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Ready or Not (All-American Girl Series)

Ready or Not (All-American Girl Series)

3.8 363
by Meg Cabot

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Top ten things Samantha Madison isn't ready for:

10. Spending Thanksgiving at Camp David

9. With her boyfriend, the president's son

8. Who appears to want to take their relationship to the Next Level

7. Which Sam inadvertently and shockingly announces live on MTV

6. While appearing to support the president's dubious policies on families, morals,


Top ten things Samantha Madison isn't ready for:

10. Spending Thanksgiving at Camp David

9. With her boyfriend, the president's son

8. Who appears to want to take their relationship to the Next Level

7. Which Sam inadvertently and shockingly announces live on MTV

6. While appearing to support the president's dubious policies on families, morals, and yes, sex

5. Juggling her new after-school job at Potomac Video

4. Even though she already has a job as teen ambassador to the UN (that she doesn't get paid for)

3. Riding the Metro and getting accosted because she's "the redheaded girl who saved the president's life," in spite of her new, semipermanent Midnight Ebony tresses

2. Experiencing total role reversal with her popular sister Lucy, who for once can't get the guy she wants

and the number-one thing Sam isn't ready for?

1. Finding out the hard way that in art class, "life drawing" means "naked people."

Editorial Reviews

KLIATT - Paula Rohrlick
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, July 2005: Readers first met Samantha in All-American Girl, in which she foiled an assassination attempt on the president's life and ended up dating his son, David. In Ready or Not, Sam and David have started an art class together that features nude models, to Sam's shocked surprise. David has invited her to Camp David for Thanksgiving, which Sam interprets as meaning that he wants to take their relationship to a new level and have sex. Then Sam learns that the president's innocuous-sounding Return to Family initiative includes a proposed bill that requires parental consent for teen contraception, and she objects to it on national TV—making it sound like she and David are already having sex. In the end, David isn't the one pushing to have sex; Sam takes the initiative, and wins praise for speaking out, too. Cabot, the author of the popular Princess Diaries series and other novels for YAs, has a knack for creating convincing, down-to-earth teen characters and incorporating many pop culture references. Lots of heart and humor here, and despite all the talk of sex, no real details, though this may still prove to be a controversial title in some regions.

Product Details

HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date:
All-American Girl Series
Product dimensions:
5.80(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Meg Cabot was born in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to her adult contemporary fiction, she is the author of the bestselling young adult fiction The Princess Diaries and The Mediator series. Over 25 million copies of her novels for children and adults have sold worldwide. Meg lives in Key West, Florida, with her husband.

Brief Biography

New York, New York
Place of Birth:
Bloomington, Indiana
B.A. in fine arts, Indiana University, 1991

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Ready or Not (All-American Girl Series) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 363 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Is this book controversial? You bet! Is it funny! No doubt about it. Is it appropriate reading material for all ages? Depends on what you deem appropriate.

I've read with interest the other reviews for READY OR NOT, Meg Cabot's sequel to All-American Girl. I even agree with a lot of them. But before I start my review, let me remind you of one salient point--this book is a work of FICTION. It was written by a HUMAN who has her OWN views of life. Just as everyone on Amazon isn't going to agree on whether or not abortion is right, or the war in Iraq is necessary, or whether religion should be allowed in public schools, no two people are going to agree on whether or not *SPOILER* Sam should have had sex with her boyfriend at the age of almost seventeen.

That said, I loved the book. I'm a thirty-year-old happily married mother of two, and I still enjoyed Ms. Cabot's individual brand of humor, the trials of being a teenager, and the ability of one person to make a difference in the world.

The Samantha Madison of ALL-AMERICAN GIRL has grown up. She's older, she's dyed her hair because she "needed a change," and she's wondering what to do now that her boyfriend, David, who just happens to be the son of the US President, has invited her to Camp David over Thanksgiving weekend to play "parcheesi."

Sam is all ready reeling--from the realization that she either looks like a cute Ashlee Simpson (her older sister Lucy's comment on the dye job, which is not good) or a dead Joan of Arc (her younger sister Rebecca's comment on the hair, which could be good depending on how you look at it); the fact that "life studies" in art class obviously means "naked people" (really not good that the first naked man you see is a complete stranger); and the knowledge that the President seems to think providing the teens of America birth-control should not be done without their parents approval.

I truly enjoyed READY OR NOT. The message is a powerful one--the sexuality of a person should be based on their maturity, not their age, and that birth-control is a personal decision of the person engaging in sexual activities. That said, however, never once does the book become preachy about teen sexuality. I can understand where some parents might not like having their teenage daughters reading about a sixteen-year-old who decides to have sex with her boyfriend, but I personally would rather have my daughter read a book about a girl who knows what a big decision it is, comes to peace with it in her mind, and seeks out ways to avoid the dangers that are associated with sex no matter what your age--pregnancy and disease--then have her feel ashamed to research her decision.

