Que Sera, Sera [Bear Family]

Que Sera, Sera [Bear Family]

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by Doris Day

This third of four Bear Family Records boxes devoted to Doris Day's career is, in many ways, the least interesting, even though it contains her biggest hit and some of her most well-known material. By this time, there's little trace left of the smoldering jazz and big-band singer that Day had been in the 1940s -- she was devoting herself to pop songs and, even more so… See more details below


This third of four Bear Family Records boxes devoted to Doris Day's career is, in many ways, the least interesting, even though it contains her biggest hit and some of her most well-known material. By this time, there's little trace left of the smoldering jazz and big-band singer that Day had been in the 1940s -- she was devoting herself to pop songs and, even more so, to movies, where her box office numbers began to soar in the wake of Love Me or Leave Me (the music from which -- built on the repertory of Ruth Etting -- is represented on the prior Bear Family volume, Secret Love). That picture, coupled with Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much and the musical The Pajama Game (both represented here), all combined to establish her not only as a star but also as a serious actress and a box office heavyweight, and Day devoted a lot of her energy to the big screen during the final four years of the 1950s, mostly in light romantic comedies and the occasional musical, which combined to make her one of the most popular actresses in the world during that period. And if the music didn't "suffer" from her shifting priorities, it didn't exactly benefit, either -- in the face of the onslaught of rock & roll from 1956 on, Day and Columbia Records retreated to the safety of pop music for her repertoire and output. All of what's here is beautifully sung, and stunningly arranged (and gorgeously remastered, one might add) by Paul Weston and Frank DeVol, her two best collaborators of the period in that department. It does, though, mostly lack the kind of sultry, daring edge that Day's late-'40s work displayed. It's a bit like a thoroughbred pulling a milk wagon -- a very fancy, clean, and beautiful milk wagon, to be sure, but hardly the challenge that she's capable of overcoming. Still, the range is there, and the power and intonation, and the listening is pleasant in the deepest way possible for this sort of material. The only problem with the 128 tracks on the five CDs lies with some of the post-Hitchcock movie-related songs. By her own account here, Day's husband, Marty Melcher (who was subsequently found -- after his death -- to have left her financial affairs a shambles), was too cheap to spring for some of the genuinely talented veteran songwriters, such as Johnny Mercer, who would have jumped at the chance to compose the title songs for her movies; instead, he opted to use far less talented composers associated with Melcher's publishing company, which would give him ownership of the resulting songs. And the result is that most of the late-'50s movie songs represented here -- apart from "Que Sera, Sera" -- are second- and third-rate compositions, and bust up the quality of the surrounding recordings. But if one makes allowances for that material (which, like the rest of the box, is assembled in chronological order, by recording date), this is still an extremely diverting collection for fans of the singer. The accompanying hardcover book is profusely and beautifully illustrated and exceptionally well annotated, and includes a full sessionography as well.

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Disc 1

  1. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)  - Doris Day
  2. Somebody Somewhere  - Doris Day
  3. We'll Love Again  - Doris Day
  4. Julie  - Doris Day
  5. Love in a Home  - Doris Day
  6. Gone with the Wind  - Doris Day
  7. The Song Is You  - Doris Day
  8. Don't Take Your Love from Me  - Doris Day
  9. Gypsy in My Soul  - Doris Day
  10. Autumn Leaves  - Doris Day
  11. I Remember You  - Doris Day
  12. Hello, My Lover, Goodbye  - Doris Day
  13. Day by Day  - Doris Day
  14. But Beautiful  - Doris Day
  15. There Will Never Be Another You  - Doris Day
  16. But Not for Me  - Doris Day
  17. I Hadn't Anyone Till You
  18. Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow  - Doris Day
  19. The Party's Over  - Doris Day
  20. Nothing in the World  - Doris Day
  21. Whad'ja Put in That Kiss  - Doris Day
  22. The Man Who Invented Love  - Doris Day
  23. Twelve O'Clock Tonight  - Doris Day
  24. Rickety Rackety Rendezvous  - Doris Day
  25. Through the Eyes of Love  - Doris Day

