Raiders of Wall Street

Raiders of Wall Street

by Eric W. Allison

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Who are the major individual financiers who have taken over firms that have large assets but whose stock tends to be undervalued? Allison, coauthor of Managing Up, Managing Down, here profiles seven such figures, including well-known raiders Saul Steinberg, Carl Icahn and T. Boone Pickens. He examines their coups and failures, showing how they have become rich by manipulating stocks without actually managing any companies. He presents their argumentsthat they help stockholders, and that they strengthen management. Students of language will have a field day as they learn about ``greenmail,'' ``white knights'' and ``poison pill defenses.'' Although most readers are likely to find these seven piratical, Allison is not censorious. (December 10)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Raiders are the financial heavyweights who have been making headlines lately with their attempts at takeovers of corporations. Allison covers seven of these raiders, including Saul Steinberg, Carl Icahn, and T. Boone Pickens. Following a short biography, he details the companies each raider has pursued and the tactics used. Finally, Allison attempts to explain why these individual raiders are more prevalent nowadays, what conditions have bred them, what effect they have had on the corporate culture, and what role junk bonds play in financing the raids. Written without jargon, this book will help demythologize what could be a confusing area of the financial world. Recommended. Alex Wenner, Indiana Univ. Lib., Bloomington

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