Recent Revolutions in Biology

Recent Revolutions in Biology

by James A. Corrick

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Gr 7 Up A well organized and clearly written book that gives an overview of recent biological discoveries and theories, the scientists involved in these studies, and the recently developed tools that have made possible such rapid advances. The main focus is on the progress made in the study of genetics, DNA, and RNA, and how it has influenced biotechnology, genetic engineering, and even the study of biological classification and evolution. There are also chapters covering the discoveries of new life forms undersea and the growing importance of environmental biology. Although citing the potentially positive benefits of genetic and social engineering, Corrick cautions readers about the need for regulation and control to protect man and his environment. The chapter on the cell gives a well developed, succinct description of the molecular structure of DNA, and this is tied in neatly with succeeding chapters about the increased understanding of this genetic link and its contribution to the understanding of life forms. Much of the same coverage of genetics is also well covered in the Silversteins ' The Genetics Explosion (Macmillan, 1985); however Corrick's book covers a wider range of biological research. The black-and-white photographs are helpful in clarifying the text, especially illustrating molecular structure. Some elementary understanding of molecular biology would definitely enhance readers' appreciation of this fascinating book. Cynthia M. Sturgis, Ledding Library, Milwaukie, Oreg.

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