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by Cruxshadows

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Wishfire Records

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Quicksilver 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rogue and his band of misfits have again suceeded in topping themselves. Following upon the heels of several chart-topping singles theyve this time bumped Lady gaga out of the number one selling slot, adding her to their list of casualties that inlucde Madonna and Beyonce. They've also added a second violinist to the band, doubling the potnential arrangements. The song 'Quiksilver' itself has every hallmark of a Cruxhadows release; Gorgeous layerd vocals, a thumping dancefloor beat and positive self-reinforcing lyrics referencing Mythology. The B-sides are B-grade in name only and could stand on their own musically. 'Roland' reflects upon a 15th century Christian martyr and as usual harps on issue of self-sacrifice. Although the piano intro to the song is highly reminiscent of last years 'Immortal' B-side 'Exile,' it creates its own sound when the chorus is reached. Even if you don't purchase singles and opt for albums, check this release out as Quiksilver WILL get stuck in your head, heart and soul. And that is just what CXS hope will happen.