Reclaiming Our Lives: Adult Survivors of Incest

Reclaiming Our Lives: Adult Survivors of Incest

by Carol H. Poston, Karen C. Lison

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Sharing one's experience with others is essential to overcoming the legacy of fear, guilt and loss of self-esteem bequeathed to the typical incest victim, according to journalist Poston, once a victim herself, and psychotherapist Lison, who leads incest support groups. Each chapter of this constructive guide begins with an account of some aspect of Poston's abusive experience, followed by a sensitive account of how Lison's patients cope with theirs (denial, as the authors demonstrate, is a common but futile tactic). Discussing symptoms that indicate a need for therapy, Poston and Lison outline 14 healing phases and offer practical hints to foster recovery. Above all, they warn against escape into alcohol, drugs or overwork, and emphasize that healing depends on rebuilding trust in oneself and others. First serial to New Woman; Psychotherapy Book Club selection. (Mar.)
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Writing to help adult women whose childhood was marred by incest, each co-author approaches this once-taboo topic from a different perspective. Poston writes poignantly of her shatteringly abusive childhood, while therapist Lison adds painful case studies and analyzes the shared characteristics of each victim's experiences. Whether the abuse was perpetrated over many years or in a single incident, the victims' lives were indelibly marked. Now adults, they find childhood coping mechanisms inappropriate, and Lison responds to their need for a new way to cope by outlining specific steps for recovery. The book, although focusing exclusively on female victims, illuminates this societal problem for everyone and offers ways victims can achieve wholesomeness and a positive self-image.-- Carol R. Glatt, Northeastern Hosp . of Philadelphia

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