Recipe Book For Tutors

Recipe Book For Tutors

by Cynthia Parsons

About the Author:
Cynthia Parsons is the former education editor of the Christian Science Monitor See more details below


About the Author:
Cynthia Parsons is the former education editor of the Christian Science Monitor

Editorial Reviews

Dorothy Rich
Cynthia Parsons in this new book presents easy to use, easy to do activities that all families (and teachers) can use to help children learn to read – and beyond that, take pleasure in wanting to read. In my own experience in designing what I call ‘learning recipes,’ I have found that kinesthetic strategies so well delineated in this book are very effective. It takes both body and brain to do well.
Anne Lewis
A child who is a non-reader by third grade wrestles with insecurities, but teachers often only see the acting-out results, not the reasons. Today, public school accountability penalizes non-readers and their teachers, without giving them much help. Cynthia Parsons stands in that child’s shoes and shows a deep understanding of the importance of ‘feeling words’ to many children. She carefully, artfully guides teachers, as well as mentors and tutors, through strategies that will help the child take risks in learning to read and to calculate. At every step, the writing encourages teachers to know when to slow down, speed up, or turn to other methods of instruction. From the beginning, when a child draws letters in sand, to the end, when the child, now a confident reader, wants to turn a favorite poem into a play, a teacher will learn to be as successful as his/her student. This is truly a unique resource.
Laurie Haas
Finally, a no-fail recipe for hands-on learning! Cynthia Parsons makes practical what theorists can only allude to as she folds in the secrets of timing, assurance, and respect.

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