Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart

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by Jannine Corti-Petska
She traveled West to marry the man she loves.instead found the man of her dreams...

In 1873, New York City heiress Courtney Danning shuns privilege and position to follow her heart to the fledgling community of Santa Fe. Widowed the same day she's wed, Courtney soon discovers her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her arrival. The stranger's indifference makes New


She traveled West to marry the man she loves.instead found the man of her dreams...

In 1873, New York City heiress Courtney Danning shuns privilege and position to follow her heart to the fledgling community of Santa Fe. Widowed the same day she's wed, Courtney soon discovers her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her arrival. The stranger's indifference makes New Mexico's summer even hotter, but what she keeps hidden might be the key to the life she's always dreamed about.

He was hired to guard her.but forgot to guard his heart...

Ex-gunfighter Beau Hamilton's past and present are shrouded in mystery. From the moment Leif Danning hires him to watch over his pampered daughter, Beau fights his attraction. To win her love, he must find the courage to expose all, knowing the truth might become his worst nightmare.

A range war threatens.

Struggling against their unbidden love, Beau and Courtney must protect themselves from everything trying to tear them apart. When the woman he's sworn to protect finds herself in the middle of a range war, will he send her back East and lose her forever, or will he do whatever it takes to defend her.even if it costs him his life?

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Beau planted himself behind Courtney once again. His arms lined hers as she positioned one of his Colts between her hands, the barrel pointed at a can on the fence post.

"This time, keep your hands steady and your eyes open," he directed in a tight voice.

Courtney was hard pressed to keep from laughing. Aware that she was the direct cause of his waning patience, she decided she liked frustrating him. Perhaps it wasn't fair to toy with his genuine concern for her safety. But she had Beau all to herself for now, and if she continued to mess up, he'd have to stay awhile longer.

His breath on the back of her neck gave her a chill each time he moved behind her and bent his knees in order to see the target at her level. She wondered if he noticed the goosebumps on her exposed forearms.

"Now concentrate."

Grinning, Courtney squeezed the trigger. The gun barked, rocketing her hands skyward.

"Dammit!" Beau exploded. "I told you to keep your hands steady. Were your eyes open?"

Glancing back over her shoulder, she gave him a tentative smile. Meekly, she answered, "I don't know."

"Jesus! How the hell are you going to defend this ranch against Stover's bunch?" he blustered, then expelled a long breath of hard-fought patience. "All right," he said, his tone more subdued. "We've been at this for an hour. Let's get a rifle in your grip."

While he explained how to load the weapon, Courtney observed him closely. Frustration carved gullies on his handsome face. The discoloration was gone and only a few minor scars were left as a reminder of what Stover's men had done to him. She almost felt badly for Beau. He was trying his best to teach her, and she wasmaking it more difficult than it actually was.

He bent his head forward, and his hair rested carelessly about his neck, caressing his shirt collar and catching on the stubbles at his jaw. Unconsciously, he pulled the strands away. Courtney smiled fondly. But the second he looked at her again, she quickly put on her sweetest face. She really shouldn't do this to him.

"Press the butt against your shoulder or you'll break it."

"The butt?" she asked innocently.

"Your shoulder!" he snapped.

"Don't get testy."

"Don't get..." he repeated, then clamped his teeth against the retort she knew clawed to get out.

Doing as he instructed, Courtney turned her back to him, grinning again. "Like this?"

He positioned the rifle against her shoulder. "Now, do you think you can squeeze back gently this time?"

"I'll try," she said sweetly.

The rifle exploded, forcing Courtney back into Beau. Taking him unaware, he lost his balance, and they toppled together to the dirt.

"Goddammit, woman!" Sitting, he pushed her to sit between his outstretched legs. "I said gently." Gripping her elbow, he helped her stand as he got to his feet. "You don't yank on the trigger like it was an udder."

Pretending to react to his harsh words, Courtney revealed her impertinent side. "I didn't yank on it. Maybe you don't know how to teach me to shoot. Ever think of that?"

"Damn me if I ever volunteer to teach anyone to do anything ever again," he mumbled.

Courtney snapped her shoulders back indignantly. "Well, damn you for being so short-tempered and impatient."

Beau shoved her shoulder to turn her attention back to the target. "Try it again. And this time--"

"I know. Squeeeeze gently." She bit the inside of her lip to stop a grin as she gently applied pressure as if holding an egg between her fingers. "I did it! I hit the fence post," she said excitedly.

"It's about time." Beau scratched his head, obviously confounded by her clumsiness with a weapon. "Lady, I think you gave me a few white hairs."

