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Ready for Love

Ready for Love

4.0 2
by Tia Kelly
With the death of his wife he lost the love of a lifetime. But what if you get more than just one?

When his wife died, Jeremy Wilkerson resigned himself to living a passion-free life. He throws himself into his career and raising his daughter Noelle. Convinced that casual affairs and one-nighters are all he needs, because it isn't as though anyone can replace


With the death of his wife he lost the love of a lifetime. But what if you get more than just one?

When his wife died, Jeremy Wilkerson resigned himself to living a passion-free life. He throws himself into his career and raising his daughter Noelle. Convinced that casual affairs and one-nighters are all he needs, because it isn't as though anyone can replace what was lost. Or so he thinks.

Alejandra Moore is driven. She doesn't see family or even a long-term relationship in her near future, and fortunately, her colleague Jeremy Wilkerson feels precisely the same way. Their no-strings-attached arrangement suits both of them just fine. Jeremy is passionate only about his career and being a good father.

But just as Jeremy and Allie reach an understanding that what happens between them in private remains that way, two unexpected occurrences threaten to tear down the walls between bedroom and boardroom. And when the dust settles, Jeremy and Allie will have their ideas tested about the meaning of commitment, family and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

Ready for Love is the fourth novel from the Wilkersons in Love series. Tia Kelly invites you to come meet the Wilkersons and get ready to fall in love.

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Tia With A Pen
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Wilkersons in Love , #4
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Barnes & Noble
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Ready for Love 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
romancenovelsincolor1 More than 1 year ago
An interesting story   Ready for Love is book four in the Wilkersons in Love series. In this installment, we meet Jeremy Wilkerson, still mourning his wife and raising his daughter. He has convinced himself that one-night stands and no string affairs are all he needs because he is not looking to replace his wife. In steps Alejandra Moore, a colleague, who is not interested in long-term relationships. She enters into an arrangement with Jeremy that spirals into something both never expected to happen. These two must come to terms with their feelings and realize they can find love that heals and last a lifetime. The storyline was interesting in that the readers see how Alejandra and Jeremy’s relationship started as colleagues that eventually lead to an affair that ended once he left the company. A couple of years later, Alejandra’s company is in trouble and her brother asks Jeremy to come back to assist with getting the company back on track. Jeremy realizes there was more to his and Alejandra’s brief affair and the two share a night but an occurrence leads these two on a journey where Alejandra must try to breach the wall around Jeremy’s heart and get him to open up about his wife and learn to love again. This was my first read by Ms. Kelly and it was an interesting story. There were times when some parts of the storyline was not flowing; however, my interest was still piqued to find out the outcome of the story. Ms. Kelly did a good job developing Jeremy’s character and allowing the reader to see Jeremy’s struggle to not love again but his feelings for Alejandra were there. He was rusty in trying to show his affection. With the aid of his siblings, Jeremy realizes he must open his heart and allow Alejandra in, but is he too late? Readers will need to read Ready for Love to find out. -Reviewed by Deborah
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ready for Love (RFL) is the fourth installment in Ms. Kelly's Wilkerson series and tells the story of Jeremy the eldest Wilkerson brother and Alejandra. In past installments of this series; Playing for Love, The Engagement Season and Taste for Love (my personal favorite) Jeremy was the more serious of the brothers who also had a personal tragedy that seemed to form that part of his personality. I was excited about RFL because I was looking forward to seeing how the author would navigate these traits in a relationship. The book begins with a prologue providing a glimpse into the previous relationship between coworkers Jeremy and Alejandra (Allie). You quickly sense there is a strong, easy friendship between them but also feel the unmistakable attraction as well. As the story moves into the present we learn that attraction eventually turned into a sexual relationship. When the story picks up two years later we learn that Allie is CEO of the company that they worked for and that Jeremy has left; in part because of that. Allie however needs Jeremy's help to resolve a situation and he is asked to return. As soon as they see each other the tension is palpable; neither of them appears to have lost or forgotten their attraction for the other. It is very easy to feel the emotions going on in both of them and for me this provided a lot about their personalities. Allie working in a male dominated world is very posed and professional; choosing to restrain her femininity. Jeremy while caring has a restraint that is very obviously emotionally driven. I always struggle with reviews because I don't like to give away a lot of a plot but I do want to let the person reading it to feel this is a story worth reading. Jeremy and Allie have great chemistry and the sexual tension between them does not come off as forced; as the reader you feel how much they want each other; even beyond just the physical. When they do reconnect on a sexual level there are consequences that come from it; affecting their future together. We come to see that Allie is in love with Jeremy but the walls he has eradicated due to a past tragedy works against them. Jeremy obviously also cares for Allie and there are continual signs of this throughout the story but his inability to move forward from the past almost makes him appear cruel towards her at times. Jeremy is also an alpha male and the times we see him exert that is sexy as hell and it plays well between the two. I would have loved if the author had went a little further with that and showed him being even more dominate in the bedroom. To add to that I feel like his need to show his control made you understand more of his personality. Allie allowing him that control exposed her depth of love for him. Ms. Kelly does a great job of demonstrating the conflicted feelings between Jeremy and Allie. As always the characters feel real and have the amount of depth that makes them both authentic and logical to the reader. Allie is strong, independent and smart yet yearns for something all women want. Jeremy is loving, confident and loyal but emotionally conflicted. They have a flawed relationship but also a foundation that makes it worthy of taking a chance on each other. You want to see the couple get it right and have a happily ever after because they are deserving of that. I highly recommend this read!