Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge

by Nikki Tate

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Is Three Musketeers Stable still one for all and all for one?See more details below

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Is Three Musketeers Stable still one for all and all for one?

Editorial Reviews

The Globe and Mail
"A flawless teenage tale. There is no black, no white; just, as is the case in life, only shades of confusing and complicated grey wound around hearts and hormones…Tate offers hope and sadness, not as a solution but as reality."
CM Magazine
"As the tension mounts in the story, [Tate]...captures the excitement and uncertainty that can come along with dating someone new and unknown, and she mixes in vivid descriptions of scenes that involve a fight, a kiss, and a race...Razor's Edge reads like a real life mystery...Highly recommended."
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"One of the finest. This novel gets off to a quick start and doesn't stop, exploring a number of complex issues along the way."
Tacoma School District #10
"The story is realistic and will appeal to reluctant readers."
Children's Literature - Annie Laura Smith
Travis and his two best friends train and race their horses at a harness-racing track, Blackdown Park. The trio works tirelessly at the stables, when they are not in school, to reach their dream of having a racing business, which they call Three Musketeers Racing Stable. All seems to go well until thefts occur at the stable and the horses do not perform up to expectations. When the thief starts cutting off the Standardbred horses' tails, the boys' experience at the stable becomes a nightmare. Can the boys solve this mystery before they lose everything they have worked for? Is one of the friends possibly the thief? The problems of poverty, domestic violence, and alcoholism bring sharp realism to the story. Altercations between these friends also reflect reality. Tate does not editorialize on these problems, but includes them in the story as a reflection of the real world in which many children live. Reviewer: Annie Laura Smith

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Orca Book Publishers
Publication date:
Orca Sports Series
Product dimensions:
4.20(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.50(d)
HL660L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 13 Years

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I noticed a few cockroaches crawling near Jason's skates. He stepped on one of them, popping it like a cherry tomato. Bug juice sprayed.

A single cockroach dropped from the shoulder pads and landed between his skates.

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