I think the subject matter was wonderfully handled, and by no means is the entire book about Sam trying to decide whether or not to have sex with David. A lot of reviewers will attempt to make it be so, just because the subject matter is a touchy one. But it's also about Sam wanting to be her own person, not just "the girl who saved the President." It's about learning to love yourself as you are, and understanding the intricacies of your family, and taking important steps in your life to make the world a better place....

Read the full review at www.teensreadtoo.com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book. I personally am 10 years old. I would really recommend this book to somebody ages 13-17. This book has a lot of adultish scenes. This book can be pretty inappropriate for kids my age but I already know about that stuff so it was fine for me. Here is what it is about: Samantha Madison is in a deep relashionship with the presidents son, David. He really loves her and she really loves him. He asks her if she wants to go to camp David. She freaks out because she thinks he wants to have sex with her there. Her sister tries to make her feel better by talking about it and by buying birth control. I was not very mature throughout this story. Ok, I was, but it was because I know how teenagers get scared about that. I did not laugh because this story is very realistic. I know it would be akward. Sam was nervous because it would be her first time having sexual intercourse and she got paranoid. Hey, I would too! I love this story and I think you will too. BUY IT!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ready or Not is a great book for teenaged girls to read. Sure, it's a little controversial in the content, but teens already know what this is. I am ashamed that there are adults out there calling this 'soft porn.' For one, there isn't even a sex scene. We just get from the characters that it did happen. Another thing, I am appalled people would say that by reading this it is poisoning the minds of young girls. The only thing poisoning their minds is abstinence-only 'sex ed.' With this book, at least they learn about different forms of birth control. If teens who have had abstinence only classes, and decide to have sex, how will they know how to protect themselves? True, not all teens will submit to sex at an early age--certainly not myself--I'm 17--although my views would make you think otherwise--but some WILL. It's ashame we have to employ popular young adult authors to teach teenagers what you parents should have taught them in the first place. Shame on all of you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I personally adored this book. Other people however are saying it is outrageous that a 16 year old girl is having sex. I know a 7th grader who has lost her virginity. It is perfectly normal for Sam to be explorin her sexuality, especially becase she is a social outcast. Anyways it's not like she shagged every man slut in town. The book was a good way to learn about sexuality and in case you didnt notice Sam used two forms of protection. You cant expect everyone to stay naive forever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nothing but sex. That word is on every page. For younger readers Meg definetly messed up this time. I am just a little to young to be reading about that when there was absolutly nothing wrong with All-American Girl. Save your money if you are younger than at least 15. Trust me, I know what is wrong and what is right to talk about. Some things Meg could have left out like David's hand in Sam's bra or putting "it" under running water to pratice having sex. I would not recemend this to many people and that is just my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Um this is why u read the revwew under the book it tells u everything if your uncomforable then don't even read the sample people!!! Anyway this book rcked so stop hattin':)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don¿t think you¿ve ever saved the president from assassination! Samantha did in Meg Cabot¿s All-American Girl: Ready or Not. Readers will never want to put this book down with surprises around every page. Thanksgiving always comes really fast, but for Samantha she hates the day before it comes. Her boyfriend, David, asked her to come with her to Camp David that weekend. She thinks that David wants to bring there relationship to the next level, but she doesn¿t think she wants to. This book is great for young-adults that love romantic novels with a twist. The events in this book are well organized in the way that events follow each other. It is only confusing if you don¿t read the first book to the sequel, even then it¿s not hat confusing because there is a recaps to the first book. Ready or Not is an amazing book for young- adult readers because the vocabulary is not difficult. They do give some hard words but they give the definitions. The readers will relate to the hardness in there teenage years. Anyone who likes the adventure of a young girl¿s life, with problems in the way, will love this book for ever.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Meg Cabot does it again in this sequel to All American Girl, creating a novel just as funny as the first. We're back in the world of Samantha Madison, and this time the spunky teen has a lot on her plate. Sam is juggling a job at a video store, being teen ambassador to the UN, and negative attenion at her school for being 'punk'.It doesn't help when she finds out what life drawing is... after she's already in the class or that David wants to have sex with her over Thanksgiving break. This novel will keep you laughing from begining to end because of Samantha's antics and all to confusing life. Although this book isn't explicit, sex is the main topic, and I wouldn't reccomend it for girls not comfortable with this subject. This book is a fast-paced, funny read with a surprise ending.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It was very fast-paced, which I try to look for in a book, was well geared toward teenage girls, and had me laughing a lot of the time. I couldn't put it down! It seemed almost seemed as if Meg had been through all this herself. She is a great author and it shows through Ready or Not. I can't wait to get started on another one of her books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i loved this book i finished it so fast. I even let my friends hold it and she finished in 1 day almost it was kewl. I love how the aurhor continues to keep me interested. I didn't even read the first book but as soon as i read this on i understood it. The book was awesome i totally recommend it
Guest More than 1 year ago
