Rational Approximation and Interpolation: Proceedings of the United Kingdom - United States Conference, held at Tampa, Florida, December 12-16, 1983 / Edition 1

Rational Approximation and Interpolation: Proceedings of the United Kingdom - United States Conference, held at Tampa, Florida, December 12-16, 1983 / Edition 1

by P.R. Graves-Morris

ISBN-10: 3540138994

ISBN-13: 9783540138990

Pub. Date: 12/21/1984

Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date:
Lecture Notes in Mathematics Series, #1105
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9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

The faber operator.- Survey on recent advances in inverse problems of Padé approximation theory.- Some properties and applications of Chebyshev polynomial and rational approximation.- Polynomial, sinc and rational function methods for approximating analytic functions.- Rational approximation of fractals.- On rational approximation of the exponential and the square root function.- Padé-type approximants and linear functional transformations.- Continued fraction solution of the general Riccati equation.- Order stars, contractivity and a pick-type theorem.- Bernstein and markov inequalities for constrained polynomials.- Multivariate interpolation.- The strong uniqueness constant in complex approximation.- On the minimum moduli of normalized polynomials.- On the block structure of the Laurent-Padé table.- Square blocks and equioscillation in the Padé, walsh, and cf tables.- Properties of Padé approximants to stieltjes series and systems theory.- Degree of rational approximation in digital filter realization.- Applications of schur fractions to digital filtering and signal processing.- A de montessus theorem for vector valued rational interpolants.- On the convergence of limit periodic continued fractions K(an/1), where a1——1/4.- On the uniform approximation of holomorphic functions on convex sets by means of interpolation polynomials.- On equiconvergence of certain sequences of rational interpolants.- Convergence and divergence of multipoint padé approximants of meromorphic functions.- Approximate analytic continuation beyond the first Riemann sheet.- Critical exponents for the general spin ising model using the rational approximation method.- Partial differential approximants and the elucidation of multisingularities.- Zeros of polynomials generated by 4-term recurrence relations.- A lower bound for the number of zeros of a function analytic in a disk.- Location of poles of Padé approximants to entire functions.- Approximations to ex arising in the numerical analysis of volterra equations.- Error evaluation for cubic bessel interpolation.- Extended numerical computations on the “1/9” conjecture in rational approximation theory.- Computing with the faber transform.- A-stable methods for second order differential systems and their relation to Padé approximants.- Shape preserving rational spline interpolation.- An application of gaussian elimination to interpolation by generalized rational functions.- Problems in numerical chebyshev approximation by interpolating rationals.- Exponential fitting of restricted rational approximations to the exponential function.- Quadrature formulae and moment problems.- Discrete—p approximation by rational functions.- What is beyond Szegö's theory of orthogonal polynomials?.- Polynomials with laguerre weights in Lp.- Orthogonal polynomials for general measures-I.

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