Rebel Records: 35 Years of the Best in Bluegrass (1960-1995)

Rebel Records: 35 Years of the Best in Bluegrass (1960-1995)


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Rebel Records


Disc 1

  1. The Children Are Crying  - Earl Taylor
  2. This Morning at Nine  - Sid Campbell
  3. I Could Change My Mind  -  Shady Valley Boys
  4. Little Birdie  - Red Allen
  5. In the Pines  - Pete Pike
  6. Blackberry Blossom  - Billy Baker
  7. Bringing Mary Home  -  Country Gentlemen
  8. Close By  - Red Allen
  9. Mandolin Twist  - Buzz Busby
  10. Your Old Standby  - Jim Eanes
  11. No One to Love Me Now  - Jim Eanes
  12. Flat Tops a Pickin'  -  Reno & Harrell
  13. Earl's Breakdown  - Don Reno
  14. Amelia Earhart  -  Country Gentlemen
  15. Is It Time?  -  Benny & Vallie Cain
  16. I Can't Stand This Misery  - Clifton King
  17. Fox on the Run  -  Emerson & Waldron
  18. Lonesome Night  -  Emerson & Waldron
  19. Wheels  -  Emerson & Waldron
  20. Teach Your Children  -  Country Gentlemen
  21. Four Strong Winds  - Cliff Waldron
  22. Dixon County Blues  - Curley Ray Cline
  23. Old Time Pickin'  - Ralph Stanley
  24. Ice Covered Birches  - Cliff Waldron
  25. Falling Leaves  - Cliff Waldron
  26. Satan's Jeweled Crown  - Cliff Waldron
  27. Fuji Mountain Breakdown  -  Bluegrass 45
  28. Don't Cheat in Our Hometown  -  Whitley & Skaggs
  29. Man of Constant Sorrow  - Ralph Stanley

Disc 2

  1. Maple on the Hill  - Ralph Stanley
  2. Last Train from Poor Valley  -  Seldom Scene
  3. Cold Wind  - Roy McMillan
  4. Uncle Bill's Still  - Albert Wood
  5. Eli Renfro  -  Shenandoah Cut-Ups
  6. I Know You Rider  -  Seldom Scene
  7. My Little Georgia Rose  -  Seldom Scene
  8. Wait a Minute  -  Seldom Scene
  9. Panhandle Rag  - Jimmy Arnold
  10. Train  -  II Generation
  11. Children Go Where I Send Thee  -  Marshall Family
  12. Rain and Snow  - Del McCoury
  13. Call Collect on Christmas  - Del McCoury
  14. Billy in the Lowground  - Tony Rice
  15. Dark as a Dungeon  - Tony Rice
  16. Georgia on My Mind  - Tony Rice
  17. Drifting Too Far from the Shore  - John Starling
  18. Hang Your Head in Shame  - Del McCoury
  19. Across the Sea Blues  -  Goins Brothers
  20. Draggin' the Bow  - Buck Ryan
  21. Hook and Line  - Ricky Skaggs
  22. 21 Fiddle Salute  - Ricky Skaggs
  23. Lord, Don't Leave Me Here  -  Country Gentlemen
  24. Ages and Ages Ago  -  Country Gentlemen
  25. Carolina in the Pines  -  Southbound
  26. Wandering Soul  -  Goins Brothers

Disc 3

  1. Travelling the Highway Home  - Ralph Stanley
  2. The God That Never Fails  -  Marshall Family
  3. John Deere Tractor  - Larry Sparks
  4. The Rock Pile  - Delia Bell
  5. They're Holding Up the Ladder  -  Easter Brothers
  6. Pastures of Plenty  - Dave Evans
  7. One Loaf of Bread  - Dave Evans
  8. Harvest Time  -  Lost and Found
  9. Wild Mountain Flowers  -  Lost and Found
  10. Lost River  -  McPeak Brothers
  11. Daley's Reel  -  Johnny Warren
  12. Jesse James  - Jimmy Arnold
  13. Reno Bound  - Bill Harrell
  14. Your Memory  -  Summer Wages
  15. I Don't Love Nobody  -  Burns & Rector
  16. In My Robe of White  -  Forbes Family
  17. Gloryland  -  Forbes Family
  18. Cold Sheets of Rain  -  Virginia Squires
  19. Tennessee 1949  - Larry Sparks
  20. Sweet Dixie  - Bill Emerson
  21. Don't Neglect the Rose  - Larry Sparks
  22. I Saw the Master This Morning  - Bill Harrell
  23. Without Mentioning Your Name  - Larry Rice
  24. I'll Meet You in the Morning  -  Appalachian Express
  25. Goin' Gone  - Rhonda Vincent