A lot of people are saying that this book is 'so horrible' and 'not meant for girls under such and such age'. This book is original, funny, and, yeah, they talk about sex and naked people. If you don't want to read it, or have your kids read it, then don't. We can all read the back or the inside flap for ourselves. Tell us why you didn't like it, but you help no one by ranting! (Haha, I'm such a hypocrite). If you liked American Girl, I do recommend this one. I didn't think it was *quite* as good, but still enjoyed it to the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was good but if you don't like talkin about IT then you might wanna get another book :p i really enjoyed this book and it was Very interesting except for the IT parts. :p Other wise its a good book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was pretty good, except for the fact that IT was involved A Lot. Otherwise, great book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one the best books ever!!!!! Meg Cabot is a great writer!!!!!Although if ur not comfortable with the IT subject than don't read it.......
Guest More than 1 year ago
LOved this book it is exactly the kind of book that keeps you hooked till the end and leaves you wondering whats next
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the greatest book ever. A little to much adult but i still liked it
Guest More than 1 year ago
OMG I love Meg Cabot's book's she is such a talented author i havn't read this one yet but wondering if it good any comments -confused
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot, but this book is garbage! What was she thinking??? What are reviewers thinking when they recommend this soft porn to 9-12th graders???? I did see that many reviews talked about this being FICTION. It is fiction, but she still has proceeded to plant seeds of ways to masturbate, how to act on stupid lustful feelings and permission to do so, creating more intense curiosity about men's genitals, and that parents shouldn't know about your lives, in our daughter's minds. This book is poison and has NO business in our young daughter's hands. I am very disappointed in Meg Cabot and I'm especially disappointed in some of the lasidasical attitudes in the reviews. No wonder we have such high instances of teenage pregnancies!!! Don't read this book until you are old enough to handle the contents and the consequences of what will be put into your mind.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a total let-down. I loved the prequel, All American Girl, and hoped this one would be as great. However, this book was simply about whether she should sleep with David or not. This book revolved completely around that, and I found it boring. Just read the first one, the second one is unnecessary.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While I was mildly entertained by Cabot's first installment in the All-American Girl series, Ready or Not was truly one of the most unsatisfactory books I have ever read. Meg Cabot has a fresh, interesting, and comical style of writing that appeals to teens, but Ready or Not had virtually no plot, point, or any value at all--in fact, what was the theme of this book? Sex, and nothing else. Cabot did not even attempt to incorporate any 'morals' in here, such as 'Sam decided to wait until she was ready' or 'David didn't pressure her' or 'It was Sam's decision to have sex'--the entire book was rushed. It was a bit heartening to see the previously completley superficial elder sister Lucy let go of her haughtiness and fall for a geek, and also stand up for her younger sister, but it was highly unbelievable and hey--it drew away from the sexsexsexsex story line! Let me state right here and now that I am neither a concerned mother or disgusted librarian but a highly affronted teenage girl who likes a good romance as much as the next, but is sick of all the focus on sex in America, as well as a completley pointless plot. I would recommend you look elsewhere for entertainment, particularly at several of Cabot's other novels, which I found to have a great deal more substance and ingenuity.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I borrowed the CD Audio version of this book and well I was pretty disappointed with the quality of Cabot's writing style. I was never really impressed with her other works either. Sam Madison does not come off as a strong girl as Cabot tries in vain to make her out to be so. I realize that the story really isn't about the romance between her and David at all. Its just Sam's story because she gets all the 'screen time' in the story. Like other readers have commented, Sam Madison could only think about one thing, SEX. I really don't know how any of us can relate or like Sam because she always, always jumps to conclusions without really talking to her boyfriend about it. Every part of the book mentioned sex and 'doing it'. She really does not understand David at all. Sure Cabot has plastered all the modern teen interests in it such as music, ipods, movies, and what not. And the whole cafeteria scene with Lucy standing up for Sam after the MTV town meeting incident was SO CHEESY! What is this Braveheart? Meg Cabot does not deserve the title of a 'best-selling teen writer' I'm not trying to insult her in anyway but I'm constructively critising her. I mean does she actually buy what she writes? I've read Cabot's other books before and this by far is the most trashy book I've read/ or heard since I listened to the audio version. I wouldn't say Cabot is a exceptional writer at all. She still needs a lot of practice for her books to be a page-turner. What irks me most about her books is she loves to repeat things over and over like the readers have altimers disease and need to reminded in every sequel. If you ever read a prequel of a series book and then start reading the sequel,there is about 3-4 chapters dedicated to recapping what had happened in the other books, i.e. The Mediator series. I truly think Meg Cabot is an over-rated author of teen literature. I think if I had the money to publish my own writing, I know I can sell more books than she can. I'm just not impressed with her writing style at all. All her heroine characters are all the same to me. She also needs to observe people more to really write realistic characters. I mean teenagers are teenagers and they do have raging hormones but hey sex is not something they'll talk about for weeks and think about it every second. She makes it out like teenagers are sex-craved-monsters. Completely misinterprets teenagers. I'm sure teens think about it, just not to that extreme. Her books does have some good ideas it just falls short of great and excellent suspense, thriller, or romance, or realisticness. Her characters' dialogue bores me to tears! Literally.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Sex can wait till marrage, thats what i think!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago