Readings in African Politics

Readings in African Politics

by Tom Young

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ISBN-10: 0852552572

ISBN-13: 9780852552575

Pub. Date: 06/23/2011

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer, Limited

Readers at all levels will find even-handed coverage of politics in sub-Saharan Africa's more than thirty states from the early years of independence to today.


Readers at all levels will find even-handed coverage of politics in sub-Saharan Africa's more than thirty states from the early years of independence to today.

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Notes on Contributors
Introduction Tom Young
Part 1. Appraising the Modern State
1. A. Zolberg, The Party-State in Perspective from Creating Political Order: The Party States of West Africa
2. Robert H. Bates, Rental Havens and Protective Shelters and The Origins of Political Marginalism from Markets and States in Tropical Africa
3. Goran Hyden, Conditions of Governance, from No Shortcuts to Progress: African Development Management in Perspective
4. Robert H. Jackson and C. G. Rosberg, Personal Rule: Theory and Practice in Africa, extract from Comparative Politics
5. Robert Fatton, Jr., Bringing the Ruling Class Back In: Class, State, and Hegemony in Africa, from Comparative Politics
6. Jean-Francois Bayart, The State, translated from "L'Etat" in Coulon and Martin, eds., Les Afriques Politiques
7. Mahmood Mamdani, Conclusion: Linking the Urban and the Rural, from Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa and the Legacy of Colonialism
8. Patrick Chabal and Jean-Pascal Daloz, The Instrumentalization of Disorder, from Africa Works: Disorder as Political Instrument
Part 2. Dimensions of Conflict
9. Roy May, Internal Dimensions of Warfare in Chad, from Cambridge Anthropology
10. M. Hall and Tom Young, Mozambique at War with Itself, from Confronting Leviathan: Mozambique Since Independence
11. Toyin Falola, Confronting the State: Yakubu Yahaya and the Katsina Riot, 1991, from Violence in Nigeria: The Crisis of Religious Politics and Secular Ideologies
12. Jon Abbink, Ritual and Political Forms of Violent Practice among the Suri of Southern Ethiopia, from Cahiers d'Etudes africaines
13. Remy Bazenguissa-Ganga, The Spread of Political Violence in Congo-Brazzaville, from African Affairs
Part 3. The Local and the Traditional
14. Mitzi Goheen, Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs and Local Control: Negotiations over Land, Struggles over Meaning, from Africa
15. John Hamer, Commensality, Process, and the Moral Order: An Example from Southern Ethiopia, from Africa
16. Richard Fanthorpe, Locating the Politics of a Sierra Leonean Chiefdom, from Africa
17. Sten Hagberg, Mobilisation of Rights through Organisational Structures, from Between Peace and Justice: Dispute Settlement between Karaboro Agriculturalists and Fulbe Agro-Pastoralists in Burkina Faso
Part 4. The Politics of New Social Forces
18. Mamadou Diouf, Urban Youth and Senegalese Politics: Dakar 1988-1994, from Public Culture
19. Ronald Kassimir, The Social Power of Religious Organization and Civil Society: The Catholic Church in Uganda, from N. Kasfir, ed. Civil Society and Democracy in Africa
20. Aili Mari Tripp, Everyday Forms of Resistance and Transformations of Economic Policy, from Changing the Rules: The Politics of Liberalisation and the Urban Informal Economy in Tanzania
21. Bessie House-Midamba, Gender, Democratization and Associational Life in Kenya, from Africa Today
Part 5. Political Change
22. Jocelyn Alexander, The Local State in Post-War Mozambique: Political Practice and Ideas about Authority, from Africa
23. Sally Falk Moore, Post-Socialist Micro-Politics: Kilimanjaro, 1993, from Africa
24. Wim Van Binsbergen, Aspects of Democracy and Democratisation in Zambia and Botswana: Exploring African Political Culture at the Grassroots, from Journal of Contemporary African Studies
25. Mikael Karlstrom, Imagining Democracy: Political Culture and Democratization in Buganda, from Africa
26. Adam Ashforth, Witchcraft, Violence, and Democracy in the New South Africa, from Cahiers d'Etudes africaines
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