Quick, Simple Microsoft Access 2000 / Edition 1

Quick, Simple Microsoft Access 2000 / Edition 1

by Linda Ericksen

ISBN-10: 0130813206

ISBN-13: 9780130813206

Pub. Date: 07/06/1999

Publisher: Pearson

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8.27(w) x 10.87(h) x 4.33(d)

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started.
Introduction to Databases. Starting the Software. The Interface. Exploring the Database Window. Opening a Table. Using Help. Closing a Database. Exiting Access and Shutting Down Windows.

2. Creating a Database.
Creating a Table. Creating a Table in Datasheet View. Assigning Field Properties. Creating a Primary Key. Creating Relationships between Tables. Printing the Table Design. Saving and Compacting the Database.

3. Working with Data in the Database.
Adding Records. Editing Records. Inserting Records. Deleting Records. Moving Records. Finding Records. Sorting Records. Printing the Records in Datasheet View.
Check Point 1.

4. Querying the Database.
Filtering Data in the Database. Using the Simple Query Wizard. Sorting the Query Results. Creating a Query using Query Design. Printing the Query Results. Editing a Query. Saving a Query.

5. Creating Forms.
Using the Form Wizard to Create a Form. Using Form Design to Create a Form. Using AutoForm. Editing a Form. Adding Controls to a Form. Entering Data Using a Form. Printing Forms.

6. Creating Database Reports.
Using AutoReport to Create a Report using a Table. Using AutoReport to Create a Report based on a Query. Using the Report Wizard to Create a Report. Using the Label Wizard to Create Mailing Labels. Editing a Report. Saving a Report. Printing a Report.
Check Point 2.

7. Enhancing the Database.
Editing the Table Structure. Having Access Enter Default Data. Learning More about Table Relationships. Creating a Junction Table.

8. Using Access with the Internet and Other Programs.
Using the Publish to Web Wizard. Creating Hyperlink. Using Access with Microsoft Word. Using Access with Microsoft Excel.
Check Point 3.
Appendix A: Alphabetized list of Tasks.

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