Reality Poetry: Things to Ponder

Reality Poetry: Things to Ponder

by George Winters

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Reality poetry is poems of all walks of life from people in prison to farmers working the land, and some are history of the old west and some outlaws and Sheriffs and Indians . A few are in series form telling about outlaws or Indian wars and so forth, so those will be more than one poem written in sequence. I try to make it so the person reading it becomes the person


Reality poetry is poems of all walks of life from people in prison to farmers working the land, and some are history of the old west and some outlaws and Sheriffs and Indians . A few are in series form telling about outlaws or Indian wars and so forth, so those will be more than one poem written in sequence. I try to make it so the person reading it becomes the person in the poem. The reality of being in someone else's shoes as the old Indian saying goes. Feeling the pain and anguish of someone else and also the joy when something good is happening. Reality can be hard sometimes but is needed to fulfill our life while here on earth.

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Reality Poetry

Things to Ponder

By George Winters


Copyright © 2013 George Winters
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5835-2


Truck Driver

I'm a truck driver just shifting gears on an eighteen wheeler you know
I take this old truck with me, everywhere I seem to go
From the Smokey mountains of Tennessee, all the way to Berkeley
From sun up to sun down it never ends you see

I keep my log book up to date, don't want no cop to get irate
Shifting gears all night long running state to state
Got to make it to L.A and back to Denver by Friday noon
I've been on the road too long, need it to end soon

Taking little white pills and my eyes are open wide
Too much time on the road, these pills I need to hide
The life of a truck driver isn't what it was some years ago
When getting paid by the mile they're never running slow

Just beware of the truck but for sure the driver as well
Cause when driving by the mile he's running like all Hell
Slow me down truck driver and maybe save a life or two
Just look in your mirror and see, someone's after you

I was once a truck driver so I'm speaking from years gone by
The things I am talking about, is surely not a lie
Just remember truck driver, these words I'm saying for sure
Little white pills and running like hell is not a truckers cure

Tribute to Farmers

Farmers feed America I love their crops
Things they don't sell in candy shops
Green tomatoes just newly born
Nothing better than good old corn

Golden wheat from which we get our bread
Strawberries sweet and deliciously red
Green beans hanging ready on the vine
Some cool watermelon any old time

Well meat is part of a farmer's crop too
Good old pork and a little beef stew
Leg of lamb and chicken fried steak
Smell that meat loaf as it starts to bake

Let's not forget the orchard of trees
All kinds of fruit to eat and freeze
Apples, pears, peaches all in a row
Where else but the farmer would we go

Oh yes don't forget the chicken as well
Eggs each morning and some to sell
From 4 in the morning until late at night
Things from the farm are a pure delight

Don't take the farmer as just a country man
Remember he is feeding America from his land
God bless you farmer, you are one of a kind
You are in our heart and on our mind

Country Boy

Well let me say in an awesome way, I was born a country kid
Living out on the farm, something special in all we did
Milking cows in the early morn, just trying to stay warm
Dressed in boots and overcoat in the winter storm

Well now spring was a happy time of year for me
Plowing fields and planting grain was where I loved to be
Picking corn with a box wagon and horses you know
Then on a Saturday fishing in the swimming hole

Cutting wood with my brother, on an old cross cut saw
Standing by the fireplace just trying to thaw
We were poor of course but mom always had a needle and thread
Always made our clothes and quilts for the bed

I remember walking a mile or more to get to school
Back in the days when we obeyed the golden rule
Teacher would have someone get a limb off a tree
Then she would use it to paddle me

I can remember back then my pa and me
Listening to something called the grand ole opry
Us boys did dishes as well as feed the pigs
Never hurt our manhood whatever we did

I was country and guess you never really change
But listen folks we need to think and maybe rearrange
Something in our world isn't like it was before
So let's look back and maybe try to restore

Secret Moments

Ice upon roses dew fallen on corn
His beauty everywhere new life is born
Splendor of sunsets by the ocean shore
Days of Wine and roses still we want more

The Crickets singing in the cool night air
Fireflies sending signals here and there
Coyotes will bark when the night is dark
While the scent of a skunk will leave his mark

I walk in the glory of moonlight still
And think of the old cabin on the Hill
You still hold my hand and we kissed again
I promised to love you until the end

Think of the ice and the rain and the sun
While cool waters of life so swiftly do run
For the God of beauty sends down his love
With the scent of flowers on wings of doves

So always remember the love of life
Those special moments of husband-and-wife
Some secret moments shall always be found
For as long as Gods love is still around

Losing my Friend

I stood at the bedside of a very dear friend
Held her hand and prayed her health would mend
As I held her hand I couldn't help but cry
Because reality was she would surely die

I knew she would be in a better place
But hated the thought of that empty space
Then I realized we should always be
Prepared and ready for eternity

About an hour after I left her side
We got the call that she had died
Let me tell you a secret my friend
Some day for you the master will send