Disc 2

  1. I'm Not at All in Love  - Doris Day
  2. Once-A-Year Day!  - Doris Day
  3. Small Talk  - Doris Day
  4. There Once Was a Man  - Doris Day
  5. Seven-And-A-Half Cents  - Doris Day
  6. Under a Blanket of Blue  - Doris Day
  7. I See Your Face Before Me  - Doris Day
  8. Moon Song  - Doris Day
  9. Dream a Little Dream of Me  - Doris Day
  10. You Do Something to Me  - Doris Day
  11. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)  - Doris Day
  12. Close Your Eyes  - Doris Day
  13. Stars Fell on Alabama  - Doris Day
  14. The Night We Called It a Day  - Doris Day
  15. Soft as the Starlight  - Doris Day
  16. The Lamp Is Low  - Doris Day
  17. Moonglow  - Doris Day
  18. Cheek to Cheek  - Doris Day
  19. Nice Work If You Can Get It  - Doris Day
  20. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm  - Doris Day
  21. Let's Face the Music and Dance  - Doris Day
  22. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) [Alternate  - Doris Day

Disc 3

  1. It's Easy to Remember  - Doris Day
  2. It Might as Well Be Spring  - Doris Day
  3. I'll Remember April  - Doris Day
  4. Three Coins in the Fountain  - Doris Day
  5. In the Still of the Night  - Doris Day
  6. Soon  - Doris Day
  7. A Foggy Day  - Doris Day
  8. Love Is Here to Stay  - Doris Day
  9. Run Away, Skidaddle Skidoo  - Doris Day
  10. Teacher's Pet  - Doris Day
  11. Walk a Chalk Line  - Doris Day
  12. You'll Never Know  - Doris Day
  13. I Had the Craziest Dream  - Doris Day
  14. Over the Rainbow  - Doris Day
  15. Oh, But I Do!  - Doris Day
  16. Easy to Love  - Doris Day
  17. That Old Black Magic  - Doris Day
  18. Pennies from Heaven  - Doris Day
  19. The Way You Look Tonight  - Doris Day
  20. Night and Day  - Doris Day
  21. Hooray for Hollywood  - Doris Day
  22. A Very Precious Love  - Doris Day
  23. Blues in the Night  - Doris Day

Disc 4

  1. Everybody Loves a Lover  - Doris Day
  2. The Tunnel of Love  - Doris Day
  3. Instant Love  - Doris Day
  4. Possess Me  - Doris Day
  5. The Tunnel of Love  - Doris Day
  6. Kissin' My Honey  - Doris Day
  7. That Jane from Maine  - Doris Day
  8. Steppin' out with My Baby  - Doris Day
  9. The Lady's in Love with You  - Doris Day
  10. I Enjoy Being a Girl  - Doris Day
  11. Let's Fly Away  - Doris Day
  12. Why Don't We Do This More Often?  - Doris Day
  13. Fit as a Fiddle (And Ready for Love)  - Doris Day
  14. Let's Take a Walk Around the Block  - Doris Day
  15. Makin' Whoopee  - Doris Day
  16. You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)  - Doris Day
  17. Get out and Get Under the Moon  - Doris Day
  18. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze  - Doris Day
  19. I'm Sitting on Top of the World  - Doris Day
  20. Cuttin' Capers  - Doris Day
  21. Me Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)  - Doris Day
  22. Love Me in the Daytime  - Doris Day
  23. Any Way the Wind Blows  - Doris Day
  24. Be Prepared  - Doris Day
  25. A Perfect Understanding  - Doris Day
  26. It Happened to Jane  - Doris Day
  27. He's So Married  - Doris Day
  28. Deck the Halls  - Doris Day
  29. Inspiration  - Doris Day

Disc 5

  1. Pillow Talk  - Doris Day
  2. Roly Poly  - Doris Day
  3. Heart Full of Love  - Doris Day
  4. The Sound of Music  - Doris Day
  5. Oh! What a Lover You'll Be  - Doris Day
  6. No  - Doris Day
  7. A Fellow Needs a Girl  - Doris Day
  8. What Every Girl Should Know  - Doris Day
  9. Mood Indigo  - Doris Day
  10. What's the Use of Wond'rin'  - Doris Day
  11. My Kinda Love  - Doris Day
  12. When You're Smiling  - Doris Day
  13. You Can't Have Everything  - Doris Day
  14. A Hundred Years from Today  - Doris Day
  15. The Everlasting Arms  - Doris Day
  16. Something Wonderful  - Doris Day
  17. Not Only Should You Love HIm  - Doris Day
  18. What Does a Woman Do  - Doris Day
  19. Everybody Loves a Lover  - Doris Day
  20. Run Away, Skidaddle Skidoo  - Doris Day
  21. Teacher's Pet  - Doris Day
  22. Walk a Chalk Line  - Doris Day
  23. Possess Me  - Doris Day
  24. That Jane from Maine  - Doris Day
  25. Makin' Whoopee  - Doris Day
  26. Love Me in the Daytime  - Doris Day
  27. Any Way the Wind Blows  - Doris Day
  28. Be Prepared  - Doris Day
  29. A Perfect Understanding  - Doris Day

