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Real-life Sea Monsters

Real-life Sea Monsters

by Judith Jango-Cohen

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A new addition to the expanding and worthy On My Own Science series makes science feel as mysterious and exciting as science fiction. JangoCohen stirs the imagination by sharing spooky sea lore and then moves to scientific research to examine the reality within the myth. The gigantic Kraken rises from the depths and pulls ships under the sea; the real monster, the giant squid that can be up to 57 feet long, is just as fascinating. Tales of yore also spoke of wicked mermaids who drowned children; scientists posit that these were actually manatees, themselves endangered by humans, and so on. Durney's pearlescent, flowing illustrations make for an eerie and alluring underwater effect. "Every year, scientists find more than 100 new species of ocean life," and this is a marvelous way for transitional readers to plumb the depths. Also out this month is The Search for Antarctic Dinosaurs, by Sally M. Walker, illustrated by John Bindon (9780822567523). (glossary, "Fun Facts about Sea Monsters," bibliography, further reading, websites) (Informational early reader. 710)

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