Racism and Ethnic Bias: Everybody's Problem

Racism and Ethnic Bias: Everybody's Problem

by Linda Jacobs Jacobs Altman

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Children's Literature
The author's definition of racism and stereotyping creates a beginning way to understand how racism and bias permeate our community and our life. However the section on stereotyping is limited, based on our current life situation. Stereotyping of African Americans, American Indians, the Japanese during World War ll and Jewish people is described but omitted are other Asians, the Chinese, for example, and Muslims. Both of these groups experience stereotyping. Many Muslims in particular, are currently experiencing unwarranted stereotyping. It is pointed out that the genocide of the Jewish people by Hitler is over and legislation creating equal rights for minorities has brought improvement and has helped to bridge the racial divide, but people are still neophytes when it comes to ethnic and race relations. A black person who becomes a doctor is known as a black doctor but a white doctor is characterized as just a doctor. The author comments about the privilege of being white and how it affects them and other minorities. But the reality, which is not covered in the book, is that America is a diverse country and is becoming more so. This point is ignored by the author, which I think is unfortunate because whites and minorities need to recognize the change that is occurring in America and should act accordingly. The major step to take, according to the author, is action. People must work together to create a society where, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, people should be judged by their character rather that by the color of their skin or their ethnic origin. Part of the "Teen Issues" series. 2001, Enslow, $17.95. Ages 12 to 18. Reviewer: Leila Toledo

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