Disc 4

  1. Turn Your Love Down  -  Ash & W
  2. In His Arms I'm Not Afraid  - Jim Eanes
  3. The Bells of St. Mary's  - Randall Hylton
  4. My Cabin in Caroline  - Willis Spears
  5. Jackrabbit Trail  - Butch Baldassari
  6. I Found You  -  Front Porch String Band
  7. Hard Times (Come Again No More)  -  Front Porch String Band
  8. Snap a Finger, Jesus  - Ralph Stanley
  9. Hobo Blues  -  Lonesome River Band
  10. You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do  -  Lonesome River Band
  11. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way  - Paul Adkins
  12. Deepening Snow  - Rhonda Vincent
  13. Erase the Miles  -  IIIrd Tyme Out
  14. Forgiveness Just Ain't in Her Plan  -  Boys from Indiana
  15. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages  - Larry Sparks
  16. Desperately  - David Parmley
  17. Cold Virginia Night  - Ronnie Bowman
  18. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine  - Charlie Sizemore
  19. Grandpa's Mandolin  -  IIIrd Tyme Out
  20. My Last Run  -  Ricochet
  21. I Call Your Name  -  Lou Reid, Terry Baucom & Carolina
  22. Beaumont Rag  -  Richard Greene & The Grass Is Greener
  23. A Broken Heart Keeps Beatin'  -  Traditional Grass
  24. Heart and Soul  -  Gillis Brothers
  25. Lonesome Pine  -  Blue Highway

