R&R Games 967 Ticked Off Layout Shot

R&R Games 967 Ticked Off Layout Shot


Welcome to the game that gives you the opportunity to crush (and impress) your friends with your vast knowledge. It¿s fast fun and easy to play! Each round begins with a category such as ¿Things people paint.¿ Easy enough how many can you list? Place your bid! Highest bidder sets the mark to beat. But wait! A mystery category is revealed! Now everyone frantically writes down as many items from either category before time runs out! Points are scored for unique answers with bonuses for beating the high bid. Continue with new categories for several rounds until either (a) you¿ve ticked off all of your friends by showing off your vast smartitude or (b) you¿ve won the game whereupon you may tick off your gaming accomplishments to their awe and amazement. Dimensions:. Length: 10.5. Height: 2.5. Width: 10.5

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