Random Victim

Random Victim

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by Michael A. Black

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The case wasn't just cold -- it was ice-cold. But the murder of Miriam Walker had a pretty high profile in the middle of a tough re-election campaign, so the Cook County sheriff assembled a task force to get results... and put Sergeant Frank Leal on it. Leal is still getting over the death of his partner and some wounds of his own, both emotional and physical, so


The case wasn't just cold -- it was ice-cold. But the murder of Miriam Walker had a pretty high profile in the middle of a tough re-election campaign, so the Cook County sheriff assembled a task force to get results... and put Sergeant Frank Leal on it. Leal is still getting over the death of his partner and some wounds of his own, both emotional and physical, so working as part of a team might be tough. It doesn't help that a lot of people don't really want the case solved, including Miriam Walker's husband and the men he hired to take care of Miriam for him. Leal isn't even sure he can trust the rest of the team, but he's got a job to do, and he's not going to quit until he finishes it, no matter who gets in his way.

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Leal and Hart , #1
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Random Victim 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
cjmaine More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this book, it tells a good story and moves along.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grass. Leaves. Seaweed. Eulb+wolley. Remember the mtg place is at res seventeen of this answer.
harstan More than 1 year ago
After insulting a judge who deserved it, Cook County Sheriff¿s Department Sergeant Francisco ¿Frank¿ Leal, still healing from a gunshot wound and the death of his partner, is assigned to a special task force investigating the cold case murder of Miriam Walker. The victim was a judge and prevention of family violence advocate when she vanished her corpse was found months later inside a trunk. Lieutenant Brice and Sergeant Murphy led the inquiry, but made no headway as they focused on her missing car.----------------- Also on the task force formed by Sheriff O¿Hara to silence his election rival Shay are Sergeant Tom Ryan and rookies Joe Smith and Olivia Hart, a perfectly diverse group in time for an election. Brice once again oversees the investigation, but insists on looking at chop shops like he did months ago. Ryan is in charge of the daily operation while he teams with African-American Smith and bodybuilder Olivia joins with Frank. Evidence points to the victim¿s spouse financial business guru Martin in spite of his airtight alibi so ignoring Brice and Ryan Frank and Ollie put pressure on him. Fearing he will crack, his chess strategist secret partner arranges for Martin¿s silence.-------------------- This is an exhilarating police procedural in which the sheriff needs a task force to shut up his opponent while the brass puts roadblocks to the inquiry. The cast is strong as each of the five prime cops has differing personalities. With several fascinating twists and a romance (not between the police partners) that enhances the tale without slowing it down, sub-genre fans will enjoy Michael A. Black¿s superb Chicago investigative thriller and seek his kickboxing sleuth Ron Shade¿s entertaining Windy City private investigations.--------------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael A. Black's police profession gives his thriller RANDOM VICTIM a level of authentic detail about both police work and Cook County, Illinois while at the same time, his fictional imagination makes RANDOM VICTIM a thrilling police procedural. Michael A. Black creates a wonderful combination of characters with the impertinent, unconventional yet honorable policeman Frank and his bodybuilding tough yet feminine policewoman partner Olivia. The case itself intrigues as each clue unravels more and more interconnections between some of the most unlikely partners in crime. Sergeant Frank Leal just doesn't have the best reputation on the police force, not after the Dark Gable Incident with a judge. He's lucky to still have a job! Healing from a past incident, Frank is a bit surprised when the Cook County Sheriff enlists him for a task force to investigate the unsolvable case of Miriam Walker's murder. With the sheriff election and a challenge to the incumbent, the pressure is on to solve this and fast. Frank knows there is going to be a problem when Lt. Brice is appointed to head up the task force. Leal and Brice have history of butting heads. Joe Smith and Tom Ryan are known as screw ups. Then there is Olivia Hart, a female bodybuilder. She may have a body like steel that will match any man, but she has no experience. Brice wants the investigation to go one way, but Leal's instincts tell him to go another way. In public, the pressure is on to solve this murder but when it comes right down to it, Frank and Olivia seem to be the only people actually determined to catch the culprit. Can Frank and Olivia fly under the radar, get the case solved and not get themselves fired or killed in the process? Can they unravel all the intricate threads surrounding this case? RANDOM VICTIM, with its coarse dialogue and imagery, almost reads a bit like a hard-boiled crime novel. Some of the more unfavorable police characters make racially and sexually offensive comments. Although known for the equally explosive Dark Gable incident, Frank stands out as a contrast to these officers, a policeman a cut above the other officers in his treatment of others. Frank is devoted to his job and has a sense of honor. In his relationship with his partner Olivia, he treats her as an equal and a woman. Olivia is a most intriguing character -- she is a body builder with a muscular body that won't quit, and yet Michael A. Black writes her with a very nice touch of femininity, one recognized by her partner. Frank's romance with Sharon Devain adds another dimension to Frank's character, reinforcing and distinguishing the two women in his life. Together, the reader feels the sense of family between Frank, his partner and Sharon. A wonderful extra touch to this thriller! As a policeman in Chicago for 29 years, Michael A. Black's past adds detailed nuances to this police procedural. His narrative style has a wonderful mixture of streetwise coarseness mixed with moments of emotion, honor and even tenderness. As a police thriller, Michael A. Black's RANDOM VICTIM has all the loved twists and turns as Frank and Olivia get closer to the truth despite all attempts to derail their hunt. Coarse at times, with moments of irreverence, Michael A. Black also shines in his portrayal of the relationships between his characters from moments of tenderness to moments of chilling suspense. Michael A. Black maximizes the reading thrills with intriguing threads, rippling out from this one murder out into the lives of others and their relationships right to the shocking end. Police procedural thriller lovers will be happy to know that RANDOM VICTIM is the first of a series starring Frank Leal and Olivia Hart!