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddie Adcock   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar,Vocals
Paul Adkins   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Mike Auldridge   Dobro,Vocals
Butch Baldassari   Mandolin
Country Gentlemen   Track Performer
Jerry Douglas   Dobro
Josh Graves   Dobro
David Grier   Guitar
Alison Krauss   Fiddle
Doyle Lawson   Mandolin,Vocals
Del McCoury   Guitar,Vocals
David Parmley   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Rice   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Wyatt Rice   Rhythm Guitar
Seldom Scene   Track Performer
Ricky Skaggs   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals,Claw Hammer Banjo
Larry Sparks   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Ralph Stanley   Banjo,Vocals
John Starling   Guitar,Vocals
Marty Stuart   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Rhonda Vincent   Mandolin,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Jethro Burns   Mandolin
John Hartford   Banjo
Bill Keith   Banjo
Benny Martin   Fiddle
Frank Wakefield   Mandolin,Vocals
Dave Evans   Banjo,Vocals
Richard Greene   Fiddle
Buck White   Piano
Gene Johnson   Mandolin,Vocals
Johnnie Whisnant   Banjo
Glen Duncan   Fiddle
Pete Pike   Guitar,Vocals
Shawn Lane   Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Blaine Sprouse   Fiddle
Jim Eanes   Guitar,Vocals
Lou Reid   Mandolin,Vocals
Larry Rice   Mandolin,Vocals
Bill Emerson   Banjo,Vocals
Bill Grant   Mandolin
Keith Whitley   Guitar,Vocals
Delia Bell   Guitar,Vocals
Front Porch String Band   Track Performer
Bill Harrell   Guitar,Vocals
Fred Travers   Dobro
Jimmy Arnold   Banjo,Fiddle,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Boys from Indiana   Track Performer
Don Reno   Banjo,Guitar
Larry Stephenson   Mandolin,Vocals
Virginia Squires   Track Performer
Kevin Williamson   Bass,Vocals
Bobby Horton   Dobro
Bill Baker   Fiddle,Vocals
Claire Lynch   Guitar,Vocals
Rick Allred   Mandolin,Vocals
Tim Austin   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Terry Baucom   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals
Ronnie Bowman   Bass,Vocals
Jim Buchanan   Violin
Doug Campbell   Bass
Porter Church   Banjo
Vassar Clements   Fiddle
Curley Ray Cline   Fiddle
Jack Cooke   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Stuart Duncan   Fiddle
Gene Elders   Fiddle
Ben Eldridge   Banjo
Tim Emmons   Bass
Pat Enright   Guitar
Dewey Farmer   Mandolin,Vocals
Ed Ferris   Bass
Paul Franklin   Steel Guitar
Ronnie Freeland   Drums,Tambourine
Jimmy Gaudreau   Mandolin,Vocals
Wesley Golding   Guitar
Tom Gray   Bass
Lamar Grier   Banjo
Mike Hartgrove   Fiddle
David Harvey   Mandolin
Bobby Hicks   Fiddle
Smiley Hobbs   Banjo
Randall Hylton   Guitar
Rob Ickes   Dobro
Clay Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Gene Libbea   Bass
Ned Luberecki   Banjo
Kenny Malone   Percussion
Danny Marshall   Vocals
Bob Mater   Drums
Jerry McCoury   Bass
Danny Milhon   Dobro
Carl Nelson   Fiddle,Vocals
Mark Newton   Guitar,Vocals
Tim O'Brien   Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Alan O'Bryant   Banjo
Gene Parker   Banjo,Vocals
Buck Peacock   Guitar
Ron Pennington   Mandolin,Vocals
Larry Perkins   Banjo
Dale Perry   Bass
Frank Poindexter   Dobro
Marc Pruett   Banjo
Dewey Renfro   Bass
Ronnie Reno   Mandolin
Scott Sanders   Dobro,Pedal Steel Guitar
Tim Sargent   Dobro
Mark Schatz   Bass
Curly Seckler   Mandolin,Vocals
Roy Self   Bass
Sammy Shelor   Banjo,Guitar,Vocals
George Shuffler   Guitar
Rickie Simpkins   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals
Ronnie Simpkins   Bass,Vocals
Hobert Skaggs   Guitar
Marcus Smith   Bass,Vocals
Robin Smith   Bass
Tim Stafford   Guitar
Art Stamper   Fiddle
Adam Steffey   Mandolin
Scotty Stoneman   Fiddle
Joe Stuart   Fiddle
Wayne Taylor   Bass,Vocals
Ernie Thacker   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Tyminski   Mandolin,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Johnny Vincent   Guitar,Vocals
Cliff Waldron   Guitar,Vocals
Charlie Waller   Guitar,Vocals
Roland White   Mandolin
Tony Williamson   Mandolin
Jeff Wisor   Fiddle,Viola
Albert Wood   Banjo,Vocals
Wayne Yates   Mandolin
Dempsey Young   Mandolin
John Duffey   Dobro,Mandolin,Vocals
Roy Huskey   Bass
Wayne Benson   Mando
Kenny Blackwell   Mandolin
Charlie Cushman   Banjo
Ray Deaton   Electric Bass,Vocals
Randy Graham   Vocals
Randy Greer   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Haley   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Meadows   Fiddle
Darrin Vincent   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Blue Highway   Track Performer
Johnny Castle   Bass
John Palmer   Bass
Barry Berrier   Guitar,Vocals
Buzz Busby   Mandolin
Benny Cain   Mandolin,Vocals
Vallie Cain   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Lee Centers   Banjo,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Bubba Chandler   Guitar,Vocals
Easter Brothers   Track Performer
James Easter   Vocals
Raymond Edwards   Banjo
Clancy Fields   Guitar,Vocals
Harley Gabbard   Dobro,Vocals
Goins Brothers   Track Performer
Melvin Goins   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Goins   Banjo,Vocals
Martha Hearon   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Hensley   Banjo
Bill Holden   Banjo,Vocals
Aubrey Holt   Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Holt   Bass
Tommy Holt   Mandolin,Vocals
II Generation   Track Performer
Tom McKinney   Banjo,Vocals
Dewey McPeak   Banjo,Vocals
Larry McPeak   Bass,Vocals
Mike McPeak   Guitar,Vocals
Allen Mills   Bass,Vocals
Red Rector   Mandolin
Buck Ryan   Fiddle
Darrell Sanders   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar,Vocals
Shenandoah Cut-Ups   Track Performer
Herschel Sizemore   Mandolin,Vocals
Wendy Thatcher   Guitar,Vocals
Gerald Evans   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals
Forbes Family   Track Performer
Charlie Sizemore   Guitar,Vocals
Alan Bibey   Mandolin,Vocals
Jimmy Edmonds   Fiddle,Mandolin
Jack Auldridge   Snare Drums
Tim Callahan   Rhythm Guitar
Donnie Eldreth   Mandolin,Vocals
Andy Meginniss   Bass,Vocals
Jeff Midkiff   Mandolin
Bill Poffinberger   Fiddle,Mandolin
Louis Pyrtle   Banjo,Vocals
Jeff Scheneman   Drums
Jimmy Trivette   Bass,Vocals
Emerson & Waldron   Track Performer
Herb Trotman   Guitar
Earl West   Vocals
Tommy Boyd   Banjo,Dobro,Vocals
Ray Cline   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Clyde Bailey   Vocals
Judy Marshall   Vocals
Jim McCall   Guitar
Bill Runkle   Banjo,Vocals
Scott Huffman   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Mullins   Banjo,Vocals
Jason Burleson   Banjo
Bob Goff   Bass
Lester Deaton   Guitar,Vocals
Homer Forbes   Banjo,Fiddle,Vocals
Lori Forbes   Vocals
Barry Abernathy   Vocals
Barry Crabtree   Banjo
Mike Clevenger   Bass
Mark Rader   Guitar,Vocals
Craig Robert Smith   Banjo,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Clifton King   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Greene & The Grass Is Greener   Track Performer
Russell Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Wingate   Vocals
Jay Forbes   Mandolin,Vocals
Joe Pointer   Bass
Tater Tate   Fiddle,Vocals
Steve Williams   Fiddle
Sid Campbell   Guitar,Vocals
Reno & Harrell   Track Performer
Billy Baker   Track Performer
David Marshall   Vocals
Stephen Lewis   Banjo,Vocals
Bill Moore   Fiddle
Kim Gardner   Dobro
Larry Lynch   Bouzouki,Guitar,Mandolin
Bill Yates   Bass,Vocals
Tommy Reynolds   Vocal Harmony
Edd Easter   Vocals
Ronnie Stewart   Fiddle
Ben Marshall   Vocals
Curley Lambert   Mandolin,Vocals

