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Ralph Nader: Man with a Mission

Ralph Nader: Man with a Mission

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by Nancy Bowen

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Children's Literature
Nathra and Rose Nader immigrated to this country from Lebanon. They taught their four children that freedom and democracy were much more than words; they "fervently believed that democracy was a great responsibility. And one of those responsibilities was to speak out against injustices of any kind and for the rights of individuals." Dinner was a time to discuss issues and Nathra's restaurant was known as much for the political dialogue as for the food. The Naders didn't place importance in material things, but rather in ideas. Ralph Nader is his parents' son. He is a man of great accomplishment. He's tilted at many, many windmills on behalf of the American consumer and won. By the 1970s, his name was synonymous with crusader. He was a candidate for U.S. president twice, in 1992 and 2002. How did he accomplish so much in 68 years? "He has been called a recluse, an aesthete, a grind, and a workaholic. He is frequently scorned for his austere, disciplined lifestyle. 'I don't have a lifestyle,' he says, 'I have a workstyle.'" Ms. Bowen's thoroughly researched, well-organized, lucidly written book consistently, perhaps too consistently, reflects the afore-cited quote. Did he ever have fun, hang out, go to parties, date, daydream, waste time, do anything bad? He may very well be exactly as portrayed, but there are hardly any anecdotes to relieve the intensity of Nader's life. One of the few reveals that at the age of 14 he found a pile of back issues of the Congressional Record, stored forgotten in his school library (was he "snooping" around in the stacks?), and studied every word. Not exactly the kind of entertainment Ms. Bowen's readers will relate to. The book can become tedious reading,its intensity of purpose reflecting its subject. It is an informative, if hagiographic, biography, but will probably appeal only to those students committed to learning about Nader. For them, it will be enlightening. The back of the book contains a selection of wonderfully pithy quotes from Nathra Nader and extensive source notes.
School Library Journal
Gr 7 Up-"A one-man lobby for the public," "the nation's nag," and "the Public Citizen" are all terms that have been used to describe this remarkable person. His 2000 campaign as the Green Party's candidate for president added the label "the Spoiler." From his childhood in a family that valued freedom and responsibility through his forays into politics, Bowen's account traces the life of a tireless champion of consumer, environmental, and human rights. The author includes details that will appeal to young readers, such as Nader's enthusiasm for hitchhiking in order to meet and talk to different types of people. She enlivens the facts about Nader's campaigns for consumer safety and brings the man to life. Especially significant is the discussion of the years between 1990 and 2000, which include his presidential campaigns. The biography is enhanced with black-and-white photographs of Nader, his family, and other key individuals in his causes. A worthwhile addition.-Elizabeth Stumpf, Clearfield Middle School, PA Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Ralph Nader: Man with a Mission 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'ralph nader' is a very well documented and well researched bestseller that I found very hard to put down. I had always enjoyed reading mr naders many books however I never did get to know much about him and was very pleased to find nancy bowens very fast reading bio of this great man. it has lots of photos and it traces his early youth and shows how he got intrested in politics and how he organized his first group of naders raiders and how they convinced the goverment to change the safty standerds on certain auto mobiles. what I think is so amazing about this man is whean he wants to change something for the better he brings the documentation and uses the political process he doesnt resort to destroying things.this book shows that whean he wants to change an issue he brings credible evidence and I also apprieated the wisdom that his parents passed on to him.