Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings

by Joseph F. Healey

ISBN-10: 0761988203

ISBN-13: 9780761988205

Pub. Date: 11/01/2003

Publisher: SAGE Publications

How should we respond to the challenges of diversity? Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings addresses this question and examines how the United States is growing increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, language, and culture. Editors Joseph F. Healey and Eileen O'Brien provide a unique blend of diverse voices, perspectives, and


How should we respond to the challenges of diversity? Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings addresses this question and examines how the United States is growing increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, language, and culture. Editors Joseph F. Healey and Eileen O'Brien provide a unique blend of diverse voices, perspectives, and research on a broad range of race, ethnicity, and gender topics.

Derived in part from the Third Edition of Joseph Healey's best-selling text Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class, this anthology includes expanded and updated versions of the Current Debates, as well as new, additional readings carefully chosen from the research literature. Race, Ethnicity, and Gender can be used as a stand-alone text or as a companion to Joseph Healey's Diversity & Society.

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Table of Contents

Part I - An Introduction to the Study of Minority Groups in the United States
Chapter 1. Diversity in the United States: Questions and Concepts
A. Narrative Portraits
The Social Construction of Racial Identity Life on the Color Line - Excerpt from "Life on the Color Line" by Gregory Williams

The Cultural Sources of Prejudice - Excerpt from "Kaffir Boy" Mark Mathabane

B. Readings
Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism - Norman Yetman
Using Racial and Ethnic Concepts: The Critical Case of Very Young
Children - Debra van Ausdale and Joe R. Feagin
Experiencing Difference - Karen Rosenblum and Toni-Michelle Travis
C. Current Debates: Race and Sport
The Dominance of Black Athletes Is Genetic - Jon Entine
The Argument for Genetic Differences Is Deeply Flawed - Jonathan Marks
Questions to Consider
Chapter 2. Assimilation and Pluralism
A. Narrative Portrait: Assimilation Then and Now
Choosing a Dream: Italians in Hell's Kitchen - Mario Puzo
Always Running: La Vida Loca - Luis Rodriguez
B. Readings
Divided Fates: Immigrant Children in a Restructured U.S. Economy - M. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly and Richard Schauffler
"Opening" Faces: The Politics of Cosmetic Surgery and Asian
American Women
- Eugenia Kaw
A Different Mirror - Ronald Takaki
C. Current Debates: Does Language Diversity Threaten National Unity?
Everyone Should Learn English - Richard Lamm (with Gary Imhoff)
Language Diversity Is Not a Threat - Robert D. King
Questions to Consider
Part II - Understanding the Evolution of Dominant-Minority Relations in the United States
Chapter 3. The Development of Minority-Dominant Relation in Pre-Industrial America: The Origins of Slavery
A. Narrative Portrait: The Lives of Slaves
Life as a Slave Girl - Harriet Jacobs (edited by Jean F. Yellin)
Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb - Henry Bibb (Edited by Gilbert Osofsky)
B. Readings
Slavery Unwilling to Die: The Historical Development of Systematic Racism - Joe Feagin
Southern Women, Southern Households - Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Elizabeth Fox-

C. Current Debates: How Did Slavery Affect the Origins of African American Culture?
Slavery Created the African American Culture - Stanley Elkins
African American Culture Was Created by an Interplay of Elements from Africa and America - John Blassingame
The Experiences of Female Slaves Has Been Under-Researched and Under-Reported - Deborah Gray White
Question to Consider
Chapter 4. Industrialization and Dominant-Minority Relations: From Slavery to Segregation and the Coming of Post-Industrial Society
A. Narrative Portrait: The Kitchenette
Death on the City Pavement - Richard Wright
B. Readings
The Meaning of Emancipation According to Black Women - Angela Davis
Race, Gender and Work: The History of Asian and Asian-American Women - Julie Matthaei and Teresa Amott
Distinguishing Five Models of Affirmative Action - David B. Oppenheimer

