Queen Jane's Version, The Holy Bible for Adults Only

Queen Jane's Version, The Holy Bible for Adults Only

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by Douglas A. Rankin, Dave Feroe, Sid Davis

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Queen Jane's Version, The Holy Bible for Adults Only 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is so powerful that it everything I thought I know about the biblical times and made me do a 180.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is hilarious. full of laughs and it even teaches you somethings along the way. if you read it, prepare to probably be offended and have the most fun you've ever had reading a 'philosophy and religion' book. give the guy credit he spent something like ten years writing this thing!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not believe that this book was listed with the Holy Bible when I entered this site looking to make a purchase! If the stated purpose of its listing here is the necessity of balancing the debate over truth, I wonder whether John Paulk's book relating his overcoming a homosexual lifestyle or 'Legislating Immorality: The Gay Lobby Comes Out of the Closet' is listed with books relating to homosexuality, 'Evidence That Demands a Verdict' by Josh McDowell with books relating to skepticism, 'Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats' by an actual member and eye-witness of the 'underclass' listed alongside welfare and social theory books written by folks who never missed a meal let alone lived in the inner city dependent upon 'the System', or 'The Silent Scream' with books relating to abortion? As a Christian, I read books like 'Queen Jane's Version' to strengthen my faith as I work through faulty arguments to expose again and again the 'usual suspects': unfounded and unproven preconceptions and assumptions-----and, especially, to help me understand, combat and expose those arguments, because I myself bear the scars of believing their lie. We are NOT helpless victims. We are knowing agents. The condescension inherent in books like this (that the writer is a knowing agent, but anyone who disagrees is NOT) in and of itself should give thoughtful readers pause for thought. After renouncing Christianity because of what I saw on the surface, without ever actually READING the Bible thoughtfully or investigating the daily-growing mountains of evidence in reality, science, papyrology and archeology that support its authenticity and correctness of detail, and without understanding the Gospel and what it meant for me personally-----I embraced atheistic science, and the nihilistic psychology and philosophy inherent in popular music, media and culture without close examination. The implication I encountered all around me was that there was no intelligent alternative choice. Thankfully, reality and Truth will not permit the honest seeker to turn their back on the Truth revealed in Scripture without a conscious realization that there is a fundamental and inevitable choice involved: a choice to either accept or reject Truth. I suspect that there is not a solid argument, nor a conclusive proof in this entire book-----that like every other argument of it's type I've read, it is thoroughly speculative, subjective, and unsupported by either logic or solid evidence. I've grown more confident and educated through wide and varied reading and investigation done to test the reliability of my growing suspicion that I had been bamboozled not by the claims of Christianity-----but by the unsupported claims of its enemies. If we all possessed our own truth and believed that----there would be no argument (nor any 'rights' but THAT's a whole OTHER can of impossibility!). That evil is real is apparent, and that evil is a choice any human can make (even one who professes Christianity)---does not disprove biblical truth. It supports it. What continuing choices for evil DO prove is that ideas of natural human perfection or perfectability are false. Even if every Christian who ever lived was 'bad', it wouldn't disprove the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth or the Truth of His Gospel!-----it would only support the Truth of what He taught: Man has a need which he cannot meet on his own. He needs a Savior. As I, and many before me, uncomfortably discovered: an honest search for Truth will lead inevitably to God------while a search for excuses or far-out speculation will lead one back inevitably to the preconceived assumptions and opinions from which one began. Such a search is dishonest and rigged from the beginning. A true choice for God is always voluntary and consciously known----it can never be manipulated. If choice is not real, nor necessary----then for what purpose do folks like Queen Jane write? And how does this make them better than th