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Real Angels: Guiding Spirits, Benevolent Beings, and Heavenly Hosts

Real Angels: Guiding Spirits, Benevolent Beings, and Heavenly Hosts

by Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger

Theologians and historians have observed that accounts of angels and spiritual beings are always very popular in apocalyptic writings and in periods of war, catastrophe, and political unrest, bringing news of the pending “end times.” Scholars believe that a widespread sense of community crisis and periods of personal devastation seems to open the door


Theologians and historians have observed that accounts of angels and spiritual beings are always very popular in apocalyptic writings and in periods of war, catastrophe, and political unrest, bringing news of the pending “end times.” Scholars believe that a widespread sense of community crisis and periods of personal devastation seems to open the door for heavenly visitors. A spiritual “gap” develops, and angels rush to fill the void.

The Leger Marketing Survey of Canadians of October 21, 2001, indicated that nearly 60 percent of the population of Canada believes in angels.

On December 20, 2001, Scripps Howard News Service released its findings that one out of every five Americans believes that he or she has seen an angel or knows someone who has.

A 2002 Gallup Poll stated that 72 percent of Americans believe in angels, compared to 96 percent who believed in God and 90 percent in heaven.

Our fascination with heavenly beings has been going on for centuries. As early as the third millennium, the written records of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia recognized a hierarchy of supernatural beings that ruled over various parts of the earth, the universe, and the lives of human beings. All the great world religions have some kind of tradition of a guardian angel or a spiritual guide assigned to each individual human soul.

Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger have been collecting and investigating reports of close encounters of the angelic kind for 40 years, primarily from respondents to the Steiger Questionnaire of Mystical, Paranormal, and UFO Experiences. Thousands of contemporary men and women from every walk of life have reported their interactions with guardian angels and spiritual guides. Of the more than 30,000 respondents to the survey, 42 percent claim to have witnessed angelic activity; 52 percent believe that they have a guardian angel or spirit guide; and 38 percent say that they have had an encounter with a benevolent being of light. These participants generally describe the beings as appearing youthful, commanding, beautiful of countenance, and often majestic and awesome, frequently with manifestations of light.

Drawing primarily from this survey, 'Real Angels: Guiding Spirits, Benevolent Beings, and Heavenly Hosts' relates these stories in 22 provocative and groundbreaking chapters that examine angelic encounters by type, including invisible defenders; meeting spirit guardians during near death experiences; grandmothers who act as guardian angels; benevolent healing visitors; shamanic and totem guides; and benevolent beings who intervene during crisis situations. Across all religious and international boundaries, 'Real Angels' recounts inspirational stories of guidance, rescue, illumination, healing, and teaching from spiritual beings who were quite separate from the men and women who received their wisdom and divine intervention.

As 'Real Angels' demonstrates, the belief that angels are among us, indeed watching over us and at times, intervening on our behalf, defies the science and cynicism of our age. For those who have experienced an encounter, the event is very real, and the results tangible to mind, body, and spirit. As Neil Young recently remarked after having an angel-like encounter while recovering from brain surgery in the hospital, “I don’t know what it is, but I believe in it.”

'Real Angels' explores that sense that other dimensions exist and that the heavenly and the earthly sometimes overlap. Filled with gripping, life-saving, life-changing stories of encounters with angelic beings, 'Real Angels' will inspire the soul and imagination while providing a glimpse behind the heavenly veil.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Real Angels is an outstanding collection of true stories and personal revelations that humans have had with angels. In seeking the truth of the matter, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger successfully define, document, and detail angel rescues, transformations, healing, and knowledge from these beings given to humans. This is a book you will enjoy for its accuracy, drama, and honest, straight-forward approach.

There is a discussion and sharing of material covering such beings as ethereal entities, heavenly messengers, guardian angels, spirit guides, Devas, elves, spirit teachers, the Watchers, Space Brothers and Sisters, and the Sons of God. The reader will find this information valuable, and highly helpful.

There are twenty-two chapters in this well-written book. Among the many topics covered include angels in the world religions, guardian angels, beings known as invisible defenders, sacred places where miracles happen, light beings from etheric vehicles, and the Watchers and the Nephilim.

Art work for the book covers and interior is by gifted artist Bill Oliver.

I would highly recommend this book for its overall, well-written approach to the topic of angels. You will find it well worth you reading time, and it will be a book you wish to share with loved ones. Congratulations to both authors for a fine book filled with many insights about angels.

Certainly no strangers to the paranormal this popular and prolific writing duo have produced another fascinating and enlightening work on the supernatural. Real Angels, destined to become yet another Steiger classic, reviews both modern and ancient stories, vital details and statistical information relating to our age old beliefs and ongoing human interactions with angels. As far back as 1968, Brad began to circulate a questionnaire for people to complete if they have had mystical, paranormal and UFO experiences. Today, with a massive database of more than 30,000 respondents, men and women from all walks of life, some 77 percent of those the Steiger’s surveyed claimed to have encountered a benevolent being of light themselves. Brad and Sherry present in this thought-provoking volume a number of those accounts, no doubt shared here in print for the very first time.

I should also mention that this book also contains wonderful stories that were shared with Brad and Sherry by Priscilla Wolf, our Apache friend out in New Mexico who is full of many wonderful and exciting stories. I have written several columns of my Reality Checking about her, and I will always be in Brad’s debt for introducing us.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Real Angels to all of my reading audience. It’s a wonderful and well-written book just full of exciting information. Also one Bill Oliver, a long time fan of the Steiger’s, has his awesome works of angelic art showcased therein too.

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Meet the Author

For more than five decades, the award-winning writer BRAD STEIGER has been devoted to exploring and examining unusual, hidden, secret, and otherwise miraculous occurrences. He has written more than two thousand articles with spiritual or paranormal themes and is the author or coauthor of more than 150 titles, including Revelation: The Divine Fire, Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places, Atlantis Rising, Conspiracies and Secret Societies, The Werewolf Book, and Mysteries of Time and Space.

An expert on health and healing, spirituality, and the paranormal, SHERRY STEIGER has numerous magazine articles to her credit and has authored or coauthored more than forty books, including The Power of Prayer to Heal and Transform Your Life, Indian Wisdom and Its Guiding Power, and the best-selling “Miracles” series. An ordained minister with a background in nursing and theology, Sherry began researching alternative health issues and mysteries of the unknown in the 1960s.

The Steigers, who appear regularly on the nationwide Jeff Rense radio show and other radio and television, live in Forest City, Iowa, and can be found on the Internet at www.bradandsherry.com.

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