C. Current Debates: Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action Casts Suspicions on Legitimate Black Achievement and Depicts African Americans as Incapable - Thomas Sowell
Why We Still Need Affirmative Action - Orlando Patterson
Affirmative Action Should Be Based on Class Rather Than Race - Richard Kahlenberg
Questions to Consider
Part III - Understanding Dominant-Minority Relations in the United States Today
Chapter 5. African Americans
A. Narrative Portrait: The Price of Success
To Be Black, Gifted, and Alone - Bebe Moore Campbell
B. Readings
I am not a racist but…': mapping White college students' racial ideology in the USA - Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Tyrone A. Forman
Race and Criminalization: Black Americans and the Punishment Industry - Angela Davis
The Elephant In The Living Room: The Issue Of Race In Close Black/White Friendships
- Kathleen Odell Korgen
C. Current Debates: Reparations
Reparations for African Americans in Historical Context - Joe R. Feagin and Eileen O'Brien
Reparations are an Idea Whose Time has Come - Manning Marable
Why I Don't Want Reparations for Slavery - John Mc Whorter
Questions to Consider
Chapter 6. Native Americans
A. Narrative Portrait: Native American Experience and Perspective
Lakota Woman - Mary Crow Dog
Listening to the Air - John Lame Deer
B. Readings
Trends Among American Indians in the United States - Russell Thornton
Growing Up Indian - Leonard Peltier
Angry Women are Building: Issues and Struggles Facing
American Indian Women Today - Paula Gunn Allen
C. Current Debates: Should Columbus Day be Celebrated?
Columbus Day Should be Celebrated - Christopher Hitchens
Why Columbus Day Celebrations and Parades Should Be Opposed - Glenn Morris and Russel Means
The Value of Native American Culture and Indian Identity - N. Scott Momaday
Questions to Consider
Chapter 7. Hispanic Americans
A. Narrative Portrait: The Meaning of Macho
Americanization is Tough on Macho - Rose Del Castillo Guilbault
B. Readings
Mock Spanish: A Site For The Indexical Reproduction Of Racism In American English - Jane H. Hill
Seeing More than Black and White: Latinos, Racism, and the
Cultural Divides - Elizabeth Martinez
C. Current Debates: Is Immigration Harmful or Helpful to the United States?
Immigration Is Harmful - Peter Brimelow
Immigration Is Not Harmful - Reynolds Farley
We Need to Reframe the Immigration Debate - George Borjas
Questions to Consider
Chapter 8. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
A. Narrative Portrait: Two Stories of Immigration
Ho Yang
Vo Thi Tam
B. Readings
The 'Success' Image of Asian Americans: Its Validity, and Its Practical and Theoretical Implications - Won Moo Hurh
The Interrelationship Between Anti-Asian Violence and Asian America
- Victor Hwang
C. Current Debate: Asian American "Success ": What Are the Dimensions, Causes, and Implications for Other Minority Groups?
The Success of Japanese Americans is Cultural - Harry Kitano
The "Success" of Chinese Americans is Structural - Alejandro Portes and Min Zhou
The Success of Asian Americans Has Been Exaggerated, In Part to Criticize Other Minority Groups - Ronald Takaki
Questions to Consider
Chapter 9. White Ethnic Groups
A. Narrative Portrait
Ethnicity, Prejudice, and the Irish Political Machine - Excerpt by David Gray

B. Readings
How Jews Became White - Karen Brodkin
White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of
Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in
Woman's Studies
- Peggy Mc Intosh
Is This A White Country, Or What? - Lillian Rubin
C. Current Debates: Racial Identity: Whites and Blacks
The Need to Understand Whiteness - Richard Dyer
Symbolic and Involuntary Ethnicity - Mary Waters
Part IV Conclusions
Chapter 10. Antiracist Solutions
The Emperor's New Clothes - Patricia J. Williams
The Racial Preference Licensing Act - Derrick Bell
The Future of Antiracisms - Eileen O'Brien
Abolish the White Race by any means necessary - Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey
Being An Ally - Paul Kivel
Commitment to Combat Racism - Judith Katz

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