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Raiders Night
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Raiders Night

3.9 13
by Robert Lipsyte, Michael Miletic

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At Nearmont High School, football stars are treated like royalty, and Matt Rydek has just ascended to the throne. As co-captain of the Raiders, he's got it all, or so it seems: hot girls, all the right friends, plenty of juice to make him strong, and a winning team poised to go all the way. If he can keep his eye on the ball now, his future will be set, with a full


At Nearmont High School, football stars are treated like royalty, and Matt Rydek has just ascended to the throne. As co-captain of the Raiders, he's got it all, or so it seems: hot girls, all the right friends, plenty of juice to make him strong, and a winning team poised to go all the way. If he can keep his eye on the ball now, his future will be set, with a full ride to a Division One school, a shot at the pros, and-most important-his dad off his back. But when the team turns on one of its own, should Matt play by Raiders rules, or should he go long alone?

Robert Lipsyte, an award-winning journalist, in consultation with Dr. Michael J. Miletic, a leading sports psychiatrist, takes a hard-hitting look at the world of competitive high school sports in a novel straight from today's headlines.

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Almost all his classmates at Nearmont High envy senior Matt Rydek. It is easy to see why: He is the co-captain of the Raiders football team, on track for a winning season and a scholarship to a Division I college. For Matt, the field of glory is more intense and bumpy than what it seems from the outside, but he never imagines that he will soon be forced to make a decision that affects his entire season — indeed, his entire future. An arresting novel about steroids and peer pressure from the award-winning author of The Contender.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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5.00(w) x 7.12(h) x 0.91(d)
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12 - 17 Years

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Raiders Night

By Robert Lipsyte


Copyright © 2006

Robert Lipsyte

All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-06-059946-4

Chapter One

The Back Pack hit the gym in the early afternoon, Matt in the
lead, before the yuppies marched in from work, while the young
moms were rushing out to pick up their kids from day camp.
Matt liked the way their hot eyes roamed over him, wondered if
they knew he was still in high school, wondered if they cared.
He felt big and hard. Excited. Was it the moms or what was
waiting for him upstairs, the iron weights that would make him
even bigger, harder. And the juice.

Brody poked him from behind with the football he always
carried. "Check the headlights on the one in blue."

"Someday I'm gonna stick that ball up your ass."

"Ooooh, don't tease me, big boy."

Matt led them through the downstairs crowd of designer spandex
and pastel sweats, cuties perched on shiny machines jiggling
away to love songs as they pretended to work out. What did
they know about working out? He liked the sense of leaving
their soft world behind as he led the Back Pack up the metal
steps into the stink and clang of the second floor, the real
workout room.

He was glad they had beaten the linemen to the gym today. Give
us a chance to get our session going without Ramp's crap.

The ironheads were there; they were always there, older white
guys screaming each other into one more pec-busting rep. They
wore tank topsand bandannas that looked like they were soaked
in diesel fuel. One of them called out a singsong,
half-mocking "Rai-derz."

Tyrell raised two fists. "Raiders rule, niggaz!"

The ironheads liked that and banged metal plates. Some of them
had gone to Nearmont High and played ball.

"Matt?" The gym owner, Monty, came out of his office and
beckoned him over. "New shipment's in."

Matt nodded and felt the excitement rise. Perfect timing. Load
up just before camp so the juice kicks in during the
two-a-days when we really need it. He flashed the Back Pack a
thumbs-up. Hope they all brought their wallets.

They dressed quickly. They were jittery, psyched for the last
heavy workout before camp. Tyrell, as usual, complained about
the music on the upstairs speakers, a pounding mix of disco
and heavy metal. The ironheads controlled those CDs. For now.
See what happens if we win Conference this year.

Matt caught Pete sneaking peeks at himself in the mirror. Pete
was more self-conscious than the rest of them about the
pimples on his shoulders. Backne they called it. From the
steroids. Price you pay. Pete's girlfriend, Lisa, wasn't so
sure it was worth the price. She'd said as much, and Pete
listened to her. Girls hear about the side effects, but how
could they know the feeling of watching a muscle grow bigger
and harder? Pete flexed his biceps when he thought no one was
looking, as if to remind himself that Lisa didn't know

Matt said, "Quads and glutes win games." He wondered if he was
taking this captain thing too seriously.

"Tyrell says bicep curls win hot girls," said Tyrell. He
mimicked Pete's flex.

Pete, embarrassed, snapped his shirt at Tyrell, who laughed
and danced just out of range. They loved to watch Tyrell move.
He had radar. He glided like a phantom. He was the best
running back in the conference. If we stay healthy and tight,
Matt thought, this could be our season. Maybe State. Senior
year, what a way to go.

Out on the mats, stretching, Matt could tell Brody's mind was
heading to the same place.

"We got a shot." Brody's big freckly face had that dreamy
look. Probably imagining himself winning the state title. With
a quarterback sneak. Not a forty-yard bomb to me or a handoff
to Tyrell, but a heroic scramble out of a collapsing pocket
and a desperate lunge over the goal line. Behind his back,
some of the guys called him All-Brody. Dad thought he didn't
throw to Matt enough. But Brody was all right. Best friend on
the team.

"One day at a time," said Matt.