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doris Day   Primary Artist,Vocals
Paul Horn   Saxophone
Laurindo Almeida   Guitar
Buddy Collette   Saxophone
Harry Edison   Trumpet
Herbie Harper   Trombone
Plas Johnson   Saxophone
Barney Kessel   Banjo,Guitar
Mel Lewis   Drums
Dave Pell   Saxophone
Pete Candoli   Trumpet
Ziggy Elman   Trumpet
Mort Herbert   Violin
Arnold Ross   Piano
Babe Russin   Saxophone
Viola   Guitar
George Van Eps   Guitar
Jack Marshall   Guitar,Mandolin,Leader
Leith Stevens   Leader
Frank deVol   Leader
Don Cole   Violin
John Raitt   Vocals
Ray Heindorf   Leader
Felix Slatkin   Violin
Si Zentner   Trumpet
Paul Nero   Violin
Philip Goldberg   Viola
Porcino   Trumpet
Victor Arno   Violin
Leonard Atkins   Violin
Israel Baker   Violin
John Bambridge   Tuba
Robert Barene   Violin
Frank Beach   Trumpet
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
David Berman   Violin
Cy Bernard   Cello
Harry Betts   Trombone
Harry Bluestone   Violin
Hoyt Bohannon   Trombone
Russell Brown   Trombone
Roland Bundock   Bass
Red Callender   Bass,Tuba
Frank Carlson   Conga
John Cave   Horn
Sam Cheifetz   Bass
Marion Childers   Trumpet
Gene Cipriano   Saxophone
Geoff Clarkson   Piano
Joe Comfort   Bass
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
Irving Cottler   Drums
Marshal Cram   Trombone
John Cyr   Drums
Kurt Dieterle   Violin
Harold Diner   Trombone
Alvin Dinkin   Viola
Don Fagerquist   Trumpet
Walter Edelstein   Violin
Virgil Evans   Trumpet
Nick Fatool   Drums
Cecil Figelski   Viola
Frank Flynn   Percussion,Drums,Mallets,Vibes
Carl Fortina   Accordion
Vern Friley   Trombone
David Frisina   Violin
Jacques Gasselin   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin
Benny Gill   Violin
Rene Hall   Guitar
Harry Zimmerman   Leader
Allan Harshman   Viola
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Saxophone,Woodwind
Norm Herzberg   Bassoon
Milt Holland   Drums
Howard Roberts   Guitar
George Hyde   Horn
William Hymanson   Violin
Armand Karpoff   Cello
Louis Kievman   Viola
Jules Kinsler   Saxophone
Harry Klee   Flute,Saxophone
Joe Koch   Saxophone
Raphael Kramer   Cello
Ray Kramer   Cello
Eddie Kusby   Trombone
Carl LaMagna   Violin
Ronald Langinger   Reeds,Saxophone
Marvin Limonick   Violin
Dan Lube   Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Cello
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Joe Mondragon   Bass
Ann Mason   Harp
Ollie Mitchell   Trumpet
Dick Nash   Trombone
George Neikrug   Cello
Erno Neufeld   Violin
Earl Palmer   Drums
Richard Perissi   Horn
William Pitman   Guitar
Jimmy Priddy   Trombone
Lou Raderman   Violin
Milt Raskin   Piano
Jerome Reisler   Violin
Dorothy Remsen   Harp
Allan Reuss   Guitar
George Roberts   Trombone
Robinson   Clarinet
Paul Robyn   Viola
Jerry Rosa   Trombone
Ted Rosen   Violin
Nathan Ross   Violin
John Rotella   Woodwind
Mischa Russell   Violin
Jack Ryan   Bass
John Ryan   Bass
Jimmy Salko   Trumpet
William Schaffer   Trombone
Wilbur Schwartz   Reeds,Saxophone
Kenny Shroyer   Trombone
Paul Shure   Violin
Ray Sims   Trombone
Lou Singer   Drums
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Jack Stacey   Saxophone
David Sterkin   Violin,Viola
Alvin Stoller   Percussion,Drums
Fred Stulce   Saxophone
Robert Sushel   Violin
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Milton Thomas   Viola
Tiny Timbrell   Guitar
Joe Triscari   Trumpet
Lloyd Ulyate   Trombone
Gerald Vinci   Violin
Paul Weston & His Orchestra   Leader
Larry Breen   Bass
Samuel Cytron   Violin
Alton Hendrickson   Guitar
William Hinshaw   Horn
Joseph Saxon   Cello
Eleanor Slatkin   Cello
Joseph R. Gibbons   Guitar
Murray Kellner   Violin
Irving Lipschultz   Cello
Richard L. Noel   Trombone
Pullman Pederson   Trombone
Kurt Reher   Cello
Jack Rose   Mandolin
James Rowles   Piano
Eudice Shapiro   Violin
Vito Mumolo   Guitar
Theodore Nash   Reeds,Saxophone,Woodwind
Nick Pisani   Violin
Albert Saparoff   Violin
Baldassare Ferlazzo   Violin
Fowler Friedlander   Bassoon
Joseph Livoti   Violin
Abe Luboff   Bass
Alexander Reisman   Cello
Henry Beau   Saxophone
Emil Briano   Violin
Arthur Briegleb   Horn
Sam Freed   Violin
Alex Gershunoff   Saxophone
Leonard Hartman   Saxophone
Paul Lowenkron   Violin
William Miller   Violin
Joe Quadri   Violin
Ambrose Russo   Violin
Pinky Savitt   Trumpet
Stanley Spiegelman   Viola
Abraham Weiss   Viola
Pelligrini   Piano
Francis Fitzpatrick   Trombone
Howard Terry   Saxophone,Woodwind
Sidney Sharp   Violin
James Briggs   Flute
Warren Webb   Saxophone
George Boujie   Bass
Huntington Burdick   Horn
Lou Erickson   Drums
Manuel Stevens   Trumpet
Richard Anderson   Clarinet
Bill Miller   Violin
Louis Singer   Percussion
Charles Butler   Saxophone
William Schaefer   Trombone
Sam Ross   Violin
Ernest Romersa   Saxophone
Dale Issenhuth   Saxophone
Hans Wipper   Violin
Harry Zagon   Violin
Walter P. "Pete" Candoli   Trumpet
Jerome A. Kasper   Saxophone,Woodwind
Henry Hill   Violin
Charles Richard Cathcart   Trumpet
Robert F Bain   Guitar
Robert F. Bain   Guitar
Paul T. Smith   Piano
Georg Beebe   Drums
Norman L. Benno   Saxophone
Lou Bonkowski   Guitar
Lawrence Bunker   Percussion,Drums
Cheryll Butterman   Harp
Jose Casillas   Flute
Charles Copland   Trombone
Charles Coupland   Trombone
Leon Trebacz   Violin
Maurice Keltz   Violin
Frank A. Sullivan   Trombone
Lawrence Sullivan   Trumpet
Keith Mitchell   Bass
Robert LaMarchina   Cello
Tommy Romersa   Percussion,Drums
Vincent Terri   Guitar
Paul Gregory   Bass

