Race Track Rock

Race Track Rock


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Disc 1

  1. Midnight Hellfire
  2. The Last of the Superheroes
  3. Panama
  4. I'm on Fire
  5. 5530
  6. Set You Free
  7. Agony Has No Age
  8. Go
  9. Hell Destroyer
  10. Take You Out
  11. Unravel
  12. Highway of Love
  13. Shapeshifter
  14. Long Way Down
  15. Engines
  16. Heart of the Rock
  17. King of the Mountain
  18. Sweet Babbette
  19. Welcome to the Foodchain

Disc 2

  1. Om
  2. Boom Baby
  3. Face of Death
  4. Dirty
  5. American Horse
  6. Saving Face
  7. Eye for en Eye
  8. Revvin' Up
  9. Piece of Me
  10. One Night Stand
  11. Seven
  12. Legacy of Time
  13. The Stand
  14. Don't Be Petty
  15. Fast as Lightning
  16. This Is the Shit I Live For
  17. April in the Fall
  18. Slowly Gone
  19. Reach Inside

Disc 3

  1. Sunfire
  2. As the World Turns
  3. No Pity
  4. Hostile Ground
  5. Hot Rod
  6. Gravity
  7. Brand New Philosophy
  8. All Hail the Chief
  9. Please
  10. Fire Cracker
  11. Judge Not
  12. New Order
  13. Monsters
  14. Lose Control
  15. Dreams
  16. Pants
  17. 11:15
  18. Shining Star
  19. Open Lane

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy Crespo   Guitar
Michael Duncan   Vocals
Johnny Gioeli   Vocals
Adam Hicks   Guitar
Hiro Homma   Drums,Guest Appearance
J.D.   Drums
Jake E. Lee   Guitar
Steve Marshall   Guitar
Mike Nielsen   Drums
Martin Orum   Bass Guitar
Brad Roberts   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Rowe   Guitar
Rick Sanchez   Drums
Jeff Scott Soto   Background Vocals
Neil Turbin   Vocals,Background Vocals
Steven Watts   Bass
Mike Hogan   Bass
Michael Butler   Bass
Peter Fisher   Guitar
Michael Hannon   Bass
Kurt Dahle   Drums
Robert Lloyd   Bass Guitar
Lance King   Vocals
Andy Julian Paul   Vocals
Patrick Ruiz   Drums
Joe   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Duda   Bass
Dave Campbell   Drums
Paul   Bass
Mark   Guitar,Vocals
Neil Bernard   Bass
Richard Kendrick   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Chris Foster   Bass,Vocals
Lance Boone   Vocals
Erik Lannon   Drums
Kane   Vocals
Mike Giordano   Bass Guitar
Jeff Moore   Drums,Vocals
Sean R. L. Peck   Vocals
Steve Broderick   Vocals
Lucky Luciano   Bass Guitar
Anthony Wayne McGinnis   Guitar
Alberto Campusano   Bass
Steve Theado   Guitar
Shane Volk   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jun Senoue   Guitar
Tomas Modig   Vocals
Brad Cox   Vocals
Ben Thomas   Drums
Joseph McCaffrey   Bass
Kris Keyes   Vocals
Harpo Skank   Track Performer
Manny Pearl   Guitar
Iggy Street   Percussion,Drums
Sarah Stripe   Bass
Naoto Shibata   Bass,Guest Appearance
Steve Miller   Drums,Vocals
Peter H   Bass
Love Junkies   Bass,Guitar,Drums
Matt Ford   Guitar
Zep   Drums
Moises Zapata   Drums
Dinho Zampier   Keyboards
Jason Witte   Vocals,Background Vocals
Brendan Willem   Guitar,Vocals
Chris White   Guitar
Greg Weitknecht   Bass
Jonah Weingarten   Keyboards
Pat Valley   Guitar
Stelios Tzioumerkas   Bass
John Jeff Touch   Vocals
W.C. Thorn   Drums
Ade Teomans   Guitar
Tardy   Vocals
Patrik Svard   Guitar
Spydah   Bass
Shawn Spence   Guitar
Kurt Soerensen   Guitar,Background Vocals
Jeppe Soerensen   Drums
Pelle Skoglund   Drums
Rich Skibinsky   Guitar,Keyboards
Rune Sinnbeck   Bass
Ryan Serblowski   Bass
Edo Seleskovic   Guitar
C.J. Scioscia   Guitar
Rick Sargent   Guitar
Kuky Sanzhez   Bass
Javier O. Salvatierra   Guitar
John Salerno   Guitar
Tito Ruiz   Guitar
Dave Rubenhold   Vocals
Justin Rogers   Guitar
Fabio Rocha   Guitar
Rik   Drums,Vocals
Jessica Rendon   Vocals
Adam Raymer   Drums
Laki Ragazas   Guitar
Neil Poulsen   Vocals
Haynes Pherson   Bass,Background Vocals
Francisco "Mono" Penaloza   Bass
Sam Paulicelli   Percussion,Drums
Tom Nolz   Guitar,Vocals
Jason Musshorn   Drums,Vocals
Kyle Morrison   Keyboards,Vocals
Roger Moore   Guitar
Jon Millican   Guitar,Vocals
Clint McMaine   Drums
A.J. Maltese   Bass
D   Bass
Memphis Linzy   Guitar,Vocals
Yan Leviathan   Guitar
Roger "Mini" Landin   Percussion,Drums
Sam Lalk   Bass,Vocals
Glenn Kuczer   Drums
Bat Kinane   Guitar,Background Vocals
Scott "Scooter" Kee   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Chris Karol   Bass
Bill Kania   Guitar
Josh Kane   Drums
Jon Z   Guitar
Joetown   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Jacobsen   Guitar
James "Duke" Jackson   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Ilko   Drums,Vocals
Buzz K. Hymen   Bass,Vocals
Joe Hogan   Guitar
Magnus Hansen   Drums
Gudmar Hansen   Bass
Mikkjal G. Handen   Vocals
Pete Griffith   Drums
Simon Gillot   Guitar
Jason Frost   Guitar,Vocals
Bjorn Eliasson   Guitar,Keyboards
Ronnie Duncan   Guitar
Joe DiTaranto   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Distabile   Bass,Guitar
Dan Davie   Drums
Martin Cueto   Guitar
Casey Crenshaw   Guitar
Juliano Collombo   Drums
Seth City   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Canton   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Bridgwater   Vocals
Jared Bird   Track Performer
Mark Biddiscombe   Percussion,Drums
Jamie "Bic" Bicknese   Guitar,Vocals
Mike "Beans" Benigno   Drums
Elaina Bangma   Bass
Jerry B   Drums
Vernon Anderson   Guitar
Mato Aghetti   Drums
Andrew Santagata   Vocals

Technical Credits

David Lee Roth   Composer
Greg Goodman   Instrumentation
Jim Kane   Producer
Brad Roberts   Composer
Eddie Van Halen   Composer
Alex Van Halen   Composer
Robert Lloyd   Producer
Dean Rispler   Composer
Jake Brown   Executive Producer
Kate French   Composer,Producer
Jun Senoue   Composer
Corbin King   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jason Witte   Instrumentation
Rich Skibinsky   MIDI Sequencing
Joetown   Producer
James "Duke" Jackson   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jason Frost   Composer
Mato Aghetti   Producer

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