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Radiant Desire (A Handmaid's Seduction, Book One)

Radiant Desire (A Handmaid's Seduction, Book One)

4.5 4
by Inara Scott

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The object of every man's fantasy just lost her wings...

Kaia Verde is one of the four Faerie Handmaids of Zafira, Queen of the Fey. To redress an ancient wrong done to Zafira by a human king, the Handmaids make sport of mortal men, seducing and humiliating them. When Kaia sets out to seduce Garrett Jameson, but ends up being the one surrendering to pleasure, Zafira


The object of every man's fantasy just lost her wings...

Kaia Verde is one of the four Faerie Handmaids of Zafira, Queen of the Fey. To redress an ancient wrong done to Zafira by a human king, the Handmaids make sport of mortal men, seducing and humiliating them. When Kaia sets out to seduce Garrett Jameson, but ends up being the one surrendering to pleasure, Zafira is furious. Kaia's punishment is simple: make Garrett fall in love with her by the summer solstice, then break his heart, or face eternity without her wings-or her soul. To make the task harder, Zafira tells Kaia she cannot use her faerie magic or charm to lure Garrett into her bed.

...and now she's losing her heart...

Kaia thinks her task will be relatively easy-as a faerie, she understands lust, and can love be much different? But once she is living among the humans, Kaia discovers the race she once disparaged is far more complex and beautiful than she imagined. She learns before she can break Garrett's heart, she must find a way to heal it. And eventually, discovers that losing her wings may be a far easier price to pay than losing her heart.

