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Ready, Set, 100th Day!

Ready, Set, 100th Day!

by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Using math sets, Minna designs a unique 1th Day school project


Using math sets, Minna designs a unique 1th Day school project

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
Minna wants to do something unusual for her 100th Day project. She begins with making 20 sets of 5 sticks each. Then she arranges 10 sets of 10 different shapes. Next, she takes out her pom-poms and lines up 5 rows with 20 in each one. Her mom lets her use a box of paper clips to make 4 groups with 25 in each one. Dad brings out pasta shaped in wheels and bows and they count out 2 groups of 50. Minna is still undecided. She wants her project to be creative and unusual. Her classmates are impressed when she holds up her picture. It looks like a house with a tree next to it. The picture is made of 10 sets of 10 different objects. The colorful illustrations present a loving rabbit family working together. Mom, Dad, and the little brother all help Minna with her project. Teachers who celebrate the 100th day of school will enjoy sharing this book with their students. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.
School Library Journal
K-Gr 1—Young Minna enlists her family's help in coming up with a unique way to display the number 100 to her class. She makes 20 piles of 5 sticks, 10 rows of 10 stickers, 5 rows of 20 pom poms, and other combinations using pasta, paper clips, and punched shapes. But nothing is original enough for Minna. Her final masterpiece is a collage with a little bit of everything. This is definitely a book that will appeal to children. All of the characters are anthropomorphic brown rabbits done in large, colorful collages. The concepts are shown in a straightforward way that will be useful for introducing and reinforcing the number sets. The text is simple, with a sweet interaction between Minna and her preschooler brother. The final page includes a picture of the finished project, asking readers to find 10 of each item. This is an excellent choice for school libraries in particular. Teachers can use the book to pre-teach the concept and motivate children to find an original way to depict 100.—Mary Hazelton, Elementary Schools in Warren & Waldoboro, ME

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