership Community 469

Chapter Objectives 469

From Responsibility to Accountability 470

Transforming Work and the Transforming Worker 474

Evolution and Revolution 476

The Learning Organization 477

Organising for Transformation 482

Dealing with the Lack of Time 485

The Leader as Revolutionary 488

Innovation Coaching 491

Making Integration Work 496

Addressing Problems Head On 501

Eliminating Fin-lighting Altogether 503

Conclusion 506

Chapter 13 The Leader's Courage to Be Willing: Building a Context for Hope 515

Chapter Objectives 515

A Context for Hope 516

Will 517

Strategies to Facilitate Willingness 525

Relighting the Lamp 538

Conclusion 541

Chapter 14 Sustaining the Spirit of Leadership: Becoming a Living Leader 549

Chapter Objectives 549

Chaos and the Call to Leadership 550

Self-Management and Creativity 553

Creativity and Innovation 557

Exercising the Spirit 565

Spiritual Intelligence: Ten Rules of the Road 569

Becoming Self 575

Listening for the Sounds of Change 577

Finding Spirit in the Chaos 578

The Compensations of Ignorance 580

Mystery 581

Synthesis and Synergy 582

Appendix: Quiz Answers 591

Index 593

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