Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority / Edition 1

Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority / Edition 1

by Josh MacPhee

A long-overdue look at the collision of art, radical politics, and culture.See more details below


A long-overdue look at the collision of art, radical politics, and culture.

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AK Press
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New Edition
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8.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Towards Anarchist Art Theories...   Erik Reuland   Josh MacPhee     2
In Print
Life, Labor, Art: A Discussion with Carlos Koyokuikatl Cortez   Christine Flores-Cozza     8
Flavio Costantini: Artist of Anarchy   Bill Nowlin     20
Reveil Anarchiste: Salon Painting, Political Satire,
Modernist Art   Patricia Leighten     26
Clifford Harper: Anarchist Illustrator   Icky A.     42
El Grito del Diseno: Diseno Mestizo and the Radical Visual Language in Chicana/o Newspapers   Dylan Miner     54
Gee Vaucher: Crass Art   Erik Reuland     68
Shadows in the Streets: The Stencil Art of the New Argentina   Erick Lyle     76
Subversive Multiples: A Conversation Between Contemporary Printmakers   Meredith Stern     104
Taring Padi: Under Siege in Indonesia   Roger Peet     120
Moving Images and Interventions
A Magical Land of Roving Santa Claus Armies, Pirated Energy Drinks and a Giant Squatted Urban Village: Political Art Activities in Denmark   Brett Bloom     130
A Conversation with Black Mask   Iain McIntyre     152
The Process is in the Streets: Challenging Media America   Dara Greenwald     168
When MagicConfronts Authority: The Rise of Protest Puppetry in N. America   Morgan Andrews     180
Beyond Authenticity: Aesthetics Strategies and Anarchist Media   Kyle Harris     210
The Department of Space and Land Reclamation   Josh MacPhee   Nato Thompson     220
Movements and Militant Media: Communications Technology and Latin American Grassroots Politics   Carlos Fernandez     228
Queer Art/Queer Anarchy: An Interview with Luis Jacob   Allan Antliff     236
The Twilight of Vanguardism   David Graeber     250
Struggles at Haymarket: An Embattled History of Static Monuments and Public Interventions   Nicolas Lampert     254
Better a One-legged Man than a Woman   Erika Biddle     272
Branding Anti-Consumerism: The Capitalistic Nature of Anti-Corporate Activism   Anne Elizabeth Moore     285
Reappropriate the Imagination!   Cindy Milstein     296
Author Biographies     308
Index     310

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