Queer as Folk 2 [UK Series Soundtrack]

Queer as Folk 2 [UK Series Soundtrack]


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Almighty Records


Disc 1

  1. Haven't You Heard  -  Indigo
  2. (Mucho Mambo) Sway  -  Shaft
  3. Gonna Catch You Baby (Gordon's Groove)
  4. The Real Thing  - Tony Di Bart
  5. Relight My Fire  -  Take That
  6. Can't Take My Eyes off of You  - Jimmy Somerville
  7. You to Me Are Everything  -  Real Thing
  8. Sometimes  -  Erasure
  9. Dancing Queen  -  Abracadabra
  10. Never Gonna Give You Up  - Rick Astley
  11. Love Come Down  - Eve Gallagher
  12. Get Down on It (Put Your Arms in the Air)  -  Supermotorfunk
  13. Walk Like a Man  -  Divine
  14. Collective/The Key the Secret  -  Urban Cookie Collective

Disc 2

  1. Feel the Need in Me  -  Utopia
  2. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)
  3. I Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me)  -  Indigo
  4. Use It Up and Wear It Out  -  Indigo
  5. If I Can't Have You  -  Obsession
  6. I Will Always Love You  - Sarah Washington
  7. More to This  - Hannah Jones
  8. Love Fool  - Natalie Brown
  9. And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going  - Hannah Jones
  10. Angels  -  Utopia
  11. That Don't Impress Me Much  - Jackie "O"
  12. The Only Way Is Up  -  Kinky Boyz
  13. I Only Wanna Be With You
  14. How Do I Live  -  Rochelle
  15. Summer Night City  -  Abracadabra
  16. Lay All Your Love on Me  -  Abracadabra
  17. Ture Faith  - Natalie Browne
  18. You Are the Music  -  Roman Holiday Ensemble
  19. What Have You Done for Me  -  Jayne Montgomery
  20. Marvellous  - Natalie Browne

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rick Astley   Track Performer
Erasure   Track Performer
Utopia   Track Performer
Jimmy Somerville   Track Performer
Lulu   Track Performer
Take That   Track Performer
Urban Cookie Collective   Track Performer
Rochelle   Track Performer
Eve Gallagher   Track Performer
Hannah Jones   Track Performer
Abracadabra   Track Performer
Natalie Browne   Track Performer
Kinky Boyz   Track Performer
Natalie Brown   Track Performer
Sarah Washington   Track Performer
Supermotorfunk   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Dan Hartman   Composer
James "J.T." Taylor   Composer
Robert "Kool" Bell   Composer
George "Funky" Brown   Composer
Russell Davies   Liner Notes
Charles Smith   Composer
Dennis "D.T." Thomas   Composer
Curtis "Fitz" Williams   Composer

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