Reading and Learning Across the Disciplines

Reading and Learning Across the Disciplines

by Mary-Jane McCarthy, Caroline Banks, Joan Rasool

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Academic Connections Series
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Older Edition

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Understanding Context and Learning Vocabulary, with readings on vocabulary5
Ch. 2Activating Knowledge to Create Context, with reading on time31
Ch. 3Understanding the Main Idea, with readings on intelligence and learning67
Ch. 4Understanding Yourself as a Reader and a Learner, with readings on learning strategies97
Ch. 5Listening and Lecture Notes, with a reading from Communications141
Ch. 6Problems and Solutions, with readings from Psychology167
Ch. 7Definitions, Examples, and Lists, with reading from Health Studies195
Ch. 8Chronological Order and Narration, with readings from Health Studies223
Ch. 9Cause and Effect, with readings from Environmental Studies251
Ch. 10Comparison and Contrast, with readings from Business and Economics289
Ch. 11Issue and Debate, with readings from Criminal Justice319
Ch. 12Research Studies and Statistical Data, with readings on nature versus nurture353
Appendix A: Glossary of Reading Vocabulary463
Appendix B: Sample Lecture/Reading Source Materials for Chapter 5 Exercises473
Appendix C: Periodical Indexes483

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