Race, Nation, and Empire in American History / Edition 1

Race, Nation, and Empire in American History / Edition 1

by James T. Campbell

ISBN-10: 0807858285

ISBN-13: 9780807858288

Pub. Date: 09/24/2007

Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press

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Race, Nation, and Empire in American History

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The University of North Carolina Press
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii
Introduction   James T. Campbell   Matthew Pratt Guterl   Robert G. Lee     1
Who's who: American Encounters with Race
The Racial Vernacular: Contesting the Black/White Binary in Nineteenth-Century Rhode Island   Joanne Pope Melish     17
What Is Race?: Franz Boas Reconsidered   Vernon J. Williams Jr.     40
An End to the Family Romance: Nella Larsen, Black Transnationalism, and American Racial Ideology   George Hutchinson     55
Ironies of Empire
White Is the Color of Empire: The Annexation of Hawaii in 1898   Eric Love     75
Annexing the Other: The World's Peoples as Auxiliary Consumers and Imported Workers, 1876-1917   Matthew Frye Jacobson     103
The Americanization of South Africa   James T. Campbell     130
Engendering Race, Nation, and Empire
Women's Rights, Race, and Imperialism in U.S. History, 1870-1920   Louise M. Newman     157
Cain contra Abel: Courtship, Masculinities, and Citizenship in Southern California Farming Communities, 1942-1964   Matt Garcia     180
Private Suffering and Public Strife: Delia Alvarez's War with the Nixon Administration's Pow Publicity Campaign, 1968-1973   Natasha Zaretsky     201
Desengano: A Confederate Exile inCuba   Matthew Pratt Guterl     231
Pauli Murray in Ghana: The Congo Crisis and an African American Woman's Dilemma   Kevin K. Gaines     250
Nina Simone's Border Crossings: Black Cultural Nationalism and Gender on a Global Stage   Ruth Feldstein     277
End Times
Redefining Americanness by Reformulating Hinduism: Indian Americans Challenge American Academia   Prema Kurien     307
Brown Is the New Yellow: The Yellow Peril in an Age of Terror   Robert G. Lee     335
Rethinking the "Clash of Civilizations": American Evangelicals, the Bush Administration, and the Winding Road to the Iraq War   Melani McAlister     352
Contributors     375
Index     379

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