Rational Animals?

Rational Animals?

by Susan Hurley, Matthew Nudds

ISBN-10: 0198528272

ISBN-13: 9780198528272

Pub. Date: 03/28/2006

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1. The questions of animal rationality: theory and evidence, Susan Hurley & Matthew Nudds
Part I - Types and Levels of Rationality
2. Meanings of rationality, Alex Kacelnik
3. Minimal rationality, Fred I Dretske
4. Styles of rationality, Ruth Garrett Millikan
5. Animal reasoning and proto-logic, Jose Luis Bermudez
6. Making sense of animals, Susan Hurley
Part II - Rational versus Associative Processes
7. Transitive inference in animals: reasoning or conditioned associations?, Colin Allen
8. Rational or associative: Imitation in Japanese quail, David Papineau & Cecilia Heyes
9. The rationality of animal memory: complex caching strategies of western scrub jays, Nicky Clayton, Nathan Emery & Anthony Dickinson
Part III - Metacognition
10. Descartes' two errors: reason and reflection in the great apes, Josep Call
11. Do animals know what they know?, Sara J Shettleworth & Jennifer E Sutton
12. Metacognition and animal rationality, Joelle Proust
13. Rationality, decentring, and the evidence for pretence in nonhuman animals, Gregory Currie
part IV - Social Behavior and Cognition
14. Folk logic and animal rationality, Kim Sterelny
15. Rationality in capuchin monkey's feeding behavior?, Elsa Addessi & Elisabetta Visalberghi
16. Social cognition in the wild: Machiavellian dolphins?, Richard Connor & Janet Mann
Paart V - Mind Reading and Behavior Reading
17. Do chimpanzees know what others see - or only what they are looking at?, Michael Tomasello & Josep Call
18. We don't need a microscope to explore the chimpanzee's mind, Daniel Povinelli & Jennifer Vonk
19. Belief attribution tasks with dolphins: what social minds can reveal about animal rationality, Alain J-P C Tschudin
Part VI - Behavior and Cognition in Symbolic Environments
20. Intelligence and rational behavior in the bottle-nosed dolphin, Louis M Herman
21. Intelligence and rationality in parrots, Irene M Pepperberg
22. Effects of symbols on chimpanzee cognition, Sarah T Boysen
23. Language as a window on rationality, E Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, Duanae M Rumbaugh & William M Fields

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