Rebuilding Somalia: Issues and Possibilities for Puntland

Rebuilding Somalia: Issues and Possibilities for Puntland

by WSP Somali Program

ISBN-10: 1874209049

ISBN-13: 9781874209041

Pub. Date: 08/01/2001

Publisher: Haan Publishing

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Ch. 1Somalia: modern history and the end of the 1990s7
Ch. 2The War-torn Societies Project in Northeast Somalia31
Ch. 3Building from the bottom: basic institutions of local governance53
Ch. 4Transformation towards a regulated economy97
Ch. 5Opportunities for the improvement of essential services157
Ch. 6Towards the social integration of the militias and armed youth227
Ch. 7The role of women in rebuilding Puntland259
Annex 1Evaluation of the War-torn Societies Project in Puntland303
Annex 2: Glossary of terms371
Annex 3: Works cited and selected bibliography375

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