Technical Credits

Paul Adkins   Producer
Butch Baldassari   Composer,Producer
Josh Graves   Producer
Bill Monroe   Composer
David Parmley   Producer
Ricky Skaggs   Arranger
Larry Sparks   Producer
John Starling   Producer
Rhonda Vincent   Producer
Jethro Burns   Producer
Grandpa Jones   Composer
Buddy Spicher   Producer
Frank Wakefield   Producer
Kevin Welch   Composer
Pat Cloud   Producer
Jim Hall   Engineer
Dave Evans   Producer
Richard Greene   Producer
Johnny Preston   Composer
Ash & W   Producer
Jim Eanes   Producer
Lou Reid   Producer
Larry Rice   Producer
Bill Emerson   Producer
Lonesome River Band   Producer,Engineer
Mark Howard   Engineer
Bill Harrell   Producer
IIIrd Tyme Out   Producer
Appalachian Express   Producer
Jimmy Arnold   Producer
McPeak Brothers   Producer
Traditional Grass   Producer
Claire Lynch   Producer
Richard Adler   Engineer
Tim Austin   Producer,Engineer
Peter Bonta   Producer,Engineer
Ronnie Bowman   Producer,Engineer
Billy Brady   Engineer
Paul Craft   Producer
Charles R. Freeland   Producer
Ronnie Freeland   Engineer
David Freeman   Liner Notes
Wesley Golding   Contributor
Steve Ham   Engineer
Randall Hylton   Producer
Pete Kuykendall   Producer,Engineer
Ronnie Light   Engineer
George Massenburg   Engineer
Bill McElroy   Engineer
John Nicholson   Engineer
Obie O'Brien   Engineer
Sonny Osborne   Producer
Hershey Reeves   Engineer
Ric Romano   Engineer
Rick Salyer   Engineer
Gary Sanford   Engineer
Tim Stafford   Producer
Eddie Stubbs   Liner Notes
Fran Tate   Engineer
Dan Tyminski   Engineer
Bil VornDick   Producer,Engineer
Clark Williams   Producer,Engineer
Cecil Jones   Engineer
Roy Homer   Engineer
Earl Taylor   Composer
Tom Underhill   Engineer
Darrin Vincent   Producer
Bill Warner   Engineer
Red Rector   Producer
Lowell Varney   Engineer
Jim McGuire   Producer
Gillis Brothers   Producer
Marshall Family   Arranger
Charlie Sizemore   Producer
Len Holsclaw   Producer
Bill Vernon   Producer,Liner Notes
Jimmy Edmonds   Engineer
Billy Wolf   Engineer
Harold Thompson   Engineer
Wayne Busbice   Engineer
Otis Dillon   Engineer
Summer Wages   Producer
Joe Weber   Engineer
Billy Tate   Engineer
Patti Clements Craft   Producer
Homer Forbes   Producer
Alan Maggard   Engineer
Bandy Brownlee   Engineer
Mark Rader   Composer
Craig Robert Smith   Producer
Clifton King   Composer
Robert Trout   Producer
Traditional   Composer
Cory Pearson   Engineer
Ed Lambert   Engineer
Arthur Smith   Composer
Little Robert   Composer
Larry Lynch   Producer
Charles Quillen   Composer
Gussie L. Davis   Composer
Donald W. Humphries   Composer
Anthony Hazzard   Composer
A. Emmett Adams   Composer
Milly J. Hypes   Composer
Norman L. Blake   Composer
Richard S. Staber   Composer
Louis M. Jones   Composer
Charles E. Moody   Composer
Lawrence A. Hammond   Composer
Arnold W. Ryan   Composer
Tsuyoshi Otsuka   Composer
Roy McMillan   Composer
Wendy Thatcher   Composer
David L. McEnery   Composer
John Brenton Preston   Composer
Edgar L. Edens   Composer
Carl E. Hoffman   Composer
James Paul O'Hara   Composer
James Edward Arnold   Composer
J. O'Hara   Composer
Sidney Campbell   Composer
Andrea Geniece Ingold   Composer
Allen H. Mills   Composer
Stephen Heller   Engineer

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