Recent Advances in Geriatrics / Edition 1

Recent Advances in Geriatrics / Edition 1

by Mario Barbagallo

ISBN-10: 0306457792

ISBN-13: 9780306457791

Pub. Date: 01/31/1998

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

Recent Advances in Gerontology and Geriatrics in Italy; P.U. Carbonin. Body Composition in the Elderly; G. Enzi et al.. Neuroendocrine System and Aging Processes G. Valenti. Ionic Hypothesis of Aging-Role of Intracellular Ions in the Development of Hypertension and Insulin Resistance; M. Barbagallo et al.. Recent Aspects of Renal Pathophysiology in the Elderly; A. Ungar et al.. Aging and Endothelium Function; S. Taddei et al.. Vascular Changes and Aging; S. Novo et al.. Oxidative Stress and Advancing Age: Impact on Blood Pressure; G. Paolisso et al.. Hypertension in the Elderly-Hormonal and Therapeutic Aspects; H. Gavras, I. Gavras. Metabolic and Cardiovascular Manifestations of Hypertension in the Elderly; V. Rajkumar et al. Effect of Hypertension and Diabetes on the Aging Kidney; Y. Makrilakis, G.L. Bakris. Clinical Features of Hypertension in the Elderly; G. Abate et al.. The Aging Heart; M. Varricchio et al.. Early Markers of Cardiovascular Damage; G. Licata. Congestive Heart Failure in the Elderly ; F. Rengo et al.. The Role of Autonomic Nervous System in Cardiac Failure: Realities and Myths, Perspectives; G. Piccirillo et al.. Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure in the Elderly; G. Parrinello et al..14 additional articl'es. Index.

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