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Maurice Ravel   Composer
Doris Day   Duet
Mitch Miller   Producer
John Raitt   Duet
Fabian André   Composer
Johnny Burke   Composer
Peter DeRose   Composer
Ray Evans   Composer
Mark Fisher   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Joe Goodwin   Composer
Mack Gordon   Composer
Johnny Green   Composer
Ray Henderson   Composer
Edward Heyman   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Sol Lake   Composer
Jay Livingston   Composer
Jerry Livingston   Composer
J. Neiburg   Composer
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Wilbur Schwandt   Composer
Marty Symes   Composer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Mark Wilder   Tape Research
Joseph F. Laredo   Liner Notes,Biographical Information
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
Joe Hooven   Composer
Bob Irwin   Tape Research
Ruth Ann Roberts   Composer
Phil Wells   Tape Comparison
Rebecca Everett   Mastering
Richard Weize   Producer,Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Joe Young   Composer
Larry Shay   Composer
Joe Lubin   Composer
Adam Ross   Composer
Bert Shefter   Composer
Gus Chandler   Composer
Henry Cohen   Composer
By Dunham   Composer
Patrice Fisher   Composer
Bert White   Composer
Kavelin   Composer
Buddy Pepper   Composer
Inez James   Composer
Bill Katz   Composer
Bob Roberts   Composer
Marc C Kirkeby   Tape Research
Elsa Doran   Composer
Jan Matus   Composer
Richard Quine   Composer

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