Quantum Probability and Related Topics: Qp-Pq (Volume Ix)

Quantum Probability and Related Topics: Qp-Pq (Volume Ix)

by Luigi Accardi

ISBN-10: 9810220472

ISBN-13: 9789810220471

Pub. Date: 12/28/1994

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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QP-PQ Series

Table of Contents

To the memory of Alberto Frigerio1
On the stochastic limit of quantum chromodynamics15
Flows and imprimitivity systems43
Fermion stochastic flows on quantum algebras67
Examples of unbounded generators leading to nonconservative minimal semigroups89
Linear quantum stochastic control105
Ground state fluctuations of quantum mean field systems113
Chain rules for noncommutative Radon Nikodym derivatives139
On the structure of quantum Markov processes149
Path integrals in relativistic quantum mechanics159
Diffusion processes in Fock space189
On a class of quantum Markov chains on the Fock space215
Topics in pointwise convergence in L[subscript 2] over a Von Neumann algebra (a survey)239
P-adic valued white noise functionals273
On the isomorphism of Poisson space and symmetric Fock space295
Non-commutative dynamical systems with chaos301
Non-linear master equation and non-crossing cumulants311
Harmonic analysis and infinite-dimensional Laplacians on Gaussian space327
A general central limit theorem and invariance principle371
On the concentration of quantum states in phase space389
On the algebra of fluctuation operators of a quantum meanfield system401

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