R&B: The Collection [Rhino]

R&B: The Collection [Rhino]


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Warner Bros Uk


Disc 1

  1. Right Round
  2. Billionaire
  3. Love This Life
  4. Nothin' On You
  5. Big Poppa
  6. Superstar
  7. Can't Help But Wait
  8. Clothes Off!
  9. Gangsta's Paradise
  10. Swing My Way
  11. Breathe
  12. Turn Me On
  13. Feel So Good
  14. American Boy
  15. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  16. Freak Me
  17. Stroke You Up
  18. Only You
  19. I Swear
  20. I Wanna Sex You Up

Disc 2

  1. Crazy
  2. The Boy Is Mine
  3. Like Glue
  4. Lighters Up
  5. Get Ur Freak On
  6. Long Way 2 Go
  7. I'm Not Ready
  8. Oops (Oh My)
  9. Ghetto Heaven
  10. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
  11. Come Baby Come
  12. I'm Ready
  13. Casanova
  14. So Into You
  15. Stay With Me (Everybody's Free)
  16. Don't Walk Away
  17. I Can't Wait
  18. Jump Around
  19. Candy Girl
  20. Flip Reverse

Disc 3

  1. Forget You
  2. Don't Let Go (Love)
  3. You Might Need Somebody
  4. Dream On Dreamer
  5. Taboo
  6. 6 of 1 Thing
  7. I Know Where It's At
  8. Sweet Love
  9. Return of the Mack
  10. Grind With Me
  11. What About Us?
  12. T-Shirts & Panties
  13. Heard it All Before
  14. The Weakness In Me
  15. Bad Boy
  16. Louder
  17. Shine
  18. My Name
  19. Breathe Slow
  20. Cash In My Pocket

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Ernie Isley   Composer
LeVert   Composer
Chris Jasper   Composer
Pete Burns   Composer
Sade Adu   Composer
Clevie   Composer
Steve Coy   Composer
Lawrence Dermer   Composer
Martin Ditcham   Composer
Marvin Isley   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Composer
Steely   Composer
Mike Percy   Composer
Elliot Straite   Composer
Rasheed   Composer
Christopher Wallace   Composer
Robert Jazayeri   Composer
Mark Ronson   Composer
John Stephens   Composer
Wiley   Composer
David Stenmarck   Composer
Gym Class Heroes   Composer
Aaron Bay-Schuck   Composer
Westfield   Composer
Bruno Mars   Composer
LaPread   Composer
Scheffer   Composer
Izbor   Composer
Hermansen   Composer
Jerkins   Composer
Storch   Composer
Timothy Lever   Composer
Phillip Lawrence   Composer
Armatrading   Composer
Artis Ivey   Composer
Tramar Dillard   Composer
Justin Franks   Composer
McLean   Composer
Lukasz Gottwald   Composer
Allan P. Grigg   Composer

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