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Rebel Heart 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jannine Corti Petska¿s, Rebel Heart, is a western set in 1873 Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory. Beau Hamilton, an ex-gunfighter, is hired by Leif Danning to protect his daughter, mainly from the no-good man she stubbornly insists on marrying. Beau agrees and accepts the fee to follow her from New York to Santa Fe, and keep watch over her for the next year. Courtney Danning, a New York heiress, travels to the wilds of Santa Fe to wed the man she loves. Trouble is, once she sees Stanley after a year¿s separation, not only does he look different, she no longer gets a giddy feeling when he kisses her. Believing she¿s suffering from pre-wedding jitters, not to mention the strangeness of the southwest to her New York eyes, she and Stanley wed that day. That night he¿s shot before her eyes and she¿s taken by the men who murdered her husband. By then, she¿s aware of the mistake she made in marrying Stanley. *** Beau comes to the rescue. Courtney recognizes the rude, rough, savage-like man as the one who¿d traveled from New York with her. Now a widow, and in possession of a sheep ranch and large debts left by her husband, she refuses to return to New York to hear her father say I told you so. Instead, she remains to try to make a go of sheep farming. The fun begins as Beau and Courtney manage to anger the other each time they speak. She hires him, she fires him. He ignores her, he quits. Their attraction for each other grows, but is held in check by the knowledge of how different they are, their class. Beau knows she¿s a lady who¿d never want anything to do with the likes of him. Courtney doesn¿t understand her attraction to the stubborn, uncouth yet wildly attractive Beau Hamilton. *** I loved the interaction between Courtney and Beau, and Courtney¿s honest reactions to life in the west. Their relationship grows in a believable fashion, doubts and fears ring true. The characters are ones you like and respect and you want them to be together. How all is resolved at the end will leave a satisfied smile on your face, and you¿ll remember the characters of Courtney and Beau long after the last page. I highly recommend Rebel Heart.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Petska has written a sensual tale set in the middle of a 1873 New Mexico range war. Danger comes at Courtney Danning and Beau Hamilton from all directions: the cattle baron who wishes Courtney dead or gone, as well as the attraction to someone as opposite as the tough cowboy Beau and socialite Courtney could get. Love doesn¿t come easy for this couple, but it does come to the Rebel Hearts. A great read and highly recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jannine Corti Petska¿s Rebel Heart will leave you feeling rode hard and put up wet. This fast-paced story of Beau Hamilton, a mysterious man of panther-like grace and deadly guns, and Courtney Danning, a woman who¿s not afraid to take responsibility for her own hot-headed actions, brings the Old West to life in vivid colors of cactus, sunsets and love-kissed lips. But, when you tangle with a wild beast, never expect him to play fair or tell the whole truth right up front. However, what Beau does not realize until his own heart¿s attacked is that there is a wolf in sheep¿s clothing in his bed and she will savagely fight to protect her heart and the priceless treasure he¿s unknowingly bestowed upon her. And, while Courtney¿s no sheep to follow a gentle path and cower before any man, she¿s not cunning enough to elude the tricks Beau uses to get her into his arms¿shearing her strong will, thinly-veiled restraint and flimsy resolve. Money and position might change the world in New York City, but in Santa Fe, love, life and death are won and lost by those protecting your back. Petska¿s Rebel Heart is an edge-of-your-seat story that beckons you to slip inside the pages and into the arms of a sensual cowboy who comes to life in sexy and strong detail. The story is compelling, the characters strong and memorable, and even individuals like Drake and Cloud lend an air of powerful romance that begs Petska¿s kissing, writing and future telling. You can¿t help but like Courtney, who is a woman of means, but doesn¿t stoop to use it against others or even to help herself, but she has to learn the hard way that pride can be a lonely bedfellow...especially when all guises are exposed and truth offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance at true love. I read this book from cover to cover and turned the last page still feeling the warm glow left over from a good loving. Life on the range is never easy, when the bullets start flying and blood starts flowing, I want a man like Beau Hamilton at my back!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The year is 1873. When the wealthy Leif Danning realizes he cannot change Courtney's mind about leaving New York City to run off and wed Stanley Burgess in Santa Fe, he turns his attention to finding someone to protect his rash daughter. His solution is to hire an ex-gunfighter named Beau Hamilton. Without Courtney's knowledge, Beau will make sure she reaches Santa Fe safely. Once Courtney is wed, Beau is to quietly keep an eye on her for one year. Beau is attracted to the lovely heiress the moment Leif points the lady out to him. Pampered as Courtney's life has always been, Beau knows Leif is right to find Courtney a watch dog. But Beau still believes this will be the easiest money he has ever earned. Courtney could hardly wait to wed Stanley and begin their lives together on a ranch. The traveling is smooth, if a bit uncomfortable. The wedding is nice, if a bit rushed. Yet once married, Courtney begins getting many shocks. Stanley is murdered before her very eyes only a few hours after the wedding. She would be dead too if the stranger from the train ride had not showed up. Courtney decides to grow up and run Rancho Ortega herself. It sounds easy until Courtney finds out that her ranch raises sheep instead of cattle and Stanley left her with a pile of debt. As much as Beau Hamilton aggravates her, Courtney needs his help especially when a neighboring ranch owner, Jared Stover, begins a range war with her. Courtney must learn how to defend herself - fast! ............................ **** Author Jannine Corti Petska must have done a lot of research on sheep ranching to create such a beautiful and well written story. I only wish it could have been longer so Courtney would not have had to give in to her attraction to Beau so quickly. The main couple is very different from each other, but a perfect match. The author made sure that this is one pampered, but feisty, lady that readers cannot help but cheer for. Keep your eye on this author. I certainly will be. Jannine Corti Petska's future looks bright. ****