Radio Revolution!: Best Of 2009

Radio Revolution!: Best Of 2009

by Rick & Bubba

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Release Date:
Thirty Tigers


Disc 1

  1. Bubba Bonds With Kitty
  2. Speedy's Ghost Of Girlfriends Past
  3. Dark Meat Vs. White Meat
  4. Greg Wrestles Man With Unique Skills
  5. Bubba's Family Outing
  6. Rick Tries To Get Family To Birth Of Twins
  7. Bubba Tries To Define The Word "Mammal"
  8. Speedy Has A New Little Friend
  9. Chris Stinks
  10. Coach Burgess Weighs In On Lipo
  11. Bubba Traumatizes Child

Disc 2

  1. Rick And Bubba Get To Brett Farve Through His Wife
  2. Ragin Cajun John Morgan Visits
  3. Bubba Speaks Of Betty Lou's Grasp Of Geography
  4. Caller Claims Chris Rock Told Her To Call
  5. Rick's Super Dad Fishing Story
  6. Greg Has On Cheerleading Shoes
  7. Rick And Bubba Hand Out Punishment For Idiots
  8. Bruiser Gets Coaching From The Staff On Getting A Date
  9. Bubba's Obsession With Tennis Revealed
  10. Need Help With Homework? Don't Ask Rick

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