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Rats Around Us

Rats Around Us

by Rachel Eagen

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Laura Backman
Rats live everywhere humans do and outnumber us on every continent except Antarctica. They steal food, can gnaw through almost any material, and spread diseases but they can also be trained to perform tricks, make excellent pets, and help in the search to find cures for human diseases. These are just a few of the fascinating rat related facts, both cool and creepy, that will leave readers revering rats. Chapter titles such as, Scratch and Sniff, Creepy Stuff, and You Dirty Rat, hook readers right away. Short text sections combine science with humor and cover topics such as, the history of rats, rat anatomy, lab rats and pets, and rat infestation. New vocabulary is bolded in context and defined in the glossary. Sharp, colorful photographs, even excellent close-ups, showcase a variety of rat species including cute and cuddly rats, pet rats, a deceased rat, and even a rat doomed as a snake's meal. Text features include captions, fact boxes, an index, and a section titled, Pest Detective, which provides websites, book titles, and places readers can visit for further information about rats. Students conducting research can use this text as a valuable resource of information. This title, part of the "Creepy Crawlies" series, makes real world connections that are scientifically informative, entertaining, and are sure to keep readers engaged as they explore it's comprehensive contents. Reviewer: Laura Backman

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Crabtree Publishing Company
Publication date:
Creepy Crawlies Series
Product dimensions:
8.70(w) x 11.26(h) x 0.36(d)
NC1030L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 11 Years

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