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by Poppet

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A harmless game of Spirit of the Glass changes their lives. Immersed head first into the ancient Mayan world, tattoos transform, prayers are caught by the greedy, and the rattlesnake comes to stake its claim.

Zohar issued a death threat on Halloween and now it's a race against time before they all die. Usha has to open the heart of heaven in time to save the


A harmless game of Spirit of the Glass changes their lives. Immersed head first into the ancient Mayan world, tattoos transform, prayers are caught by the greedy, and the rattlesnake comes to stake its claim.

Zohar issued a death threat on Halloween and now it's a race against time before they all die. Usha has to open the heart of heaven in time to save the rest of them, but the key is too cryptic. Rituals ancient and new clash in a bid for supremacy.

A Chinaman, an Italian, a Slovenian, and an American, walk into a bar - it sounds like a joke, right?

Quislings are no joke.

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Paranormal romance and horror author.

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Quislings 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LiquidSoulauthor More than 1 year ago
Once again, Poppet has taken me on a fantastic journey, this time in her book Quislings. Poppet is able to combine the entertaining with the factual to create a fiction story with strong undertones forcing you to think about the hereafter and what it all means when staked in reality. The story takes place in Cancun, and the way she creates the setting I almost feel as if I am the quiet next door neighbor silently spying on everyone. This book has everything, tattoos that come to life, a flip on how certain animals are perceived, and coming face to face with supernatural beings. What began as a seance altered everything in the life of everyone involved, Usha, Ju, Caden and Nemun. Each of them has something that seems beyond belief happen to them, and yet Poppet weaves her story in such a way that not only is it possible, but it feels as if it happened or is going to happen in the not too distant future. To be honest the thing that really drew me into this rollercoaster of a story was the backdrop of the Mayan belief system. She is able to bring together a culture of long ago and integrate it seamlessly into the present day. If that was all she did that would be enough, but she was able to show the connection between the Mayan and modern religions of today. I would say this is a very good read and one of the better books for an author who writes mindblowing books with regularity.
StuckInABookAM More than 1 year ago
Four friends come home after an evening out drinking and decide to have a quick game of Spirit In the Glass. On Halloween. Sounds like a dime a dozen horror plot, doesn't it? Well, that's where the clichés stop because this is Poppet at the keys. What did they invite in? How the heck will they get rid of it? Will they survive the journey they have inadvertantly signed themselves up for? Set in Cancun, surrounded by ancient Mayan ruins, these four friends will face a test of spirit. As always with Poppet, unexpected twists and turns will have you at the edge of your seat. If you don't have any prior knowledge of Mayan, or other ancient religions, you're in for a crash course. Poppet lays it all out for you, showing you parallels between major religions to the point where you say to yourself, "Huh. Why didn't I see this before?" I found myself falling in love with characters and wanting to strangle others. While they were each finding answers on their own, I wanted to scream at them to share their information. I was cringing in fear for them and cheering them on. Quislings was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I laughed, I got angry and I had the hair raise on the back of my neck complete with goosebumps. Faced with evil at seemingly every turn, will the puzzle pieces fall into place in time for good to prevail? Get it. Read it. Find out for yourself. I dare you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book kept me on the edge of my seat, sparking all my senses, and teasing my emotions. The characters are well developed with strong, yet differing personalities, which makes them all so interesting and unique. The setting takes on the Mayan culture, full of beauty of the land and the historical content, The research into this is incredible. Poppet has yet to let me down with any of her books, she is a one of a kind writer.
BeachBumBooksDN More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure what to think about this one. I don't generally read horror but I've read almost all of the author's work so I'm familiar with her world view. Others have pinned this correctly: seriously creepy, spooky, leave the light on stuff. This is another entry in Poppet's usual masterful way with twisting words to bring seduction and sensation to a whole nuther level. Few authors have the ability to consistently pull off this kind of breathless delivery, flawlessly flipping POVs in the first person present - it gives an immediacy to the scenes that is cinematic and uber-dramatic. So I liked it (really liked it), but... Here's a wee dissenting opinion. This is a masterful mythology waiting for a fully realized story. On a good day I couldn't get away with managing this big of a 'tell, no show' plot line. I mean, it works so what's my problem? Mostly the ending, and if I elaborate I'd risk the dreaded *Spoiler*. For most of the narrative, I suspended disbelief but the final couple of scenes struck me as 'undeveloped' and perhaps convenient. Nit-picky stuff, but there it is. It's enough to make me shave off a half star. If you like horror, mythology, astrology and mind-bending philosophy that engages all the senses, Quisling will send you into orbit. 4.5 stars
jamiefernekees More than 1 year ago
Anything by Poppet is AMAZING if you haven't read anything by her your missing out.. This is a dark book filled with loads of good stuff love,lust,pain.. everything you really need .. She keeps you reading from the start to the end .. She never fails to please.. I have never read a book by Poppet that I don't become obsessed with she has a magic gift with writing .. If you want to be caught up in a migic world you want to read Poppets work .. really it's just that good ...
MoniqueL More than 1 year ago
If you are a fan of the Supernatural,romance and excellent literature then this book is a must read.Poppet manages to draw you into this world and keep you there until the last page.Four friends,Usha, Ju-Long,Caden and Nemun set out for a night of partying and fun but noone could guess that a simple game could change all of their lives forever..Poppet has a knack for incorporating such amazing facts into her books that it's not just an awsome reading experience but it is also a learning experience.This book took me on such a wild ride I was delightfully dizzy and also sad when it ended.
Chelle34 More than 1 year ago
The book starts innocently enough with a game of spirit glass and four friends. Three friends seem to know what it going on but, Usha is new to this and the game takes a dangerous turn. Usha is a little Catholic Italian girl who, is thrust in too a world of old Gods. She is given a task she doesn't understand and has little time to figure out what it all means. There is wonderful and insightful amounts of Mayan history and culture wrapped up in this spooking and suspensful read. The story will leave you thinking and your heart soaring. As with all of Poppets books she has taken time to do her research making her books accurate yet entertaining. Her characters are beautifully written and the plot is well crafted and not something everyone else has done. The romance is written into the stoy and not just an afterthought of the plot. There is believable conflict. Many secrets will be revealed...not only within the characters but within the beliefs of mankind. This story pulls you in from the moment their fingers touch the spririt glass and doesn't let you go until you read the last words. This is an excellent read and is as great a work as I have come to associate with all of Poppet's writing. You will not wanna miss this trip into the world of the God's with these four friends.