Recent Advances in Upper Extremity Arthroplasty: Proceedings of the Brussels International Upper Extremity Conference / Edition 1

Recent Advances in Upper Extremity Arthroplasty: Proceedings of the Brussels International Upper Extremity Conference / Edition 1

by F. Schuind

ISBN-10: 9810226993

ISBN-13: 9789810226992

Pub. Date: 03/28/1997

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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Table of Contents

Upper Extremity Arthroplasty, Genval (Belgium), April 19951
Small Joint Arthroplasty of the Hand: A Short History9
Friction, Wear and Biological Response12
European Legislation for Medical Devices19
An Overview of the Medical Device Approval Process in the United States, with Emphasis on Upper Extremity Devices23
Upper Extremity Arthroplasty: Indications, Contraindications, Patient Selection38
Finger Joint Replacement: A Challenge for the Next Century51
Stress Analysis of the Finger Bones in Contact with Artificial Implants58
Metacarpal and Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Replacement: History and Perspectives71
DJOA Arthroplasty: Ten Years of Experience, and Introducing the DJOA 376
Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Replacement with Swanson Implant or DJOA Prosthesis: A Comparative Study91
The Palmar Approach in Flexible Implant Resection Arthroplasty of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint99
Technique and Results of Flexible Proximal Interphalangeal Arthroplasty Following Long-Term Arthrodesis105
Development of a Surface Replacement Arthroplasty for the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint109
Design of a Surface Replacement Metacarpophalangeal Prosthesis120
On the Possibility of Using a Regnauld Spacer for Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis of the Metacarpophalangeal Joint in Adolescents143
Interphalangeal and Metacarpophalangeal Joint Reconstruction using Vascularized Tissue Transfer147
A Three-Dimensional Biomechanical Study of the Carpometacarpal Joint Using Medical Imaging159
GUEPAR Total Trapeziometacarpal Arthroplasty166
Failure of Uncemented Trapeziometacarpal Total Prosthesis: A Multicenter Study174
Tripodal Noncemented Prosthesis for Trapeziometacarpal Joint Osteoarthritis180
Twenty Years' Experience in the Two-Axis Flexible Prosthesis of the Trapeziometacarpal Joint190
Anatomy and Kinematics of the Wrist205
Biomechanics of the Wrist: Multidisciplinary Approach213
Total Wrist Arthroplasty: A 24 Year Experience223
GUEPAR Wrist Prosthesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis229
The Reconstruction of Seriously Destroyed Wrist Joints through the Implantation of a Total Wrist Joint with Reconstruction of the Tensor and Flexor Tendon Apparatus under Local Hypothermia237
Arthrodesis of the Wrist: Back to the Future?243
Loose-Hinge Total Elbow arthroplasty: Biomechanics and Clinical Experience257
GUEPAR Elbow Prosthesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis266
Silastic Replacements for Comminuted Radial Head Fractures: A Long-Term Follow-Up276
Shoulder Involvement in Rheumatoid Arthritis285
Neer Shoulder Prosthesis: Results Related to the Etiology297
Adaptability and Modularity in Shoulder Prosthesis313
Rehabilitation Following Total Shoulder Arthroplasty329
Isokinetic and Isometric Evaluation of the Shoulder Strength after Arthroplasty334
An Alternative Reconstructive Procedure for Displaced Four-Part Proximal Humeral Fractures342
The Use of Osteochondral Allografts in the Upper Limb346
An Alternative to Shoulder Arthroplasty: Shoulder Arthrodesis using Combined Internal and External Fixations349

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