Real Food, Real Frugal

Real Food, Real Frugal

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by Susan Godfrey
How to cook and eat real foods on a budget.

Over the years, my family and I have tried to live a natural and real food lifestyle with varying degrees of success. We are a one income family and simply don't make a lot of money. But this is the life that we've felt the Lord lead to live. While things are tight, the Lord has always provided for us and I've


How to cook and eat real foods on a budget.

Over the years, my family and I have tried to live a natural and real food lifestyle with varying degrees of success. We are a one income family and simply don't make a lot of money. But this is the life that we've felt the Lord lead to live. While things are tight, the Lord has always provided for us and I've learned a lot of cost cutting measures along the way.

I'm even more committed to eating an living as cleanly as possible. I have learned how to live this lifestyle in a frugal manner and to be a good steward over the income that the Lord has provided me with.

The first part of Real Food, Real Frugal is about what defines real food. What it is, where to get it, and why you should be eating it.

The second part of Real Food, Real Frugal is full of cost cutting measures that will help you make the real food lifestyle more affordable and budget friendly.

The third part of Real Food, Real Frugal is my favorite--it's full of inexpensive recipes that use real food ingredients, but won't break the bank. It contains over 125 family favorite recipes your whole family will love.

I wrote this book because I really want to help others who have a hard time financially affording this lifestyle to learn from me how it can be don in a frugal manner.

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Meet the Author

Susan Godfrey is the author of several books (The Titus 2 Woman), as well as her personal blog () and her real food blog (). She has spent her entire life in Texas and currently resides on a small farm in rural central Texas. Susan is married to the most wonderful of husbands and they have two handsome sons.

Susan is passionate about living the simple, country life and enjoys sharing that love with others. She believes in living simply and frugally. Susan writes on many different topics, including homeschooling, homekeeping, natural health, organization, real foods, homesteading skills, gardening, cooking, frugality, simplicity, and about her faith.

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Real Food, Real Frugal 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
pilarandmike More than 1 year ago
The information in this book seems experience and research based and is plainly relayed. I must admit that I was quite overwhelmed reading the first part of the book. That is where you learn what is in common foods, not only that it is in the foods, but that it is 'hidden' by regulation and labeling. For instance, I knew MSG is something to avoid, but I didn't know it might be hidden by so many different labeling terms. Knowledge is power. The second part of the book contains useful information to begin eliminating these things in a realistic way, with understanding that you can't always avoid certain things in every instance, but armed with knowledge you can begin to make better choices as circumstances allow. The next part is the recipes! Can't wait to try some :) Yum! They look like easy recipes for everyday use... so important. All things you can feed guests without them “eye balling” you for being, the person that makes the “weird” food, lol. After that is what I would call the “at a glance” section. It has measurements, healthiest choices, and seasonal shopping reference. Over all I am glad I read it... and last but not least... I truly appreciate the references to the way “God intended”... this has been something on my mind for quite some time and it is good to have reference to help apply this to real life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone willing to lendme this book?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Real Food, Real Frugal is a short read, as recipes take up a good portion of the book. Even though it's short, it is packed full of information. Reading this book will help you change your families diet for the better. The author has tips for getting your family to accept the change, buying seasonally to save money, and ways to stretch your food budget to cover healthy foods.The recipes are great, too! I highly recommend Real Food, Real Frugal! *Disclaimer - I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. My opinions are my own.
dalynnrmc More than 1 year ago
In this new ebook by Susan Godfrey, you'll find everything you need to know to get started with a real food diet. Susan breaks it down simply and easily into sections, making it perfect for those of us who are tackling the real food concept one issue at a time. She explains some concepts that, having just started on this journey myself, had been unclear to me, and takes the reader to the conclusion that choosing a real food diet is really the best for our families. What's been important to me has always been the frugal portion of any concept, as I am answerable to my God for the stewardship of the resources He affords me. It's also become more important to me over the past couple of years that we do things the way God Himself intended. One of those areas where we – Americans as a whole – are failing miserably, is food and eating. Susan helps us understand where America has gone wrong; she shares what foods to avoid, and what our whole alternatives include. I can't wait to delve in a little deeper with our journey, and Susan's book is going to be a valuable tool for me in doing so. I'm sure I will refer to it time and time again, as we choose the next food concept to change. The recipes will be an invaluable resource as well, and Susan even includes some basic cooking concepts like substitutes and measurements at the end. A very well thought-out resource!
Birbitt More than 1 year ago
Susan is such a blessing in this book, she doesn't spend a lot of time on each of the sections telling us why a food is good or bad, she spends only as much time as needed to get the information into our hands, which as a busy mom I appreciate! Then after she tells us what we should and should not eat, she takes the time to share some recipes with us that are not only real food on a budget, but are also foods our families will enjoy! So often when I read a real food recipe book the foods are so radically different from what our kids are used to they'll never even try it! Susan's recipes are different, they are foods our kids have heard of just healthier and I love that. I'm not ready to turn into some radical health foodie, but I do want real food in my boy's tummies and that's what Susan's book is all about! She shares with us how to eat our food as God intended, while staying in a budget, and keeping the foods familiar so our children will readily try them! I have made one of the recipes already, and have another planned and so far the kids are excited about them!