Only Almighty God with love and grace
Can help to fill that empty space
I will miss you my friend an awful lot
But in Heaven for sure you have a spot

I thank God for your life my friend
And know some day we will meet again
Enjoy your days on earth everyone
Some day you will meet the son

Night Stalker

He comes to life in the dark of night
He'll make sure the job is done right
In the morning for all the world to see
His calling card for you and me

With can in hand he is a Talker
He'll leave the mark of the Night Stalker
Beautiful to some but ugly to others
We are one, we are the brothers

The night stalker is out to kill
Oh what a cheap and ruthless thrill
Painted on the walls of the city
The Night Stalker will show no pity

Night Stalker might just go bang, bang
Because he is the leader of a gang
We pray for Night Stalker and his crew
But have no love for what they do

They violate with paint in hand
The walls and fences of our land
We hope that painting is their thrill
And pray they don't decide to kill

Prayer for You

I said a prayer for you today
And I know God must've heard
I felt the answer in my heart
Although he spoke not a word

I didn't ask for wealth or fame
I knew you wouldn't mind
I asked for priceless treasures rare
Of a more lasting kind

I prayed that he'd be near you
At the start of each new day
To grant you health and blessing fair
And friends to share your way

I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small
But that you'd know His loving care
I prayed the most of all

History and Facts

Well I remember when a few good men
Made history and became heroes to us all
Washington was one of them you see
Then came the man called Robert E Lee

Custer was one that we remember good
Guess we all remember Robin Hood
While there were men like Frank and Jesse James
They were some who had pretty bad names

Then there were men like old Abe Lincoln
Who always showed wisdom in all his thinking
There were great chiefs like Crazy Horse
Geronimo and Sitting Bull of course

Also great singers like Elvis you see
And country sweethearts like Brenda Lee
Great presidents like Ike and JFK
Ballplayers like Mantle and Willie Mays

Lots of hard-working men who fed their families well
Some of them with hard stories to tell
All these people have had their day
But the history and facts are here to stay

Time Clock of Life

The clock keeps ticking as our time slips away
Will I have many years or just one more day
Can I look back in time and feel contented
Or remember the past and be tormented

The time clock ticks ticking as my days grow less
We don't know how many, it's useless to guess
I will remain faithful to God every day
And collect my reward on the judgment day

Each minute of time I will cherish, oh yes
But I will be ready, when I'm called to rest
The pain that I feel wasn't there yesterday
But I'll carry on and remember to pray

Yes, life here on this Earth is so very dear
We all need to make plans before leaving here
I so often look back to my younger years
I had lots of laughs and shed but a few tears

Remember that time, for no man stands still
Yes you could be twenty, and over-the-hill
Each moment of your life is but a 'tick-tock'
As your life ticks away on Gods old-time clock


I'm stone cold sober but I can't see clear
Something is wrong with the atmosphere
Do my eyes deceive me or is it really true
The ozone layer is breaking into

The water isn't pure like it used to be
And it seems their cutting down all the trees
What used to be green and alive and pure
Suddenly is going right down the sewer

Hazardous waste is all around
In the air and in the ground
We must get serious, serious you see
Clean up the air or plant a tree

Be real serious about all the waste
Always put it in its proper place
I head for the hills and a little seclusion
But I see the truth in all these Illusions

Hidden Places

We were there in all our glory in the hidden place
Under soft moonbeams you are my special love
I felt when I was with you I was in outer space
You had been sent to me on wings of the Dove

Hidden places was where we always had to be
Because the thoughts of others was frightful
Our love for each other they never tried to see
Didn't really matter you are so delightful

How does the world judge our perfect Love
When we only want one another for life
They cannot believe our love is from above
Two different colors of skin causes strife

When I look upon your beautiful dark skin
My heart pounds with everlasting want for you
I will love you baby no matter where you been
Two different colors of skin can be happy (too)

I promise to always love you oh Angel of mine
To be the man who never hurts you my love
Because you are sexy, beautiful and kind
And I truly know you were sent from up above

Sometimes we feel the looks of others eyes
A feeling that does not feel so well
A look that makes us feel like we are despised
But we can handle it, the world we want to tell

What a Star

You shine as bright as the clear sunlight
You're like a star on a real dark night
Your smile is like a flower of spring
Your voice is like the birds that sing

I know you must have a heart of gold
Gems like you aren't bought or sold
You make the world a beautiful place
In a deck of cards you are the ace

I love that little dimple in your chin
Smile and let me see it again
Your beautiful hair like silken threads
A queen for sure lying on the bed

Always remember how beautiful you are
Your beauty sure does raise the bar
The world would be so very ugly and cold
Without your sparkle, lady of gold

Highway of Life

I have walked the trail of the wretched beggar man
With everything I ever owned all clutched into one hand
I've also walked the Highway of the richest man in town
Who if had his wealth in gold would surely have a pound

