Quick, Simple Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 / Edition 1

Quick, Simple Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 / Edition 1

by Linda Ericksen

ISBN-10: 0139744606

ISBN-13: 9780139744600

Pub. Date: 07/06/1999

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Pearson Education
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8.27(w) x 10.87(h) x 4.33(d)

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started.
Introduction to Presentations. Starting the Software. Creating a Presentation using the AutoContent Wizard. Using Help. Exiting PowerPoint and Shutting Down Windows.

2. Creating and Viewing Presentations.
Changing Views. Saving the Presentation. Printing the Slides and the Outline. Using the AutoContent Wizard. Creating a Presentation Using a Template.

3. Editing the Presentation.
Opening a Presentation. Inserting and Deleting Text. Moving Text. Checking the Spelling and the Style of the Presentation. Adding a New Slide. Changing the Bullets in a List. Creating Subtopics in a Bulleted List. Deleting a Slide. Changing the Order of Slides.
Check Point 1.

4. Changing the Look of the Presentation.
Changing the Layout of a Slide. Changing the Color of the Presentation of Just One Slide. Changing the Presentation Design. Using the Slide Master. Changing the Font, Font Size, and Color. Formatting Text. Changing Text Alignment.

5. Adding Graphic Elements to Slides.
Adding AutoShapes. Adding Clip Art. Using WordArt. Adding Charts. Adding an Organizational Chart. Adding a Table to a Slide.

6. Creating a Slide Show.
Playing a Slide Show. Adding Text Animation. Adding Transitions Between Slides. Adding Timing to the Slides. Adding Sounds and Movies to the Presentation.
Check Point 2.

7. Making the Presentation User Friendly.
Creating and Printingthe Speaker Notes. Printing Handouts. Adding Headers and Footers. Using Meeting Minder. Using Pack and Go.

8. Adding Hyperlinks and Creating Web Presentations.
Linking to Other Slides in the Presentation or to Other Presentations. Linking to Sites on the Web. Creating Web Presentations.
Check Point 3.
Appendix A: Alphabetized List of Tasks.

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