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by Lesley Choyce

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Dirt-bike adventure and a wilderness rescue.See more details below

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Dirt-bike adventure and a wilderness rescue.

Editorial Reviews

CM Magazine
"Reckless offers its audience a world perfectly suited for a dirt bike and a haunted mind. Its fast pace and suspenseful chapters make it a must read for adolescents and teens interested in extreme sports...Teen readers will appreciate that his embodiment of the rebelliousness his age group is renowned for is complemented by his resourcefulness...Recommended."

Musings of a Book Addict blog
"I absolutely loved this book…It is appropriate for the very topics we have been covering in my reading class about survival. This is definitely an author I will look for in the future. A nice, clean simple read that lifted my spirits."
"Choyce crafts an unvarnished tale around two loners of different generations, featuring the requisite bully, plenty of dirt-bike action, a suspenseful climax, and a happy ending. The lack of complications will make this particularly appealing fare to offer younger or reluctant readers."
Resource Links
"Josh's need to be his own person and the familiar difficulties will resonate with the audience...[Choyce] is convincing in his portrayal of the versatility of teenagers and their ability to succeed in stressful situations."
Victoria Times-Colonist
*no details*
School Library Journal
Gr 6–10—This high-interest, low-reading-level book is a fast-paced read. Josh is incredibly passionate about his four-stroke Kawasaki dirt bike, so much so that it sometimes feels like his only friend. During a ride on a logging road, he accidentally slams into a crazy-looking old man who is standing in the middle of his path, and who then confiscates the bike. Returning to retrieve it, Josh befriends the hermit, a Vietnam vet who chooses to live outside the grid, and who later needs Josh's help. The book twists and turns like a tricky dirt-bike track and flows just as quickly. One doesn't need a special interest in the vehicles to get pulled in, but a passion for them will enhance the story. Teacher resources are included on the Orca website.—Emily Chornomaz, West Orange Public Library, NJ
Children's Literature - Patricia Williamson
Josh is out riding his dirt bike when out of nowhere he runs into a man and knocks him down. There are rumors in the town of a hermit who lives and survives in the wooded preserve near the town and Josh wonders if the man he hit is the rumored hermit. Josh walks away from the bike and the man takes it, mumbling as he walks away. Due to other things related to his biking, Josh is banned from riding his bike by his parents for a week so he walks to the woods to investigate the town rumors. Josh discovers the man, Jonathan, and his dirt bike has been fixed by him. In the process they strike up a friendship. As winter comes, Josh goes by to check on Jonathan and finds him lying in a pool of blood, very badly cut. Can Josh save Jonathan? Will the helicopters flying overhead see him and get to him on time? What will happen to Jonathan if he has to leave the cabin where he feels safe from the world? Reckless will answer all these questions. Reviewer: Patricia Williamson

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Orca Book Publishers
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Orca Currents Series
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4.10(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.40(d)
HL540L (what's this?)
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10 - 14 Years

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I staggered to my feet, tore off my helmet and looked down at the crumpled figure on the road. He wasn't moving.

I was sure I had killed him. The blood drained out of my head. I was afraid to approach him. I needed to get help. I took several deep breaths and found myself shaking. Hold it together, I told myself. Just hold it together.

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