Rank Ladies: Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American Vaudeville / Edition 1

Rank Ladies: Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American Vaudeville / Edition 1

by M. Alison Kibler

Rank Ladies: Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American VaudevilleSee more details below


Rank Ladies: Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American Vaudeville

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The University of North Carolina Press
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Gender and American Culture Series
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6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.76(d)

Table of Contents



1 Introduction
2 Ladies and Nuts: Cultural Hierarchy and Mass Appeal in Keith's Vaudeville Audiences
3 Ladies of Rank: The Elinore Sisters' Ethnic Comedy
4 A Has Been Old-Lady Star: Julia Arthur in Vaudeville
5 The Corking Girls: White Women's Racial Masquerades in Vaudeville
6 The Upside-down Lady: Ruth Budd's Circus Acrobatics in Vaudeville
7 Artists and Artisans, Rats and Lambs: The White Rats, 1900-1920
8 Conclusion



Caricature of Yvette Guilbert
Cover of Keith News, October 19, 1908, featuring B. F. Keith; his son, A. Paul Keith; Edward Albee; and Charles Lovenberg
Eva Tanguay
Lillian Shaw
Eugene Sandow
Kate Elinore and her younger sister, May
Caricature of Kate Elinore
Julia Arthur as Clorinda Wildairs in A Lady of Quality, circa 1897
Julia Arthur in Romeo and Juliet, 1899
Julia Arthur as Hamlet, 1923
Cover of the sheet music for "Mammy's Carolina Twins," featuring Josephine Gassman and her pickaninnies," 1899
May Irwin, 1897
The Minstrel Misses, 1903
Ruth and Giles Budd, the Aerial Budds, circa 1910
Ruth Budd in her white union suit, circa 1916
Ruth Budd as Darwa, the female Darwin, from her feature film, A Scream in the Night (1919)
George Peduzzi (known as Karyl Norman or the Creole Fashion Plate)
Cartoon supporting the Associated Actresses of America (AAA), the ladies' auxiliary to the White Rats
Cartoon depicting one of the main reasons for joining the AAA—the vulnerability of the female performer on the road
Cartoon showing the debutante's rise in vaudeville at the expense of the veteran male vaudevillian

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