Ready, Aim. Specialize!: Create Your Own Writing Specialty and Make More Money

Ready, Aim. Specialize!: Create Your Own Writing Specialty and Make More Money

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by Kelly James-Enger, Elfriede Martha Abbe
Do you want to make more money and set yourself apart from other freelance writers? Specialize! Using the techniques described in this book (and with no prior journalism experience), the author went from earning just $17,000 in her first year of freelancing to reaping over $90,000 annually -- just five years later. How did she do it? By developing a writing specialty,


Do you want to make more money and set yourself apart from other freelance writers? Specialize! Using the techniques described in this book (and with no prior journalism experience), the author went from earning just $17,000 in her first year of freelancing to reaping over $90,000 annually -- just five years later. How did she do it? By developing a writing specialty, Kelly James-Enger soon found that assignments came easier, her productivity increased, and her income soared. Every freelance writer will benefit from applying James-Enger's methods to his or her own career. Ready, Aim, Specialize! will teach you how and why to focus, rather than trying to write about anything and everything.

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Ready, Aim, Specialize!: Create Your Own Writing Specialty and Make More Money! 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kelly James-Enger thoroughly explains how to earn a living as a freelance writer. She begins by explaining the value of specialization, and then shows writers how to use their education and life experience to choose their own specialities. She follows these opening chapters with an insightful chapter that helps demystify the murky realm of queries. The subsequent case study is a practical and highly useful outline for freelancers who require a clear understanding of the steps involved in getting an article published. Finally, the chapters on ten hot markets serve as a useful guide to specialization, pointing out the rewards and challenges associated with each specialty. James-Enger has not only written a lucid and well organized text, but has anticipated a host of questions commonly posed by freelance writers. Whether your quest is improved productivity or a new career as a freelance writer, this book is for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read and re-read this book - most recently with a highlighter and sticky tags. Now I have it front and center on my bookshelf for easy reference. I'm not a newbie writer (10 years as a freelancer), but I was all over the place, and needed to focus. Kelly's concepts have been a big help in that direction. The thing I like best about Kelly's book is that she walks her talk. I saw her byline five times in women's, fitness, and writing magazines during a 30-minute wait in my dentist's lobby. And these are publications that I know are high-paying. It gives me confidence in what she writes about the business of writing. She also has a helpful e-zine (sign up at her Website,, and does seem like a very nice person, to boot. If you're not getting published as often as you'd like, or making as money as you'd hoped, I'd encourage you to give Kelly's ideas a shot.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best book on how to break into the major magazines that I have ever read. The author gives examples of before and after query letters that she used to get assignments, and offers invaluable tips on how to tweak ideas and come at old concepts from new angles. She also gives a list of resources that could be another book in and of itself. Very useful book to have on hand.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're planning to embark on a freelance career, or you've already done so and are now striving to find new markets for your work, Kelly James-Enger's new book "Ready Aim Specialize" is an important resource to have on your desk. It's an easy read, well-structured and packed with practical information that will help you, today, to move ahead in your writing business. This isn't another book on craft, rather, "Ready Aim Specialize" focuses on the things all good writing relies on -- paying markets. In this book, James-Enger, an established freelance writer with hundreds of bylines to her credit, shares her techniques for creating a niche -- a specialty -- for your writing. And she's not the only one. James-Enger interviewed dozens of writers for this book. They weigh in with their tips and ideas for cracking markets and selling more work. Each chapter also includes lists of professional associations, expert sources, government agencies and other organizations which alone will save you hours of research. "Ready Aim Specialize" focuses on the business of writing. If you follow its advice, you will not only survive this writing life, but you will boost your bottom line. Don't believe those who say you can't make a living by writing. You can, and "Ready Aim Specialize" is one tool that will make it easier.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When you read this book, keep a pen handy. You'll be surprised by the generous nature of this author and the wealth of ideas she shares. Ready, Aim, Specialize! is full of positive and fresh suggestions for magazine writers. It is already teaching me different ways to approach editors and succeed in selling more articles. It will remain a practical desk resource for me because of all the detailed reference information.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Whether you're a wannabe or an established pro, you'll find James-Enger's book is packed with value. In today's economy, more and more magazines are marketing to a narrowly focused audience. For writers that means you need to position yourself as an expert in one more more fields. This book shows you exactly how to do that. The book begins by helping you recognize the specialties you already have. It then moves into the nuts and bolts of how to sell an article, find experts to interview, write and get paid! A step-by-step case study is included to illustrate each step of the process. I particularly enjoyed the section which profiled the ten hottest specialties. Each specialty chapter gave detailed information on breaking in, research, contacts and tips. As a fulltime freelancer wanting to expand into the health market, I found this section invaluable. I also believe the specialty chapters will help new writers understand what's involved in being successful in any given field--and perhaps even help them choose a field of focus. If you want to be a successful freelancer, imitate what successful freelancers are doing. And James-Enger is one of the best.
Guest More than 1 year ago
James-Enger provides excellent advice for the freelance writer and the freelance writer-to-be. By specializing in several areas, the writer can soon become a sought after expert in her specialty. Ten of the hottest specialties are discussed. The author shows you how to find experts to interview, target the article for specific markets, find buyers for the finished work, and find sources to research the article. The all-important query letter to the editor is not neglected, as both advice and examples are included.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you¿re a freelancer, do you specialize? You should. This book tells you how. Author Kelly James-Enger shares the details, resources, and secrets about the top ten freelancing specialties today: health, business and finance, parenting, travel, essays, diet, nutrition and food, technology, fitness and sports, profiles and features, and home and garden. If you¿re not sure which area is for you, just read the first chapter and a simple exercise tells you where to focus. In "Tales from the Front," James-Enger interviewed over 50 successful freelancers from every discipline for their tips and success stories. For example, in chapter eight, writer W. Eric Martin explains how to accurately cover the constantly changing field of technology. Each market chapter also includes the nuts and bolts on how to crack a market and a large list of resources specific to the specialty. If you¿ve ever wondered where business writers find their experts, check out chapter seven. Should travel writers take complimentary trips from travel agencies? Read what the specialists think in chapter ten. The book explains why you should specialize, tricks of the freelancing trade, and a case study of James-Enger¿s experience with Shape magazine. I recommend this book for every freelancer trying to make a living writing. Why? First, because the author is a freelancer with a six-figure income, she knows what it takes to thrive. In addition, this book leads you step-by-step from everyday generalist to successful specialist. 
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Ready, Aim, Specialize" is a motivating and inspiring "How-To" book for non-fiction writers. Whether you're just starting out in the non-fiction market, or you're an experienced writer looking to expand into a different market -- even to the Internet -- James-Enger's tips can help you get started, and SUCCEED! I know because I read the book, used the ideas she suggested, and have already made several positive contacts with editors and publishers! I would HIGHLY recommend this book to ALL writers, novice AND seasoned alike!