"You're, like, channeling Coach Mac," said Brody.

"You ready to put the bar where your mouth is?" Matt held up
the clipboard with their workout schedule.

"See what I mean?"

They started with squats, lunges, and power cleans to build up
their legs and lower backs for the explosive starts off the
line of scrimmage. These were the most intense exercises in
the daily program the coaches had laid out in the spring. Matt
had come to realize that if they left those exercises to the
end of the session, they would slack off, especially Pete and
Brody. They preferred to work harder on the lat pull downs,
the curls and flys to build up their upper bodies for the
beach. But they listened to Matt. He was their leader. Tyrell
had named them the Back Pack, the four starting backfield
seniors. Brody, Pete, and Matt had played together since
PeeWee. Tyrell had joined them as a sophomore after he came
out from New York, staying at his aunt's house during the week
so he could go to Nearmont High.

The linemen stomped in, Ramp bellowing, "Yo, Rydek, your girls
done yet?"

Before Matt could respond, Tyrell shouted, "Where you been?
Stop off for lunch at the hog farm?"

Ramp cursed, raised a finger, and led the linemen into the
locker room.

Matt waited until they were out of earshot. "Chill."

"Nobody cool says chill no more."

"Our last season, last chance to win Conference." He glared at
Tyrell until he nodded and started pulling dumbbells off the
rack. "Let's be a team."

"You always right, Cap'n Matt, sir."

Matt and Brody moved to the benches. It took a few reps to
clear his head, but once Matt felt the blood pumping again,
all the good feelings came back. He concentrated on
visualizing his muscles swell and harden as he lay on the ...


Excerpted from Raiders Night
by Robert Lipsyte
Copyright © 2006 by Robert Lipsyte .
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Robert Lipsyte was an award-winning sportswriter for the New York Times and the Emmy-winning host of the nightly public affairs show The Eleventh Hour. He is the author of twelve acclaimed novels for young adults and is the recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award honoring his lifetime contribution in that genre. He lives in Manhattan and on Shelter Island, New York, with his wife, Lois, and his dog, Milo.

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Raiders Night 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Zeal More than 1 year ago
Lipsyte takes a very serious subject and creates a dramatic story that will stay with you for a long time. The characters struggle to find themselves in a HS setting surrounded by peer pressure, friendship, and the power of choices. Athletes, especially, will relate to the character struggles, but anyone could take something away from this story. Raiders Night is an important book to contemplate while trying to decide if you have the courage to do the right thing no matter the cost to yourself, your friends, and your team.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sosa300 More than 1 year ago
Lipsyte did a great job on this book and its a great read. Athletes can easily relate to this book. The author did well with the conflicts and that is what can keep you so tied in with this book. You can definitely tell that a good lesson you learn from the book is making good decisions in high pressure situations.
jordan151686 More than 1 year ago
This book was a very well written book and this book caught my attention when I heard it was about a kid in high school that is on a football team and he starts doing some illegal stuff. The reason this is interesting because it kinda tells u what happens in some high schools.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He should write anioter book to this i want to find out wat hapens to the kid who shoots himse this is so left as a clif hanger
ChaseTheMau5 More than 1 year ago
Raiders Night The book Raiders Night is an intense, thrilling novel that grabs the reader's attention and keeps it. Matt the main character is faced with life changing decisions that only he can make. He must choose between his dad's dream or his dream. This is getting to him and he is not sure which one he needs to choose. This is a life changing decision that he's scare to make because of what his dad might do to him. Only Matt can make this decision what will he choose?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mmorris More than 1 year ago
Raiders Night, by Robert Lipsyte tells the story of an athletic teenage boy. He accurately describes the very difficult issues from steroid usage to relationship issues that face every teenage boy in this day and age. The main character, Matt Rydek, is the captain of the Nearmont Raiders and also a member of the "Back Pack" which is a group of football players who work out together and also shoot steroids together. Matt has a chance to play at the next level and his dad will not let him jeopardize that, which leads Matt to question who exactly is he playing for? His Raiders are the complete center of attention in Nearmont with the thought of a state championship and nothing can slow them down, not even a suicide attempt. This novel was an extremely easy read in which I was able to read in a very short amount of time. This book would be very interesting for a teenage guy since he would be able to connect more with the text than a girl possibly could. Another thing I liked about this book is how the author didn't leave anything out or try to butter things up. The author told his audience exactly what issues teenagers face and what methods they use to either push through these problems or cope with them in the use of drugs or alcohol. One thing that completely frustrated me was the ending to this book. The plot steadily became more and more interesting and all of a sudden the book is over. I think this book could have gone for 50-60 more pages to completely solve all the problems in this book, but instead the book just suddenly came to a screeching stop.
theus24 More than 1 year ago
This is an ok book. Its not very exciting and even sometimes i got confused what is was talking about. There are a lot of cursing in it so not recomended for younger children. I would rate it a 2.5 out of 5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Desire- More than 1 year ago
This book is very dumb and had no point whatsoever for it. I advise no one to read this really dumb book. It has nasty parts in it like shoving a bat up this guys butt and then the kid ending up killing himself. No one under the age of 100 should read this unless u are messed up in the head and have a sick mind a.k.a. domesticated. Do not read this dumb book.