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Rainbow Sign

Rainbow Sign

This is a well-crafted compilation.


This is a well-crafted compilation.

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Release Date:
Rounder Select


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beausoleil   Track Performer
Michael Doucet   Fiddle,Vocals
Guy Carawan   Vocals
Cathy Fink   Vocals
Arlo Guthrie   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Mike Seeger   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer,Vocal Harmony
Peggy Seeger   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Pete Seeger   Banjo,Vocals,Track Performer
Jane Sapp   Piano
Holly Near   Vocals,Track Performer
Sweet Honey in the Rock   Track Performer
Norman Williams   Vocals
Martin Grosswendt   Vocals
Laura Burns   Bass,Vocals
Tom Chapin   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Bill Harley   Vocals
Marcy Marxer   Mandolin,Vocals
Sally Rogers   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Patricia Shih   Guitar,Vocals,Xylophone,Track Performer
Howie Bursen   Vocals
Flor de Cana   Track Performer
John McCutcheon   Dulcimer,Vocals,Track Performer
Yellowman   Vocals,Track Performer
Jimmy Breaux   Accordion
James Anderson   Vocals
Sharon Burch   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals,Track Performer
A. Paul Ortega   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Alesi   Drums
Jorge Santiago Arce   Drums,Bombo
Tim Baker   Vocals
Brent Barkman   Synthesizer
Debbie Block   Vocals
Daniel Boland   Choir, Chorus
Micaela Boland   Choir, Chorus
Vanessa Boland   Choir, Chorus
Anthony "Asher" Brissett   Keyboards
Kenny Bruno   Synthesizer,Piano
Hector Cancel   Conga
Candie Carawan   Vocals
Abigail Chapin   Vocals
Lily Chapin   Vocals
Jeff Claus   Guitar,Vocals
Jon Cobert   Piano
Kenny Kosek   Fiddle
Richard Crooks   Drums
Alicia Dattner   Choir, Chorus
David Doucet   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Fellcian   Vocals
Sarah Ferrera   Vocals
Brian Folkins-Amador   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Forte   Drums
Marcus Fuller   Vocals
Danitza Garcia   Vocals
Ronnie Gilbert   Vocals,Track Performer
Becky Graseck   Choir, Chorus
Kim & Reggie Harris   Vocals
Reggie Harris   Vocals
John Hayward   Bass
Judy Hyman   Fiddle,Vocals
Lashunda Johnson   Vocals
Anthony Jones   Vocals
Don Jones   Drums
Jerry Jumonville   Saxophone
Sue Kalt   Drums,Vocals,Charango
Emma Katzberg   Vocals
Joyce Katzberg   Vocals
Pete Kennedy   Guitar
Margarita Kleinman   Guitar,Vocals
Barry Kornhauser   Bass
Jeff Langley   Piano
Howard Levy   Harmonica
Lourdes Lopez   Vocals
Molly Mason   Bass
Michael Monagan   Guitar,Drums,Keyboards
Misty Monteiro   Vocals
Chuck Neblett   Vocals
Marshal Pahl   Choir, Chorus
Myriah Pahl   Choir, Chorus
Don Payne   Bass
Wazir Peacock   Vocals
John Previti   Bass
Cordell Hull Reagon   Vocals
Mitchell Reed   Bass
Elizabeth Sanders   Vocals
Gaili Schoen   Piano
Stephen Snyder   Vocals
Willie Sordillo   Saxophone,Vocals
Mike Steel   Bass
Dean Stevens   Vocals
Rosemarie Straijer-Amador   Percussion,Vocals
Cheryl Thole   Vocals
Kathy Townsend-Hurk   Vocals
Bill Usher   Percussion
Zuleika Vidal   Vocals
Hollis Watkins   Vocals
Emily Weedon   Choir, Chorus
Anne Louise White   Vocals
Paul White   Percussion
Bobby Read   Synthesizer
Sharon Kennedy   Vocals
Tony Brissett   Keyboards
Richie Stearns   Banjo,Vocals
Carl Brown   Vocals
Keisha Dotson   Vocals
Anueke Kennedy   Vocals
Ife Majors   Vocals
Malaka Tatu   Vocals
Phomma Vannaseng   Vocals
Tommy Yates   Vocals
Jose-Luis Orozco   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Nancy Preston   Vocals
David Aronin   Vocals
Stephanie Baker   Vocals
Brenda Garcia   Vocals
Ainika Sanders   Vocals
Billy Ware   Percussion
Tom Jones   Percussion
Kids of Widney High   Track Performer
Frank Carter   Vocals
Robert Ross   Vocals
John Belcher   Vocals
Horse Flies   Track Performer
Eric Banks   Vocals
Sarah Jones   Vocals

Technical Credits

Michael Doucet   Arranger
Holly Near   Contributor
Sweet Honey in the Rock   Contributor
Tom Chapin   Composer
Flor de Cana   Contributor
John McCutcheon   Producer,Contributor
Roots Radics   Contributor
A. Paul Ortega   Arranger
Nitanju Bolade Casel   Arranger
John Forster   Composer
Bill Forte   Sound Effects
Michael Monagan   drum machine
T.J. Reddy   Artwork
Kids of Widney High   Contributor
Traditional   Composer
Horse Flies   Arranger

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