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Reaper: A Kings of Korruption MC Novel

Reaper: A Kings of Korruption MC Novel

4.8 5
by Geri Glenn


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. In fact, some of them almost ruined me. But I am a good person. I want to make amends. I want to fix things with my sister and finally have my life back. I want to change, and I’m trying. But I just can't let the past go.

Reaper doesn't make it easy for me. He hates me with a passion. He’s



I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. In fact, some of them almost ruined me. But I am a good person. I want to make amends. I want to fix things with my sister and finally have my life back. I want to change, and I’m trying. But I just can't let the past go.

Reaper doesn't make it easy for me. He hates me with a passion. He’s vowed to do whatever he can to get me out of my sister’s life and away from his club. It doesn’t matter. He won't stop me. No matter how terrified of him I am, nothing is going to stop me from changing my destiny and trying to fix the wrongs from my past. Especially when my secret is discovered, giving him all the ammunition he needs.


After what seems like an endless stream of problems, things are finally going well with the club. We’re finally getting back to some semblance of normal after the chaos she brought with her before she was sent away. But now she’s back.

She says she’s changed, and maybe she has, but I don’t care. She is the reason it all started, and she’s not welcome here. I will stop at nothing to get her out. I won’t rest until she’s gone. Her beauty will not distract me, and her history doesn’t even matter. I will get Anna away from my club, or die trying.

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Meet the Author

Geri Glenn is the best-selling author of the Kings of Korruption MC series. She lives in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. She is a military wife, the mother of two gorgeous, but slightly crazy little girls, and works full time as a support worker in an assisted living facility for seniors. Even with all of this, she still finds the time to be a voracious reader and most recently, a writer. Geri reads books like a human breathes air. She devours books of almost every genre of fiction there is, although she is a sucker for swoon-worthy alpha males and pretty much any book that can make her cry ... or scare the crap out of her. Geri's love for books started at a young age, starting off with Robert Munsch, then Judy Blume. At the age of 12, she discovered Dean Koontz, and never looked back. Growing up, she always had a book in her hand, and if not, she would read everything from pamphlets to the backs of shampoo bottles ... true story! It wasn't until she was an adult that Geri discovered the romance genre, but the minute she did, she was hooked! As time went on, and the indie world took off, Geri realized that reading books wasn't completely feeding her addiction anymore. Her head was filled with stories, and deciding to take a chance, and bring them to life changed everything. This is how the Kings Of Korruption came to be. She hopes you love them as much as she does! "If you don't see the book you want to read of the shelf, write it!" - Beverly Cleary

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Reaper: A Kings of Korruption MC Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
KristieK 20 days ago
Reaper By: Geri Glenn 4.5 Star Review by Kristie K One of the best MC books I’ve ever read, filled with enough angst, anger, passion, forgiveness and redemption to satisfy my darkest desires… This is the third novel I’ve read by Geri Glenn, but I can honestly say it is definitely my favorite so far! I love MC novels, and this one kept me on the edge of my seat, and stayed at the edge of every conscious thought until I finished the book…and for a long while afterwards. Reaper is the Sergeant at Arms for the Kings of Korruption MC, and protective doesn’t even begin to describe his bearing towards his club and his brothers. When their world was turned on it’s head, seemingly by the selfish and thoughtless acts of one woman, Reaper began harboring vicious, hateful, and venomous feelings toward her. When the reviled one returns, Reaper makes no bones about letting her know exactly what he thinks of her. Anna returns to the town she was forced to flee, and the sister she left behind in the capable hands of the Kings of Korruption MC. Determined to mend the relationship with her sister, and rebuild her life, Anna faces harsh judgment, hateful words, and vengeful promises. With secrets of her own to protect, she endeavors to persevere and become the woman she wants to be…in spite of Reaper’s promises to run her out. This book was everything. It made me cry, cringe, laugh, cry, smile, frown, gasp, and sigh…a total roller coaster from beginning to end, I couldn’t get enough of Reaper and Anna. The push and pull, the devastating secrets, and haunting pasts. It was awesome. From the “5 stars of hotness” cover, to the captivating synopsis, and all the intense awesomeness in between, this book held me in it’s clutches. The characters had a depth, and an authenticity that was inspiring. Their raw emotion, strength, and heart came through in spades. The plot and storyline were unique, inspired, and also held a depth and authenticity that held me enthralled. Ms. Glenn’s talent is evident in this amazing installment of the Kings Of Korruption series, and has convinced me to go back to the beginning and see how we got here. Kristie K
Anonymous 26 days ago
Worth the wait!
Anonymous 26 days ago
Love this series. Amazing story -can't wait for Bosco's book.
kitsnook 27 days ago
Geri Glenn delivers again! Reaper is the continuing saga of the Kings of Korruption MC and is focused on Anna and Reaper. Anna and Reaper are very well developed characters that have wonderful interaction. Both have baggage that give them unique perspectives and help drive a great storyline. I love that both have preconceived notions about each other that they have to overcome and work through, both as individuals and together. This is definitely up there as one of my favs of the series. I cannot wait to see more from this series! Keep ‘em coming!!
kJenn 27 days ago
ARC received for a fair and honest review. Reaper is book 4 in the Kings of Korruption MC series-- I rate Reaper 4.5 stars. This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. Like most rollercoasters when they end you are typically not ready for them to be over and this is no exception. It's easy to have a love hate relationship with both the main characters in Reaper. Lucas "Reaper" Landry has been burned and is bitter/jaded, basically an all around jerk. From her past choices and lack of knowledge of her history Reaper is not a fan of Anna's, and when she comes back to town he is not happy about it. Anna Daniels was abused growing up, which led to her getting involved with drugs and alcohol from a young age, and making a slew of bad decisions. Her decisions led to her sister previously being abducted and a lot of people that Reaper cares about getting hurt and killed. Both have demons they are constantly fighting. This book was very difficult to put down, plenty of hot, steamy scenes, and will hit you emotionally. The book sucks you in from the beginning and when it ends, you are definitely not ready for it. Was a great book, and I can't wait for Bosco's book!!! Happy Reading!!