Now I must walk the path of the humble and the meek
And pray for guidance and wisdom going week to week
The Highway of life has many mountains that we must climb
Sometimes with gold at the top that we manage to find

The valleys don't have to be quite as dim
If we know about Almighty God and put our trust in him
Life's Highway can be smooth or scary as we go
A lot depends on you and the wisdom that you show

Read the road signs and obey the Highway laws
Before you run or even walk you must learn to crawl
The Highway of life will someday surely come to an end
So while we're here we must not break but always learn to bend

Behind These Bars

Behind these cold bars of steel I stand
Telling myself that I'm a different man
The years here have changed me you know
With time to think and in wisdom to grow

What makes a man do things to get him in here
When family and life are precious and dear
The conclusion that I have finally believed
Is that wrong idea's and advice I received

So I must change my friends and my way of thinking
Because those are the things that keep me Sinking
I will leave here with a new attitude
And in my heart have more gratitude

I know that my life has been a loser's game
That I am at fault, no one else to blame
If I make parole the next time around
Then on a new journey I will abound

Learning to live and cope in society
Trying to gain respect through responsibility
So say a prayer for this old ex-con
That in a good way I can carry on

The Magazine

Well I saw things that I had never seen
As I opened up this thing called a magazine
There were ladies without any clothes
My face turned red I do suppose

Well as my woman passed that way
She went and took my magazine away
She told me I better beware
Said pictures like that make you lose your hair

I didn't believe her but I took no chance
Didn't want to ruin a good romance
Well now today I'm short on hair
And isn't no magazine anywhere

Well I think my lady told me a lie
Think it was just an alibi
Well my woman said sure as money is green
That I better beware of some magazines

Desert Storm

We stand at attention and salute the flag
I am proud of my country but I don't brag
Our hearts are heavy and the weather is warm
We are the men and women of Desert Storm

We are confident the situation will become calm
After we get done with this guy Saddam
Kuwait has been mistreated and abused
We came to help her and we ain't going to lose

Every soldier will man their station
Because they came to change the situation
We hate the killing in the facts of war
We want to go home and kill no more

We are the best country across this land
When it comes to giving a helping hand
Saddam didn't think we were very tough
But he changed his mind when the going got rough

We got the job done and we stand tall
A mean dictator has took a fall
We know that we had God on our side
He is our strength and our faithful guide

So thanks to you all and may God always bless
Those who went and done their very best
The feeling in our heart is gracious and warm
For the men and women of Desert Storm

Riding the High Road

Riding the high road will be my signature in life
I shall strive to accomplish the good as I ride
My goal will be to understand and love all people
I hope to help heal broken hearts and stop the tears

I am in the saddle with the victory banner waving
Going forward with strength given me from God Almighty
The wind of accomplishment I will strive to catch
Yet knowing and accepting the possibilities of reality

My high will be bringing a happier day to the oppressed
Walking with and bringing new hope to the hopeless
With my rifle of goodness loaded and ready
I will shoot down oppression and hate

Riding high in the saddle with banner waving
I shall abide with the weary and homeless
With strength given me from the Almighty master
I will ride high while I'm in this land

I will ride into the back alley of life
Will hold the hand of those with strife
Will dismount and walk with the lonely
Showing them love and caring only

Writings on the Wall

I really knew from the words you spoke
That you were leaving and it was no joke
Someone else had stolen your heart for sure
And I had a problem with no known cure

Go ahead and leave no need to stall
I can see the writing on the wall
Once we were lovers and life was sweet
But you couldn't refrain just had to cheat

No more footsteps in the hall
That's the writing on the wall
My heart is broken but it will mend
There are times in life we have to bend

The next time around I'll play hardball
And watch for writings on the wall
I won't judge all by one or two
There are some who will come through

My nightmare has no doubt come true
Someone else has their eyes on you
I may beg but I'll never crawl
I've learned from writings on the wall

Engulfed In Love

When I first saw her I was intoxicated with thoughts of love
Wanted to grab and kiss her and hold her for evermore
Tingling with thoughts of compassion with moments of ecstasy
She was the woman I knew right then, yes the woman for me

Her figure of curves and shapes to tantalize my every emotion
Her beautiful black shiny hair sparkling in the distant light
Her touch aroused me and my heart beat like a distant drum
She was the woman I knew right then, yes the woman for me

I saw her majesty and bold beauty in my dreams at night
I had fallen in love with this dark haired angel instantly
Minutes were like days when she wasn't around me
She was the woman I knew right then, yes the woman for me

Our love is some meager forty five years and counting oh yes
Four children and ten grandchildren with which we are blessed
A life that has inspired me to cross mountains unknown
She was the woman I knew right then, yes the woman for me

Still my sweetheart and best friend, my angel and my loving wife
I will love her with all my heart until the day I die
Our life together has been oh so good oh so beautiful you see
She was the woman I knew right then, yes the woman for me


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