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Radiant Desire (A Handmaid's Seduction, Book One) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Kendra_Readers_Edyn More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quote: "When people come to the "flower shop, you know what they want to say to each other? Two things: I'm sorry, and I love you. That's it. They say it different ways and with different words, but it comes down to the same thing each time. So I think that's what it means to be human. I think it means taking chances and risking getting hurt. I think it means loving and forgiving." Review: Radiant Desire is the first of Inara Scott's books that I have had the pleasure to read. I was initially captivated by the fan-damn-tastic cover of the book. Admittedly, I am a sucker for amazing covers. **grins** This book was an absolute pleasure and I could not put it down. It kept me up into the wee hours of the night when I should have been sleeping. I was captivated from the start of this amazing novel. I have always loved fantasy books. Each allows us to become immersed in characters that we would otherwise leave in the recesses of our minds, not really giving overmuch thought to. I have always loved the idea of faeries; especially after reading Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. The playfulness and meddling of the celestial beings was extremely entertaining. Scott successfully brings similar qualities to some of the characters in this book. I enjoyed that the characters each went through a process to find their happiness. Not only did Caia and Garrett have to work through misguided assumptions that hindered the ability for growth and acceptance, the secondary and supporting characters also went through their own eye-opening experiences at differing times throughout the story. This story has depth beyond the initial feelings generally conveyed in novels. Ideals that some had lived by were challenged. Beliefs were tested. Ultimately each individual had to personally decide their own path: a decision that weighted heavily with happiness and consequences lurking regardless of the chosen course. What I didn't like, though somewhat trivial in comparison to the rest of the story, is the lack of closure for Portia. I felt there could have been a bit more added to the Aiden revelation. I appreciated her description in the final chapter, but with the disclosure of her motivation, I felt as if she could have been afforded just a smidge more happiness. I am assuming that A Handmaid's Seduction will likely have subsequent installments with each of Caia's sisters getting their own story. The possibilities are endless with unfulfilled contracts yet to be paid. But you will have to read the story to fully understand the implications of such a statement. Naturally, the idea of a series is just a supposition based on the contents of the final chapter, but an assumption I would dearly love to see manifest. Scott has a talent for spellbinding her readers and keeping them hooked within a story that flows from beginning to end. My time was well spent with Radiant Desire.
The_Reading_Housewives More than 1 year ago
I heard a bit of buzz about Radiant Desire on Twitter talking about how surprised they were about this one! I haven’t read an Inara Scott book before this one, but I have The Candidates on my shelf so I was curious about her adult title. Radiant Desire starts off…well with a bang. Sorry the pun, it doesn’t happen on the first page, but rather quickly. Many stories make you wait for the couple to finally get things rolling, but Inara sets things in action right away. After my initial excitement with the story, there was a bit of a lul which is to be expected with what happened in the story. This story is based on love. It really had me thinking how as a culture, we view love and how much of our lives and thinking revolve around it. Not just romance love, but how we view our families. Every character in this book slowly change their way of thinking in regards to it. You can tell from the above paragraph, that the faerie aspect of the story isn’t in the forefront which is understood because of Kaia’s punishment. I’m looking forward to reading maybe a bit more about the world in the next books in the series. Now I know I need to read her young adult series!
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by April: Like a long luxurious bubble bath, Radiant Desire is a sinful and indulgent story that you wish would never end. A contemporary fairytale, this is a story that will take the reader beyond the land of the Fey, beyond rational thoughts and beliefs and bring a world of glorious romance, hope, forgiveness and beauty to wrap itself around the reader. When I began reading Radiant Desire, I was a bit taken aback by the idea of the Handmaid¿s job as using men and then leaving them to suffer. Granted, this is a delightful idea, at times; however as a constant, I wasn¿t quite sure. I do have to say that after getting into the story a couple of chapters, the overall theme took a change. Instead of a sex packed story filled with ¿use¿em and leave¿em hurting¿, Radiant Desire took on a theme of true humility as well as providing an excellent story line that continues to ring within my mind. Kaia Verde is sent on a mission to seduce Garrett Jameson, by the Queen of the Fey, Zafira. For whatever reason, Zafira holds Garrett in the utmost level of distaste and disregard. She wants nothing more than to see him utterly humiliated. Right from the start, however, Zaia knows that there is something different about Garrett. To begin with, her Faerie beauty is not having its normal effect on Garrett, for another he is not blown away by her charm and is seemingly able to resist her and all that she has to offer. Then, when things just begin to look up for Kaia, she finds herself deliciously pleasured and satisfied by Garrett ¿ which is a BIG Handmaid¿s no-no. It is for this reason that Kaia is punished and sent back to the humans, without the ability to use her powers to make Garrett fall in love with her and then crush him. Sounds simply enough, right? Well, this is just a tiny bit of the story. As readers get into Radiant Desire, they will travel along with Kaia as she learns about real life in the human world, a world where humans are not as horrid as she was taught. Kaia also learns what it is like to witness helpful hearts, friendships and relationships in blissful form. Though not all rosy gloriousness, Radiant Desire is a brilliant roller coaster ride of deep emotion. I have to honestly say that this is a book that made my heart ache in places, soar in others; had a smile breaking out upon my face as well as tears welling up within my eyes. Yes, this truly had that much of an impact on me. Inara Scott has such an amazing talent for using words to create a story that will draw the reader in completely ¿ heart and soul. I adored Kaia, found her to be amazing, strong, brilliant and steadfast. Garrett is an amazing leading male character. Not only is he sizzling, but the fact that he holds his heart behind such a solid wall makes me just want to cuddle up with him and wipe all of his pain away. Kaia and Garrett are excellent characters who play upon one another to perfection. Not only that, but they have some intense chemistry that is apparent from the very beginning. Though not overly packed with sex, there are a few tastefully steamy and sizzling scenes that will get the blood flowing, as well as the heart racing. Radiant Desire is an incredible read that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a delicious and heartwarming, engrossing and impossible to put down read. I truly cannot wait for the next installment of this series to come out and eagerly await more works by this amazing author!
Ravenswood_Reviews More than 1 year ago
"RADIANT DESIRE" BY INARA SCOTT I have never really been a fan of the sparkly winged fairies unless they were part of fairytales; but the fairies in Inara Scott's book are much more than your sweet, winged, brightly colored variety. The portrayal of fairies, especially the ones of the female persuasion, are out to bring human men to their knees... literally. In this tale of Kaia, a fairy queen's handmaiden, she is sent to dispense justice on one male in particular. the only problem is, what has he done to deserve her mistress's wrath and what happens when Kaia decides she may not want to grant her queen's wishes after all? I ended up enjoying this story far more than I anticipated. Not only does it have that spark of fairy glamour, but it also has enough steamy, erotic, love scenes to appeal to the wild side of any woman's nature. 4.5 Ravens! Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud